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Not sure how to start this. Would prefer to stay Anon. Long time Grinder. Many low six fig swings, boom and bust cycles and gambling and degen stories. Hopped in and out of many states of minds from professional grinder with good habits to full blow degen on drugs and hookers. Constant progression and regression. ALOT of pain and shame. So much so I don't want to go in detail and keep it strictly poker. With that said, the journey stars again tomorrow at 25NL on BWIN/PARTY. Seems to be something there with rakeback and also looking forward to the upcoming RIO website. I'm all for sustainability and the love of the game.

Asides from the technical aspects of the game the 3 things I want to focus on are :

RISK MANAGEMENT(1-2% buy in max)
LIFE BALANCE (being able to mentally separate my deg en self from the game and focus on things much more important than money.)

I'll try to keep it technical on here and read that "Journaling" is a good form of therapy. The biggest difference between who I am now and me 10 years ago is that I have a life long partner and my mom passed 2 years ago. I literally have degen ran up six fig bankrolls a few times and I really want to break that habit. Good luck to us.

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