How much money do I need to do this?

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How much money do I need to do this?

How much money is really needed?

Im looking for someone who has been through the rungs of climbing at a live casino without a job catching them if they fail.

I know the short answer is probably "heaps" But looking for more of a Money goal to strive for before really digging into full time play.

Living Expenses examined

The plan Is to move to Burnaby,Kamloops,BC with the love of my life and share accommodation costs. Splitting rent and most other things. Rent being the largest output we would be looking for a one bedroom for 1500 or less; $750/month.

Food would be strictly meal prepped daytimes and home cooked dinners- planning on doing two large grocery days of $200 each;

Travel is yet to be decided but we will either be sharing a car or taking the local transit for next to nothing/month.

Am I even good enough to consider this plunge?

This year I have not played as much as I would have wanted due to a the local casino going on strike for seemingly forever- but I have 20 days(480hours) worth of tracked poker playing hours this year at a winrate of 9bb/100 at local 1/2 games.

Due to the strike I have invested many hours to study/work as well at online MTT play. 2018 played 1620 tournaments to date (sept,28,2018) 16k in prizes and an ROI of 13%.

2017 I was a losing player over the year playing 500 tournaments with a -50% ROI. I feel the immense study has helped there greatly.

What games am I looking to play, what kind of buyin?

Looking to climb rungs sort of speak climbing the live cash ladder.

Parq offers a 24hour casino with 2/5 being the biggest game.

The intention is to begin play at 1/2 with a buyin of 200. The game plays a 100-400 buyin range. Ive always bought in for 300 at local casino but willing to take it slower by climbing down a rung to get comfortable. Ive kicked this idea around a bit; what do you guys think? Is this going to be a buyin profitable enough to climb up through or should I just suck it up and treat 300 buy in the lowest rung and save more $$$ for this?

Eventually the goal is to become a regular at villa casino, the only casino offering a 5/10 game it seems.

Thank you for reading

I appreciate the time you take to read through this journal of sorts- hopefully this is the right thread and crowd for this sort of thing.

Comments concerns or questions greatly appreciated. The more its talked about the more real It shall become :)

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