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Demondoink's 2024- leaving the house

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Demondoink's 2024- leaving the house

Hello everyone. Last year I wasn't sure about whether to write another blog or not, but this year I was never really in any doubt. I have always quite liked writing- I just never really had an outlet for it before starting these blogs on RIO. I often I have new ideas for the topic of a post, which I then take note of so that I don't forget them. The creative process of coming up with an idea, then executing the post to a decent standard, so that it is enjoyable for the reader, is pretty enjoyable.

There are definitely less interactions in these forums compared to a couple of years ago, but I think that's the nature of the beast as people shift away from a more typical, video focused training site like RIO to something like GTO wizard instead.

Anyway, in terms of this year, I am not quite sure what my 'main' goals are. Last year I was more focused on becoming one of the best players, but this year I don't really care about this tbh. Of course I will still work hard to improve, but my goals are going to be more volume focused, mixed in with more aggressive bankroll management and shot taking (which I've never been very good at in the past). I will also be focusing much more on my social life too, and on experiences. I have already written out nineteen different experiences that I wish to achieve this year, as well as goals for various different parts of my life- poker, exercise, social, travel, learning, house related etc.

I also realised, that while I am pretty productive overall, I was wasting far too many hours in the day doing pointless things like watching Youtube for hours and with no intention- clicking on one randomly unrelated video to the next. So I bought a 2024 journal where I will write down what I am doing each hour of the day. This will keep me much more accountable, and force me to be more conscious in my daily activities. It's easy to watch Youtube for two to three hours when nobody is holding you accountable, but less so when you have to write down in your journal that what you have done for the past three hours is watch old Tonka video's or random football highlights.

This may sound kind of cheesy and cliche, but I really want to focus on my own happiness and on feeling good as often as possible. Doing things that make me happy, spending time with people that elevate me and enjoy new experiences.

So anyway, here are my poker related goals for this year;

1. Play 200-300k hands of online cash game hands.
2. Aggressively shot take $5k/$10knl when I am rolled to do so, and sell action if I'm not.
3. Keep working on my MTT game, get my first six figure score.

Of course I have plenty of non poker related goals too, but I already have them written down in several places already (including my large board in my study) and I have already outlined them in the thread already. Imo it's best to keep this poker thread more focused on my poker goals.

Last year one of my goals was to turn poker in to a full time job again, this year I don't care. If I play one day per week and hit 250k hands, I will be happy. Of course this isn't realistic, but I am less concerned about being consistent in my routine, and more concerned about hitting my volume goals- and on shot taking some higher stakes.

Anyways, I will get back in to poker mode tomorrow, after taking a week off to sort out some things and reset my mind.

Good luck this year and let's have fun :)

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