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#14 Tilt and annoyance

Today I went off quite a lot. Which was something I already anticipated and even though I am typing it now I feel really angry, dissatisfied and annoyed. Just finished my 2nd session - so tilting and so &&&&&&.

Before starting to play today I had few triggers to add into my overall state:
1)Today I wanted to write to 888poker about stolen money (thats provide a bit of negative energy and anger)
2)Yesterday I had a fever and felt ill. Today I had a headache and not really recovered fully. It is ruins my schedule and I really hate being sick for multiple reasons: a)gonna play less (day off or etc) b)too often I am getting sick c) can’t exercise and can’t study well (not productive, waste of time)
Additionally next monday I have to take a day off as well, because we will go to the countryside. Also don’t make me more happy
3)Yesterday I wasn't happy with formula-1 results. Actually with one driver performance. Overall results were good
4)It is coming to end of the month and I don’t want to have losing month or so (pressure, stress, perfectionism)
5)I looked results of few other regs before weekend (comparison - envy, jelousy)

Nevertheless if you run well you won’t really get tilted or annoyed, because those triggers won’t go out on a surface, they just gonna be hidden until some occasion. But when you start to run horrible and lose vs some aggro rec player, when you play doesn't work and you constantly get in terrible situations. That’s where it comes into play! Thats the time you go on a tilt mode and instantly blow with anger.

For sure felt rusty, felt under the weather, not playing perfectly and angry because of that. Lost sense of game and got emotional.
Nothing of above is bad, nothing from I wrote is a bad or ''negative'' things. It is just experience troughout the day, with emotions and feelings. Don't want to label it :)
Today I re-read some parts of my journal, actually seems like very smart thoughts and ideas there, it is super nice to go over them and remind myself. For example if I catch heater I can absolutely forget everything and take it as a granted, I can start finding happiness in winning pots and crushing other players. Of course at some point card distribution is changing and now I don't have more happiness because I am losing, right?
In April I wrote that I will play just to have fun and click some buttons in my way. Not gonna try to make best possible plays or try to outplay everyone and make their life tough, nahh not my plan. Feels like at somepoint I become too serious about the game and everything and need to tell myself - ''Hey, what about fun and enjoyment?''

Tomorrow I will play, poker brings me enjoyment and a feeling of
satisfaction. Not always happy though but happiness is not a
destination, right? I am not gonna sit and play to make best decisions
possible and that gonna translate to happy emotions. No, I am just
gonna play because I like it and find it super interesting.

Good luck to everyone, see you at the 31st. Stay healthy and don't forget to fool around a bit

May 27, 2024 | 6:41 a.m.

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Will follow up with the graph. Recently I experienced some upswing and heat, this month turned around (also got back at untracked site :D). Had many interesting sessions and days:

Today, one of them - played a long session (with a break of course) with one recreational player. At first he seemed like absolutely the worst - 90|10 with low 3bet and stationery tendency. Limping and calling everything, doing standard random stuff. I got a lot of notes from him and labelled him as passive. He lost money and ran it back and after an hour his game started to change. No he still was limping 90% of hands but his aggression ramped up and sometimes he did absolutely out of the league calls like calling mid pair on 4 flush + 4 straight 2 times. But! I runned few bluffs against him and he was actually folding, especially if the bluff is big and threatening a lot of money. And even though he managed to not show many bluffs, his aggression on the river was over the roof. Additionally with massive bets (from 80% to 130%). Don’t know but it is so tough and tilting to play vs him and he ran quite good. By any means I don’t think his style of winning money is just pure annoyance and even in the last 30 minutes I seriously considered changing my strategy. Kinda felt like it was free money and why can't I get it!!! 90|10 style with limp calling like 80% of hands.
However I observed, and found some interesting things: 1) he is using good sizing and putting pressure where he needs to 2) he is capable of thin valuebets and merge bets which cut possibilities of overbluff catching 3) also he uses some lines which are very uncommon, like donking river for small size.

May 24, 2024 | 2:41 p.m.

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#12 Quick update:
Will not post the graph this time, because I already looked at ‘’wrong time’’ a few times. Basically when things were quite bad + I was tilted I opened it to see - how I am doing.
Couple of days in a row I was slightly more lucky, before I was unlucky and overall some swings occurred in May. I am quite hesitant to play nl2000 unless it has very weak opponents and the game really presents itself with a silver lining. To be honest - I am scared to lose big in those games and be upset/negative and moody. For sure it is not easy to maintain yourself when in one session you can either win a lot or lose a lot and probably not be able to recover from it shortly.

