Hearts Full - The Dream

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Hearts Full - The Dream

Hello everyone from the community.
I-m new here and new to the online world and the online poker at least from a professional perspective.
Im a live pro trying to make the change to the online and my goal is by the end of the year have a steady income so I can support my family (im father of a 7month old baby and my wife will deliver the second in January / February) and to start my own association/poker network called HEARTS FULL.
My dream is to gather a significiant amount of money every month so we can support bright ideas from social entrepeneurs so they can deliver the goods without the concern of raising money. I already have people and associations looking forward for this idea and colaborate with the project, Education against Discrimination in Viena and Bratislavas primary schools. Raise awareness for the importance of breastfeeding in Slovak hospitals. Be a Cause video campaings . Im an Earthling and many more projects can start and run.

How am I looking for?
.Coaching both for strategy and mental game the best and cheapest possible, if you are one or know one let me know.
.If you participate in live events, both cash or mtt festivals you can forward me your contact as for now a donation is made from every player that goes with the Hearts Full reference to the festivals I have deal with and I am creating a newsletter to send to the players with promos (last longer competitions, hotel discounts, etc) and upcoming festivals.
.Im also look for advices from you guys on how to make the move. I started playing 3.5$ 45man sng on ps and im getting along but still not fully familiar with all the tools I can use to create an edge, (I use HM on a really basic level yet). So I have till the end of the year (most of the time Im out of home playing the live circuit... for now thats what puts the food on the table) to get my ROI going so I can dedicate to that full time.
SO.... in conclusion,
- Which videos should I watch?
- Which pros should I follow?
- What are the best, 18, 45 or 180 man?
- How to optimize my HM?
- Which other tools should I use?
- Whats the optimal number of tables to play with the best ROI Volume ratio?

Thanks for reading and participating >)

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