1% better every day, an experiment.

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1% better every day, an experiment.

Starting today I am taking on an experiment: to follow GTO Wizards Study Plan and make a deliberate effort to gain 1% improvement each day. Ambition is to play exploitative on top of very sound understanding of poker theory platform. I am reinventing my self in the image of Uri Peleg. No small feature I know.
Modest BR risk profile.
Game: both cash and MTT. 50NL as level 1, zoom only, and max 22$ bi for MTT.
Level of engagement: this is a hobby, and I pursue the benefit of engaging the brain, the thrill of competition, and the discipline to endure hardship. Leisure time is the scope.
Reports: will include what I have studied, how hard I found it and the time I spent, how it develops my game, results and whatever I find interesting.
Reason for documentation: responsibility to my project.

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