Extremely rude and unfair Pokerstars Michigan decision

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Extremely rude and unfair Pokerstars Michigan decision

Cliffs or shortened form:
Benefits program does not allow people to apply for the 15,000$ per year in benefits if you have over 2,500$ in the bank.

During my application time (3-5 months) I go on a nice 4000$ poker and blackjack winning streak at Pokerstars Michigan but I gamble heavily after because of 2500$ rule.

In Pokerstars support chat I ask for a max bet limit on their casino games. Pokerstars Michigan then bans me for life!

Ok. So I am applying for extra benefits from the government because of covid 19.

I have bi polar 1, but I’m not retarded here.

I have over 150,000$ in profit from poker and I told the poker website I can verify this.

Well after paying taxes and expenses and student loans, I could easily be poor. Whatever.

So last month I went on a nice 4000$ blackjack and poker winning streak.

I am at this time in April applying for bi polar benefits.
One of the government rules of the program was, I cannot have over 2,500$ in the bank while I applied to get benefits.

The bi polar benefits program would get me 12,000$ per year plus food benefits.

During my good luck streak in April, I was trying to be responsible , and in live chat at Pokerstars Michigan, I told an employee hey, can I have a max bet limit added to my account while I apply to this benefits program?

I didn’t know what to do and I was gambling heavily because it’s like , if I would have cashed out, I could have cost myself thousands and possibly even 50,000$ in benefits over 3-4 years.

I do not deserve to be banned for life at Pokerstars Michigan and Pokerstars because of this.

I need help from the poker community.

Where can me and a lawyer file an appeal over this decision?

I have Been a poker pro since 2016.
They are clearly treating me rudely

I really don’t think this lifetime ban will hold up ina courtroom.

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