However I am playing some nl000 games and sometimes feel inspired and interested in those games. I like it and enjoy it a lot. Avoiding reg wars and high variance games because I don’t consider myself as a strong reg and besides it is working for me. Some people really need it to get more motivation, to improve; for me I am motivated like that and have a desire to learn more, observe and study while playing.

Sometimes I also have days when I don't want to play and feel like poker is not so interesting, but fortunately very rarely.

May 23, 2024 | 11:14 a.m.

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Table: 'Las Palmas' 5-max (real money) Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: Incognito 1 (413€)
Seat 2: Incognito 2 (460.08€)
Seat 3: Me (583.16€)
Seat 4: Incognito 4 (609.93€)
Seat 5: Incognito 5 (60€)
Incognito 2 posts small blind 2€
Me posts big blind 4€
Dealt to Me
[AC] [5D]
Incognito 4 folds
Incognito 5 folds
Incognito 1 raises 6€ to 10€
Incognito 2 folds
Me calls 6€
[4D] [6C] [3C]
Me checks
Incognito 1 bets 11€
Me raises 19€ to 30€
Incognito 1 raises 36€ to 66€
Me [b]TURN[/b]
[4D] [6C] [3C] [10S]
Me checks
Incognito 1 checks
[4D] [6C] [3C] [10S] [9H]
Me bets 115.50€
Incognito 1 calls 115.50€
[b]SHOW DOWN[/b]
Me shows
[AC] [5D] (High card : Ace)
Incognito 1 shows
[10C] [8S] (One pair : Tens)
Incognito 1 collected 382€ from pot

This hand left some bad feelings after I played it. Think that it is certainly impossible to be happy there before knowing the results. Have reasons for bluffing and have reasons for giving up. Without going into strategy (BU player is reg, at least he used auto top up) some situations made me frustrated. It is like you give up ''good'' spots for bluff, and bluff ''bad'', and after you switch to more aggressive mode in order to not feel again that stupid.
However when you start bluffing more you might feel stupid again because you try hard and it is not going that well. Maybe after will bluff less and stupid feeling of playing too passive comes up again.

It is like no matter what you do - always gonna be unhappy unless you get the results you wanted.
And it can happen all the time, when there is uncertainty - there is room for blame, perfection, frustration, happiness and contentment….

But to be fair, everything is pretty reasonable. With money pressure, time stress, fears, overthinking, anxiety about the future and lack of confidence - quite hard to nail down everything right. Something can be missed and analyses can also be incorrect, besides easy to make mistake thinking that something is suppose to be like I think. If I really love some movie I might already have bias that average person will also like it, because it is good movie, right?

p.s. though there is really big positve thing in being frustrated and feeling stupid. It is giving me energy, desire and adds power to improve and learn.

May 21, 2024 | 9:51 a.m.

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Had quite an aggressive mood today and played very splashy. Made few big bluffs and two last ones got called(before I forget already). Which was bit unexpected. However I can't make any assumptions or conclusion. Actually getting called in those situations is good overall, because it opens up for opportunities and possibilities.
Generally speaking, getting called light is hard emotionally for me but in terms of strategy is good. So there are pros and cons.
When people call you light? That's a good situation to start value bet thinly and other players are gonna have an itch to call those big bets... Don't remember but someone told, when he do something tricky and use massive size - people bluffcatch pretty much same % and might even more than versus normal size; he mentioned some flush board. When you super polarise yourself there any(almost) flush blocker becomes positive and can be justified for calling. Quite funny to be honest

In poker it is super easy to do something too much: 1)bluff too much 2)call too much
3)fold too much 4)be creative too much 5)fight back too much
How to draw balance? Well guess it is impossible and not really needed as well. Everyone thinks in their own way and has their perception of you based on their knowledge, feelings, and intuition.
I noticed that I am quite negative and toxic this week. I have solid reasons of course to be like that. And my state is absolutely normal. Just want to point out - even if you know that something is not ideal - maybe you need to accept it fully and not try to change to something better. Let's sometimes be the most toxic and negative person in the world. Of course not everywhere but can vent out and even go beyond that.

Wish every one of you health and good luck, if you aren’t perfect or ideal, that's totally okay. If you don’t play nl1000, that's okay and doesn’t mean you are worse by any means than the person who plays. You have your own talents and super qualities :)

May 16, 2024 | 9:09 a.m.

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So far this month, honestly I feel like experiencing quite mediocre run since the start. Lost everything at nl1000, nl500~0. Which doesn't tell anything to be fair. Didn't have any heat which also doesn't tell much.

Actually Can't tell anything
Can't make any statement
Can't complain about runbad

May 14, 2024 | 9:02 a.m.

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Today I will post some random hands and also will write something:D

1.Runbad (pretty sure I suppose to lose here all money almost always, considering runout, so nothing interesting).

