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The #1 Pot Limit Omaha Study Tool

Vision GTO Trainer

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GTO Training

Effortless Integration

Effortlessly integrate optimal solutions into your game with the fastest and most visual training tool on the market. Vision shows you exactly what to do with each hand in your range in more unique situations than you can count.

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No Additional Software or Solver Required

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Mobile Ready, Sharpen Your Game Anywhere.

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Four & Five Card PLO Subscriptions

  • No additional software or solver required.
  • Mobile ready - sharpen your game anywhere.


Access the spot you want to review in seconds with Vision’s advanced filtering system and lightning-quick solution retrieval.


Tired of fumbling with complicated software? Vision’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to incorporate GTO solutions into your study routine.


Select from 420+ boards and over 25,000 solver simulations. Review specific spots or test your knowledge with the customizable quiz generator.

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Drill the specific spots that you want to study using our Practice mode

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Explore tricky spots in single-raised pots, 3-bet pots, and 4-bet pots at different stack sizes using Learn mode

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Put the fun back into studying with our fast-paced Streak mode

Streak Mode

Compete Against Yourself & Others

Join a legion of Run It Once members who have already discovered the most fun and effective way to study Pot Limit Omaha: Streak Mode. With the newest addition to Vision GTO Trainer you can:

  • Build your streaks and unlock more spots
  • Track your accuracy in 20,000 situations
  • Compete for top spot on the Streak Leaderboards
  • 6-max and HU included with all subscriptions

All New

5 Card PLO

Use our Learn, Practice, and Streak modes to nail down your preflop, flop, turn, and river strategies for one of the most popular new poker variants.


Master the Power of Vision

"Vision GTO Trainer is a super easy to use and efficient way to incorporate GTO solutions into your study. I usually find solvers cumbersome and difficult to use but Vision is perfect for me."

Phil Galfond

High Stakes PLO Player,
Run It Once Founder

"Amazing, intuitive, user-friendly product."

Alex Livingston

3rd Place Finisher
WSOP Main Event 2019

"PLO Vision takes the dread out of learning complicated solver syntax and saves time not having to crunch the numbers with the incredibly easy to use Interface. A must have tool to take your PLO game to the next level."


Twitch Poker Streamer

"Gotta say this product is insanely good! Actually can't believe how good it is and easy to use. I'm a PLO noob but already improving!"


Run It Once Training Member

"Vision is the easiest way to learn the GTO approach to PLO. Running your own sims is very time consuming and expensive and the results can be obtuse, whereas Vision offers thousands of preflop, flop and turn simulations to study and being able to use any and all of these to set up quizzes has been helping my game tremendously."


Twitch Streamer,
PLO Regular

"RunItOnce’s Vision GTO Trainer is a groundbreaking, easy to use PLO solver that allows you to study new concepts without feeling overwhelmed. The user friendly and sleek design makes studying a lot more fun. It’s improved my game drastically over the last 6 months and I recommend it to everyone looking to improve their PLO game!"

Henry Kilbane

PLO Regular,
Poker Commentator


  • Do I need a solver or a strong PC to run Vision?

    No, Vision runs completely in your browser with no additional software required. This also means that you can efficiently study with Vision on any pc, on your phone, or on your tablet, wherever you are.

  • I’m just starting my journey in Pot Limit Omaha. Is Vision too advanced for me?

    The short answer is no. Vision’s revolutionary approach to visualize GTO solutions for 4-card and 5-card PLO makes it particularly suited for newer players. On top of this, Vision Streak provides an intuitive and fun way to learn preflop ranges in all possible situations which is very valuable if you are a beginning player.

  • What’s the difference between 4-card Vision and 5-card Vision?

    4-card Vision plans allow you to improve your game by studying sims and testing yourself at the more traditional 4-card Pot Limit Omaha variant. Our 5-card Vision plans allow you to study and test yourself to improve your game for 5-card PLO. Currently, 5-card plans have less spots available than 4-card plans.

    Both plans come with access to heads-up and 6-max solutions for preflop, flop, turn, and river!

  • I don’t play 500 Zoom, will Vision work for me?

    Yes! We have 4 different Preflop Rake levels for you to choose from:
    < PL100
    > PL600

  • What positions does Vision include?

    We are continuously working on adding new positions to Vision but we are proud to have reached a point where you will be able to study almost any spot that you encounter. In the case that one position is not yet available there will be a similar one that you can use to approximate the spot.

    Currently the following positions are available:

    4-card plans:

    Single Raised Pots: COvsBTN, UTGvsBTN, BTNvsBB, UTGvsBB, BTNvsSB, SBvsBB, Limp-Raise-Call, Limp-Check
    3-Bet Pots: SBvsBTN, SBvsUTG, BTNvsCO, BTNvsUTG, SBvsBB
    4-Bet Pots: COvsBTN, BTNvsSB, SBvsBB, UTGvsSB, UTGvsBTN
    Squeezed Pots: SBvsCOvsBTN, BTNvsMPvsCO
    Multiway-SRP: UTGvsBTNvsBB, BTNvsSBvsBB
    Heads-Up: SRP, 3bP, 4bP

    5-card plans:

    Single Raised Pots: COvsBTN, UTGvsBTN, BTNvsBB, UTGvsBB, BTNvsSB, SBvsBB
    3-Bet Pots: SBvsBTN, SBvsUTG, BTNvsCO, BTNvsUTG, SBvsBB
    4-Bet Pots: COvsBTN, BTNvsSB, SBvsBB, UTGvsSB, UTGvsBTN
    Heads-Up: SRP, 3bP, 4bP

    The majority of 4-card spots are available for both 50bb and 100bb. 5-card spots are currently only available for 100bb but we will continue to work on adding additional spots over time.

  • How many boards does Vision contain?

    We are continuously working on adding new board textures to our solutions. Currently, there are more than 20,000 boards for 4-card plans and more than 7,500 boards for 5-card plans. The board textures have been designed in a way to efficiently approximate all possible textures that you can encounter.

    4-card spots are available for both 50bb and 100bb. 5-card spots are currently only available for 100bb but we will continue to work on adding additional spots over time.

  • Where did your solutions come from?

    We ran every sim available in Vision ourselves utilizing MonkerSolver. To learn more about the assumptions that we used check out our FAQ Forum Thread.

  • What assumptions did you use?

    Postflop Rake is equivalent to PokerStars 500 Zoom.
    5%, 1200msb

  • Can I study exploitative solutions?

    We are not planning to add this capability to the core product, but you can practice using your own sims now using the Custom mode, located in the Practice tab. That way, you are able to take advantage of all of the visualization features that Vision provides even for exploitative study sessions.

  • How did you choose which spots to have multiple bet sizes or not, and how can we know how much EV we are losing when adopting a simpler strategy?

    Postflop bet sizing options were chosen to optimize for maximum EV through testing multiple sizing options across a large sample of boards in MonkerSolver. Sizings were then reviewed and adjusted by a group of high stakes PLO players, but these adjustments were only made if the EV loss was not significant.

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