?Bankroll challenge?

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?Bankroll challenge?

Hi everyone.
I decided to start a new journal, I had one in the past but it end up very chaotic, so I wanted to start fresh.
A little bit about myself:
I turned 22 couple of days ago, I was visiting Paris at that time so I met my birthday near the sparkling Eiffel tower, witch was pretty cool, but decision to take a trip there wasn't very wise with my financial situation, but I couldn't help myself and I don't regret it tbh. I play 50NL on couple of different sites witch overall fine results, but over last 3 months variance wasn't pleasant to me at all although I still end up winning some money over that period of time, so to keep myself motivated I decided to start a new journal.
New plan:
As of late playing was pretty stressful during the bad run, and one of the reasons for that is my poor financial management. So my new plan is to separate my poker and life bankrolls, I'll put a side money for around 6-7 months life expenses, and put 1k poker BR on PP and start building poker BR again from 25NL. If variance won't be too harsh on me I think I should move up back to 50nl pretty quickly, as I'm pretty confident that I was one of the best regs even at 50nl.
Over the last around half year I was putting a lot of work to improve my technical game, and I think I got really good at it, but other things such as volume, lifestyle, schedule stopped me from moving up to 100NL,
so short term goals for now are:
1. Fix sleep schedule
2. Create play/rest time schedule
I haven't decided yet when and how often I'm going to update the thread but I think I'm going to make it something more like bankroll challenge type thing, and maybe update daily.

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