2.Poker is alive

3.Poker is alive#2

Last 2 hands is versus very very recreational player. For some reason however he is always valuebetting river big size with value. And bluff with smaller sizes. Guess he go on a tilt there and decided to gamble.
Actually another thing is important to catch some luck, that guy in the last hand had AA and he got lucky there, really strong hand and faced spew line. Thats a luck!

Quite often I see players like that; imo poker is profitable and have money to make. Imagine some splashy guy at nl2k and in one session you can make 5BI. Of course need to be lucky but expectations gonna be extremely high.
Don't know but I am quite enjoying playing and studying, feels very interesting most of the time and makes me happy (often).

May 13, 2024 | 8:59 a.m.

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I had a short vacation at the start of the month. Labour day and weekend. Spent very good time in a hotel near the beach, swimming in the sea, drinking some rum and fully relaxing. Didn't think anything about poker or overthinking about the future. Such a pleasure and fun! But time went so fast, that's the only negative side which I recall :)
Don't know but I have a feeling that I have quite many days off and vacation. Almost every month and here and there. What's my opinion? Well, it is pretty decent. Seems better than rush and play everyday without a break. Not only is it causing burn out but drastically reduces quality of life. I know people who are really good at grinding and playing a lot bring them success, but I am the opposite. Whenever I play a lot, I actually start to do worse. If I remember all my most winning months they are without a ton of volume and playing hours (which could be coincidence).

Today I played the 2nd day this month. I Feel that my brain is slow and overall games aren't easy. Struggling and spewing. Which is not a negative thing, certainly I would prefer spewing over being too accurate and tidy. Before taking vacation I've read a lot of stuff in poker forums, even too much I believe. Which is for sure not productive, but there are big positive things which are fuel. Reading everything - blogs, looking at other players' results and so on gave me a lot of motivation and interest, which I call fuel. Now I feel super motivated and excited. Like my love for the game increased even more. However, reading all the crap wasn't pleasant, though addictive!

I have been thinking about something recently. Observing, noticing and giving some time to process. Not sure if it is a thing or just nonsense without logic. There are some types of weak players which are really giving me a headache. I mean crushing by the red line and making me tilt and angry. They play very aggressive and give pressure everywhere. You don't even want to CBET into them because they're gonna raise and do more later street (donk or whatever). Of course these recreationals have lack knowledge, but I think they have a lot of fun while playing. What do I think? If they really knew what they were doing they would win. Their aggressive style is hard to cope with and if they make it ''good'', their opposition won't be able to do much. Even sometimes regulars know that the opponent is over bluffing, still some of them are gonna overfold. Because it is not comfortable, it is not pleasant, to play vs super aggro style. Besides, can use aggro image for thin valubets and ''to make life like hell'. I quite often see in anonymous games some aggro fish which basically destroys everything playing some crazy style. Of course he loses eventually with something stupid, but it is hard to play against.
Especially when I rely on GTO. GTO is good I think, but just for knowledge, not for use in real life. Those donks in 3B pots; Check/raises, donk bets everywhere....
But yeah, it is super hard to play like that and need to follow ranges very accurately.

Now it is time to do some studies. Good luck to everyone. Take it easy and don't call other players - ''villain'' ''opponent'', no they are just players like me. With their own goals, desires, story, problems, skills, mistakes....

May 7, 2024 | 7:39 a.m.

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Month was quite interesting. Played 2 weeks, took a planned vacation and played 1 more week at the end. If the first two weeks were tough and not luckiest, then last week was the opposite - heater. I faced some challenges and obstacles, was having a good time and also made super observations. Didn’t expect to win anything but overall showed decent profit.
Made some mistakes, herocalls, random bluffs and tried hard sometimes. Other times I was doing my thing and also experimenting a bit! Enjoying poker and happy to play :)

Shot nl5000 - completely forgot and didn’t add in filters on stars, other rooms don’t have it anyway; thinking if I will continue to run so good I will add GG poker? Ah they don’t allow to bumhunt so I can't add it in order to shot nl5000 :( But I can add some other nl1000 games for sure!

Learn SRP SBvsBB; analyse 2 spots BUvsBB and spend a few hours on psychology - all study goals are missed. Think I didn’t just have time on it. Too much spent in GTO wizard and in general seems like playing trainer and other stuff eat everything (which is okay though, at the end of the month I started to get to SBvsBB but less than 30% done)

Want to take one micro-low stakes player and help him on his way up (not done yet)
Will take few psychology sessions in coming months (not done yet)


Key thoughts:
1. Moody/toxic and irritated. How actually much it affects my life. For how long I have been having it. What makes me annoyed (is it big/small; very important; personal). Negative approach
2. Serious attitude vs easy approach. Even though a serious attitude towards many things might look productive and beneficial, it might not be the case. Serious is not always good and have downsides (for example less happiness and satisfaction which are important)
3. Happiness and enjoyment. Happiness over monetary results. Actually I love poker more because of its beauty rather than money.
4. Benefit of challenges and obstacles. Finding positive things in it.
5. Emotional poker. I am emotional and that’s totally normal to be frustrated, happy, excited, sad.

