Grinding Mixed Games

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Grinding Mixed Games

This is my 2nd journal. The first one was just casual grinding, nothing too serious. I played a few different formats but now that I have HEM I'll be putting in some serious work on & off the tables in hopes of impressing a stable/backer. I'm giving myself a time frame of 2-3 months to convince a backer that I have strong work ethic and hopefully they will consider me as a candidate for a staking deal.

This will sort of be my resume for when I try to apply at some of the stables on a certain forum so expect graphs, HHs, etc :)

Site - ACR/WPN
Games - FLO8, Stud8, LHE

Short Terms Goals/Daily Goals:
Play a respectable amount of hands 5-6 days out of the week.
End the day with session re-cap. (Interesting hands, big pots, etc)
Watch and comment on RIO theory/concept videos.

Long Term Goals:
Find a backer for for Mid stakes FLO8 & Stud8 games on Bovada. (hardly any traffic on ACR for these games)

Changing some things in this thread. The title was originally "Grinding 2NL & Mixed" but I've decided to focus my efforts on what I'm good at and what makes me happier. I've tried to improve my bigbet game (specifically NLHE, I still enjoy PLO but I've never really had a bankroll big enough to endure the variance.) but my strengths lie in Fixed Limit. It's also the format I enjoy the most so it's what I'm sticking to. I still enjoy studying NLHE & PLO and the occasional MTT so that's still something that motivates me to study. But for now Bigbet games are taking the backburner.

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