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How do you present youself?

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How do you present youself?

Hey guys, I've became single recently thus I'm back on the streets to meet some people hahah
That being said, I've noticed that lot of times people find strange when I present myself as a Poker player. Besides the usual prejudice with poker, people dont take it serious and think that either I'm lying (in the sense that I play poker, might be winning but that I'm an unemployed just trying to pretend), or that it is just something really dumb. The thing is that probably I could present and explain it a little bit better, but since I'm already expecting that reaction from other it leads me to do some lazy explanation.

Therefore I would like to ask you guys, how do you present yourself?? Any tips on how to explain and make people understand better or be convinced that playing poker is a real thing.
Help me with the lads!!! hahaha

I'm not concerned on what they think about poker itself, but I'm worried cuz a sometime I noticed that the conversation ended as soon as I presented myself as a poker player.

Anyways, thank you for your help!

PS: I'm 25yo

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