From NL50 to the HS

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From NL50 to the HS

my name is Tim and i am 24years old.
I just broke up my economy studies in order to grind my way up to the top as a full time poker pro.
I would have had a good BR to grind on NL200 on GG Poker but I decided to cash out most of it and restart with 2k on NL50 just to have more on the side and have less variance.
I don't have really a goal where I want to be at the end of the year, as long as I ll make enough money to continue my dream.
I will be posting hands and updates every day and hope to learn also a lot from you guys.
Until now I ve been playing on my laptop which obv. really really bad and I couldn't use PIO at all. Tomorrow this will change as I will buy a good computer + monitor etc.
And here's already the first question: Which computer to recommend me to buy for mainly grinding + solving trees with PIO, so computer will be used mainly for Poker no other stuff.
Would be very thankful for any tips as I dont understand too much of computers...
Looking really forward to share my progress with you guys and move up the stakes very soon.
Current BR: 2'435$.

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