Is it okay to protect a result as the session is ending?

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Is it okay to protect a result as the session is ending?


I've been struggling with the correct mindset with regards to this question. Is it okay to protect a win when you know the session is about to end.
By "protecting a win" I mean taking lower variance lines that you would not normally take.

I feel there are two mindsets:

Mindset 1) - "Life is your session". It does not matter when the session is ending, take the highest EV line in each hand and whatever happens, happens. Accept the result and analyse your decisions later

Mindset 2) - We are human beings and getting affected by a positive or negative result is normal. Also the result can affect our confidence, mood and happiness in general which we can use as momentum to carry into the next session. Also in some cases negative results can have an affect on our personal lives. Taking low variance lines at the end of a session to protect a win is alright.

I have always been in the first category but recently as I play more and mature as a player I find myself switching to the second mindset. I feel confidence is an important attribute to my A game so developing consistency with regards to positive results brings out my best game and improves my win rate.

What do you guys feel? Is it okay to have the second mindset or shall I train my self to go back to the first.



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