Documenting Online Sessions

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Documenting Online Sessions

Hey y'all

It's been some time since I have used these forums, but I used to almost daily for many years. Now I have moved more into the discord space with a group of players I respect who I discuss poker with

I started uploading sessions I play to youtube. I like the accountability required in being transparent, and talking through things. Do not record the entire session obviously, but usually the first 30-60 minutes

Figured it would be a good idea to make a post here. I enjoy getting feedback and am open to having game criticized. Ultimately I am trying to improve, and honesty is required for that, and also more eyes that are trying to also improve :)

Anyways, I'll leave a link here for anyone that is interested

I currently am playing 100NL mainly, and taking some shots in the 200NL games as well

Cheers, hope to see you


Kaizen Poker


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