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Cheater as Poker Coach on RIO

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Cheater as Poker Coach on RIO


Cheating in online poker is sadly getting easier from day to day and therefore also more popular.
I think we, as a community, have to try as hard as we can to fight against it - especially pokercoaching sites like RIO.
We can not tolerate it at all - for very obvious reasons.
Now - jungleman ghosted a rec in a VIP game on an app two years ago which is imo not acceptable for such a well-know high stakes pro like him.
Now i see him as a coach on RIO. Do we let cheaters just play on their game, stay in the community and fuck up the industry?
Guys - i know - i love jungleman as well - but i really think as a coaching site you can not support any form of cheating at all and certainly not hire pokerpros that have (he admitted it) cheated in the past. Thats just a very bad statement: "Yeah we know you regret, let's you won't do it again". IMO in this matter we should apply a zero tolerance strategy - like in E-sports. If you cheat there once, you are done, you are banned LIFETIME and will never get the chance to make it up again.

Any thoughts on that?

(P.s. Also the whole Ali and Jakob scamming story - nobody gives a shit anymore. They all gonna play all the highrollers very soon again (if not already) just like nothing ever happend...)

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