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Goal: Performing at the highest level possible

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Goal: Performing at the highest level possible

Hi community.

I just decided to start a new journal here after I achieved my goal of playing like a man (at least most of the time XD) with the help of Poker Detox which I left end of last month.

Now I am a 43year old german guy playing at Pokerstars and be forced to pay more rake than usual caused by the new tax regulations.
Beside I am working fulltime again. Nobody knows how long Online Poker in Germany will be alive. So after did a short break from Poker i really want to explore how much ist still possible and get in a regular grind again.

I am confident to be able to beat the games available for me (NL 200 is highest limit available now). Just left GG Poker since they dealt in an extreme greedy way with the new Tax regulation. Only very long sessions could be +ev and short sessions its impossible to win.

Full execution of the strategy has to be my goal now. I just realized a few days ago that am still overfolding the river by a decent amount and also have different other smaller leaks mainly resulting from being risk averse. I still have no big samplesize at NL100 cause I applied a very nitty BR-Management even when been staked. So I mainly played on NL50 and just got a small Winrate at Zoom NL50 which is not terrible but not satisfying either.

BR is around 3800 Dollar right now. When reaching 4000 Dollar will do a 5 Buyin Shot at NL100.
Clearing the first 200 Dollar Bonus from the Rake Challenge in the next 2 weeks should already do the trick.

Aiming for at least 15k Hands a month inklusive reviewing the biggest pots. Recently I started to use GTOWizard to add some GTO knowledge.

Will try do regular updates here and soon post graphs etc.

Good luck at the tables.

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