I finally figured out how badly I played poker.

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I finally figured out how badly I played poker.

Hello to everyone. I am 27 years old, 10 years online poker player. I've been playing poker for a long time to kill, but things did not go like I ever wanted to. After marriage I moved away from poker. Last year I decided to play poker again. But things did not go as I wanted. I almost lost the $ 1000 first. Later I tried hard to raise this box again. But what I did did not happen. I've always been guilty of crime on sites I play. I was opening a lot of tables and I was playing a passive game with automatic decisions. I did not understand that the postflop game was awful. I lost my job in Turkey after the economic crisis. There is no chance that things will improve for a long time. (1 $ = 6 TRY now). Unfortunately I have no other ability to make money on my hands. That's why I wanted to start playing again. Actually, after this chart, I decided to leave poker.

Old graphics NL10 and NL25

Now my goal is to play poker again and improve myself to win the NL25. Due to the increase in the dollar, this increase in the limit can give me good money again. I'm starting to watch the videos from my old membership. Unfortunately, due to the situation in the dollar, I can not afford membership at the moment.

Until this time, I did not accept that I failed in my life at all. I accepted it for the first time after my recent losses at Poker. Now I want to work on repeating everything. I hope I can keep this title standing.

After I start again 16.08.2018

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