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Hi! I am running a journal again, expecting to not stress about updates, but chime in every so often with graphs, thoughts and rants :).

Quick recap.
* Played poker for +10 yrs as a nonprofessional.
* Was fortunate enough to be part of PokerDetox CFP almost 1,5 yrs ago.
* Got taken off the program as I did not handle the stress of higher limits well ( the stress was brought on by myself, and by higher I mean relevant to what I was used to: 400nl was the highest I played during this period, having started out as a losing 10 nl player)
* Took a more then 6 months break from poker.
* Spent much time "figuring out" myself.

Nick Howard and PokerDetox has been nothing but very supportive, and although I was very dissapointed in myself for not making the cut; I am very appreciative of them recognizing my poor handling of the stress, and even with the help they offered I was stuck in my head at the time. Letting me go was not only a professional decission on their behalf, it was a caring one.

The door has never been closed and I have received updates on the material I was given back then, to prepare for diving back in.

I will be playing micros for starters. Graph is from first session post break after studying the new material. Funny, I ended up down 8 BI in EV and still booked a win. Lots of all ins pf with AA vs all kinds and lost every single one, but unfazed this time. Really happy about that..... Keeping it Zen :)

[email protected], see you whenever :)

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