Ask an Essential Pro theory questions!

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Ask an Essential Pro theory questions!

Hello RunItOnce!

The idea of this thread is to create a place where you can ask poker related questions, preferable theory based. There's a lot of interesting theory questions in Poker where the answer would be too short to fill a complete video. Once a decent amount of these questions are gathered here a future video will be made by me answering these questions as well as I can.

Feel free to ask any theory related poker question in this thread! It won't be answered in this thread, the answers will be done in a video. It might be that a question gets it's own video, all depends on the complexity and length.

Hand histories can be posted but might not be answered. These hand histories will only be answered if I can do so by elaborating on a theoretical idea.

If you don't feel comfortable asking your question in the forum, feel free to send me a private message. I will keep your username hidden during the video yet your question will be answered!

Looking forward to what you guys are wondering about!


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