akissv7 journal - 10k challenge

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akissv7 journal - 10k challenge

I am 56 years old and retired recently as work was to stressful. My bankroll is such that I can live quite well without having a poker income but I like to keep challenging myself. I have been playing poker for a long time but never professional I could keep myself standing 1BB/100 at 100NL a few years back at a full table. But due to probably stress from work and not playing for a while I was not able to compete at 100 NL and the nr of games was also decreasing as more and more people seem to have moved to 6Max fast/zoom.

So I moved down a level to 50NL at the start of this year. After catching up on GTO poker and learning the new good ways to play and how to play 6 MAX I am back again (also not working any more and the reduction of stress helps a lot).

Think that now it is time to set myself a challenge to go for getting 1k to 10k this year.

I am one tabling at the moment as I don't want to stress myself to much. Maybe that once I am confident enough I will start two tabling and who knows 4 tabling but for now I just one table and improve as there so many things one can improve.

The first two months I did not play a lot of hands so most hands are from this month. I need to improve a lot but that's the point I like to learn/study/analyse. Think my biggest area of improvement at the moment is 3/4/5 betting strategy and not calling down on NITS with top pair or even over pair on none dry boards.

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