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JD 2020

Hey guys,

I'm a RIO essential member currently grinding the micros in order to get better and build a roll. I'm starting this journal because I was currently beating 5NL and made the transition to 10NLz but hit a massive 9 BI downswing -- the thing is, I have a decent grasp on a lot of theory [which is very far from great] but I tilt like crazy. I'm starting this journal because I think this will help keep me accountable and responsible for my poker practices and my mental game issues. Posting on these forums will be a big step for me since I've always been a lone wolf in life and a lone grinder in poker.

About me:
I'm 24-years-old and currently working a full-time job but have learned to love this game. Just like many people who pursue poker I've playing with friends when I was younger and always ended up winning -- playing outside of the teenage home game. What ultimately attracts me to this field is the level of competitiveness, logical analysis, emotional control, and flexibility.

Long term goals:

  1. Become a professional poker player -- preferably online for the flexibility

  2. Have the bankroll to play 25NLz

Short term procedures/goals:

  1. I noticed that I start to tilt 45mins-1hour in game so I'll start with 30min sessions of 2 tabling 10NLz with a minimum break of 30mins in between sessions and I'll inchworm my way to longer sessions.

  2. 12k hands per week and work my way up to more hands.

  3. Post at least 3 posts on the forums per week -- ie. hand histories, theory, general questions

  4. Work on visualizing ranges and range construction (3b/c, 4b/c, 4b/f) which will allow me to understand postflop plays more. Part of my tilt is that I forget these and play with lizard brain mode clicking buttons and only playing my hand but not my range

  5. Read one chapter of the Mental Game of Poker a week will read chapter 2 next week. This is my second time going through the book and will have to consistently go through the book multiple times if that will help instill the theories in my memory.

  6. Study, workout, and meditate before my weeknight and weekend day sessions.

  7. Update this thread once or twice a week.

If any of you have suggestions about improvements on either the technical or mental side and even suggestions about how I can help build a more efficient goalsetting method then I'm all ears.

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