Lockdown -Sept 23-May24

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Lockdown -Sept 23-May24

Has been a long time since I used this acc. :)
I need someplace to vent and be held accountable a bit i think it will work.

Background is a long story, played up to 1k 2010, had to quit fulltime grind 2016, went fulltime again in may 2021 playing 50nl. Been working my ass off for 2y and am now playing up to 400nl but bulk is 100-200nl.
I have had some regrets about how I treated my pokercareer last time around so this time I feel an urge to not screw things up. I schedule, I do theory, zero shenanigans irl.
I love playing poker and I have nothing really comparable to fall back on, I have to cash in at least a little bit and I have to do it sooner rather than later.
So here it goes; I will use July and august to spend time with family, rest, build up me health as much as I can etc. Then from September-May it will be full on grind.
I have a study partner and we do like 10h per week together + I try to do 5h/week alone mostly repetition on what we do together. So thats what I will keep doing. On top of that I will try to play 100-130h/month, not trying to stress playing as many tables as possible, but rather playing as high stakes in as soft games as possible.
I dont mind if bulk is 200nl since I have a great hourly playing 4-5 tables there, but 100nl should just be a compliment and be like max 25% of volume.
Current hourly overall this year has been somewhere 80-100$ but I havent managed to put in enough volume so I have only made like 5k/month which I feel is just me doing a very poor job being a professional. This has reasons related to IRL stuff that I cant controll but still, playing 50-60h/month is just a waste of my potential both in developing as a player and creating a good financial situation for me and my family.

Going from 5k/mo to 10k/m would be great so that is the main goal (I dont mind more obv).

Things I need to fix to be able to compete is my overall health, it is at an solid 3/10 atm or so.
Genereall relaxation/Rest
Being outside
No phone

What I have done so far:
Taken 40min walks for 3 days in a row. I want to build on this and do like 1h walks, then running slow and building up to 1h there to. Then do some HIT once or twice a week.

Thats it.

I feel like I am in a great position, I crush the games Im playing, I have a study partner that is sharp and pushes me to be better every day. Spending 40-60h month on theory should just put me in a position to move up in stakes if and when BR allows.
Any thoughts or input are very welcome, ill use this as some sort of diary to keep me on the right path.

Graphs etc might be coming later.

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