Hard Work Pays Off

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Hard Work Pays Off

Hello guys. I wanted to open a forum to share what's going on in my poker life in the new year.

If I have to talk about myself briefly, I am 31 years old. I am married. I love poker. My goal is to make me and my wife happier with my love of poker. I've been playing poker for many years. I quit my job 2 years ago and since then my only livelihood has been poker.

Last year was incredible for me. I signed a contract with Pokerdetox. I convinced my wife and myself that everything would be incredible. I encountered this in my first 1.5 months.

Biggest swing of my life

(All the hands from GGPoker high rake game)

It was really hard. Because i never experience any winning day for 1.5 month when i face with that downswing. The more difficult part is that this happens right at the time of getting used to the new training site. I saw this as an opportunity for myself. If I could handle this, I was sure I would be stronger. I was very lucky because the people around me trusted me more than I did. Great things have happened with their support.

2021 NL200 Graph

In that graph i paid 19500$ Rake and get 8775$ back which is around 4bb/100 rakeback.I shot NL500 4-5 times but it didn't go well.

I didn't renew my contract this year and decided to start all over again on my own. Because I think my other missing part for me is bankroll management. I'm not very good at managing my own money, as I've had salaried jobs for years. I want to train myself more for the ups and downs of poker. My goal this year is to start playing NL500 by aggressively managing the bankroll.

I have never been a money-oriented person at any stage of my life. Even making money still doesn't motivate me much. But in poker there is no better value than money to measure my hard work in the long run. That's why I want to set my 2022 goal as earning 75K$. I know that I will work harder than anyone around me while trying to achieve this goal.

My bankroll is 40 Buyin for NL200. I will start with agressive shot to NL200 with 5 buyin. If all goes well i can stay in that limit. If not i will drop down to NL100 to build my NL200 bankroll again. I hope it will be a good year for all of us.

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