Maintaining Perspective

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Maintaining Perspective

Hi all!

Decided to open a blog for 2024, last time I was doing a blog maybe in 2012-2013. Don't even remember date but it was very long time ago.

Goals for the blog:
1. Motivate myself and others
2. Stay productive and accountable
3. Make reports and use it as a tool to observe (past) myself
4. Got some feedback and opinions from readers

Poker goals:
1. Bumhunt nl2k (Well I don't really expect to be able to regwar agaisnt regulars at this level. So my goal is to shot it, when have weak player)
2. Make smarthand appereance in the winning!!! (yeah thats important) top list
3. Financial independence
4. Became top10 nl1k in rooms I am playing the most

Results 2022 - Best year in my career (best winning month and improved a lot)
Results 2023 - Fist breakeven/slightly winning/losing slightly year in my career (Least volume, studies, many breaks and longest brake withouth playing)

I am gonna play nl500 on most European sites.
Lets go!~

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