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Building a game plan for start to finish

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Building a game plan for start to finish

Currently I am a 25NL online - 6-Max - Cash game player. My biggest problem is my discipline on playing enough volume and the tendencies to wonder off from my study plan and just deep dive in new spots every day as my curiosity for the game never ends. The way I see I just need to be more disciplined in playing enough and being more disciplined in sticking to the same topic (or combination of topics) for a longer period.

I decided that it is time that I get more disciplined and work on simplified game plans my self.

I late lately for a month or so spend a lot of time perfecting my preflop game plan (ranges). I am convinced that it helped me a lot with playing better on the table but due to low number of hands played I wont bother publishing my results. I still wonder off to other topics to much but still I managed to keep my main focus on the preflop game :)

My next goal is to create game plans for the following spots:
- BU vs BB - SRP - Flop cBet strategy
- SB 3B vs BU - Flop cBet strategy
- BB 3B vs BU - Flop cBet strategy
- BB #B vs SB - Flop cBet strategy

I will use GTO+ to run full strategies, 25% pot, 50% pot and 75% pot to get a bench mark for the $ EV of a flop and then also run range check, range bet 25% pot etc. to create a spread sheet with al possible simplified strategies and their EV loss with respect to the max EV in %.

I will publish the first draft of my simplified strategies here and hope to get some feed back on it.

I will also use Anki to create flash-cards for the strategies and also start drilling the spots using GTO+ at first but also selecting spots to put on Anki flash cards as my game plan is not perfectly aligned with the GTO output learning by just drilling in a solver is probably not the best way to drill the game plan and will just make that I wonder off to much.

Oh if you like the approach and want to create the plans with me just DM me and we can see if can make that work.

Hope to get some feed back :)

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