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52 Spots 2022

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52 Spots 2022

52 Spots
Hi everyone! I will be posting here weekly about a spot I am studying for the week. I like to have a topic to focus on each week like "Check raised pots BBvBN" or "Monotone boards oop in 3bet pots." I would love any suggested spots to study throughout the year. Usually, I will just pick a spot that I struggled with in a session and try to dive deeper into it using GTO Wizard. I am going to keep most of the spots pretty basic because I think it is important to really drill the most common spots. However, I will mix in some uncommon spots for fun like "double check raises BBvBN."

I will provide some life/poker updates along the way, but I would like to mostly focus on improving my overall study habits.

2021 Review
First 6 months were great, but then I got a little bored with Holdem. I decided to spend two months studying PLO. This proved to be a daunting task. I spent the first month just trying to wrap my head around preflop ranges and I felt lost in big pots all the time. Unfortunately, this experience was cut short. I took a week off for a family vacation and came home not feeling well. I woke up to a fever and body aches. So, I went to the doctor and found out I had COVID. The good ole Delta variant. It kicked my butt. I ran a fever for 10 days straight and lost 17 pounds. It took me three weeks to recover. By the time I got over it, school was starting back up. I teach high school history and we just got a new program called Schoology in our district. This required a lot of work on my end trying to transition from Google Classroom to Schoology. I basically didn't play poker for 2 months and completely stopped studying PLO.

I got the ball rolling again in September and finished the year out pretty strong financially. I ended up making more money from poker than I do from teaching. However, my study habits were completely gone. Which is why I decided to buy GTO Wizard a few days ago and recommit to 3-5 hours of study a week. I was previously using GTO+ & GTO Sensei, but Wizard has a lot of great features that gives me pretty much everything I need in one.

I look forward to hopefully learning with some of you along the way. Please provide any insights or criticisms as I attempt to breakdown a few spots this year.

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