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Is Party Poker rigged?

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Is Party Poker rigged?

Hey I've been running pretty bad on PP for the last 3 years. It is below EV each year and it doesn't even turn around anywhere. Its just slow widening of the graph overtime. The sample is about 1mio hands. On Prima poker it was the same. Overall I'm running 230BI below EV, 130 on PP alone. Thats just all-in EV. Same way the EV curve itself can be fucked with bad run outs. They suppose to smoothen out on long run. But All-in EV is just widening, and so can bad runouts. I'm a breakeven/slightly winning player according to EV line. Which again, can be fucked with opponents flopping sets in 4bet pots every other hand. Or oponents hitting draws with "1$" left on the river..

I'm just curious, are there regs that have winnings above EV line? Because from my perspective, its 98% that both sides are rigged.
Its just impossible to believe that after all this bad run, it still keeps happening over and over again . I can get 70 vs 30 allin, run twice and lose twice? And then again and then again, and then again and its happening for so long and its still happening. I thought after 1 year it will change. Then I thought after 2 year it will change. Or at least to run fair. It doesn't stop widening. Thats 140k€ below EV as I write, and its widening by the day...
Any others have same experience? If its just me than I guess I was born under wrong star. But if there are others, then its suspicious AF...

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