How to deal with an extreme downswing?

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How to deal with an extreme downswing?

Im in the middle of the worst downswing of my poker career.

Over the past 3 weeks Im down 78BIs over 40k hand sample(45BI below EV). My game is PLO small- mid stakes.
Ive played poker on and of for about 10 years, but went pro for about 8 months ago. Ive had long b/e stretches or small loss stretches before, I think the worst stretch was about 60-70k hands.

But this is a whole other beast for me. It feels like the last 10 years runbad is stackin up at one single period. Every single session I play ends up in loss of 7-12 stacks it seems. No matter what I do, I get stacked in the most gruesome ways.

What I really want from you guys Is some tips how to handle this mentaly.

Ive tryed going down in stakes, play shortstacked to reduce variance(and of cource adjust strategy accordingly), taking several days of, switch sites, play less tables etc etc.

I just feel like Im out of options.

Ive also reviewed my sessions. But it has come to the point that im almost stoped beleiveing Im a winning player anymore.

Im also afraid that this runbad is making me do adjustments to my game that is horrid. Im not there just yet, but im not far from begin to overfold etc because "they always have it" in spots were they should have bluffs etc

What should I do?

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