Goals for next month:

1)Doing things at the table and observing
2)Learning from other players
3)Study SBvsBB, going over 4B pots theory
4)1 hour of psychology work each week in onenote

Also I have one thing to mention for me seems like there are few type of days are possible:
First - heater, everything is easy and going my way. Game smooth and things I am doing is working
Second - neutral, uneventful day
Third - winning/losing/winning/losing … Swingy one
Forth - nothing works, tough and impossible to do anything
Fifth - absolutely get crushed, by everybody and feeling that I don’t know how to play

May 1, 2024 | 1:16 a.m.

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Next results update is going to be at the end of the month. Today I played quite a long session but not so many hands because I decided to focus my attention vs vip player. Got quite tired at the end and just quit. Whatever.
He had a stack of 300bb and at first he seemed absolutely crazy. But after some time I realised he doesn't really like to bluff big/multiple streets. He is stationary and tilty after losing. Preflop he can jam/call garbage when tilted. Trying to play tricky with strong hands. When winning he is more careful preflop. Anyways just observation, recreational players are different

So far this month my results are breakeven. This week and last playing week also feels breakeven. For sure less heater than before and more money dumping from my side. Well, I can be happy that I am not losing a lot and maintain some stability (phew'), though swings are not easy.
First priority is enjoying playing and bluffing opponents, catching bluffs and doing some debatable things. Money is not important, we can win, we can lose, but it won’t buy happiness (long term at least). Now study time

volume 8/10 happiness 8/10 motivation 9/10 perfomance 11/10

April 24, 2024 | 9:47 a.m.

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Back from a 9 day vacation. Time flies really fast and it's hard to catch it. Was enjoying time away from poker, spending time outdoors, using the computer and phone less than an hour a day and getting my mind rested. Almost no overthinking and worrying, just being in the moment and focusing on now. Happy times :)

Had quite a bit of travel in the last 2 weeks, resulting in a bit of jet lag. Even in the morning I felt out of myself (like feeling you wake up in the middle of the night, but it is actually morning) and go to sleep again. Maybe it is also because caught little bit of flu or other virus. But last Sunday I came back to Thailand. Not even sure I enjoy it after all, I love poker and possibilities with games here. But other than that feels not so happy and not so wonderful. Spend more than 1 year straight and many months before. Well I have feeling it is not most suitable country for me, I love people and many other things here but something missed.....
Besides missing family, friends, and feeling of being home. Can't tell this place home!

Played 6 hours this week. Starting slow and getting into the game, not pushing too hard at first. Especially when feeling jet lagged and not clear. Today spend quite a bit of time playing vs trainer in order to get more repetition and practise. Of course done some mistakes and got tired of the end but process is going.

Plan for next days is to go over hands in GTOwizard, look spots where I made EV mistakes and look how people deviate from optimal there. Where I can get something or do something. After will just dive deeply into SBvsBB SRP. Tough situation and very important.
That's the plan! Step by step, slowly going with studies. Also going with playing. Tomorrow I will try to hit 5 hours! If good nl1000 games will pop up I am gonna join. Let's see what the rest of the week brings. So far not so lucky.

Thinking about some situation, I don't know the answer but it is interesting for me. For example we have the situation 3BET SBvsBU. We CBET flop and on the turn we are for sure confident that have overfold EQUITY%. SO we can barrel more bluffs. That's good but BU calls us and now we are on the river. We have a wanky ratio VALUE:BLUFF and can't bluff everything. What if BU PLAYER see that I gave up bluff (normal bluff combo)? Is it a good thing or not? How is he gonna approach/think about it?
1. Will he start adjusting?
2. Will he just not take any big consideration?
3. Will he think that I don't expect enough folds and not bluff?
Seems quite confusing and can raise levelling thinking

April 23, 2024 | 1:57 p.m.

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Going on a 1 week vacation, no poker or anything related to it. Time to get some rest and enjoy life. It seems like a lot of free time but I am gonna be occupied in that period. Have places to visit, things to catch and stuff to do. Quite excited about it, even though I feel a little bit upset that I won't be able to play for some time and that I won't be able to undo my mistakes and show my best at the tables in the coming days. Have feeling that I need more time to chase loses, missplays and …. For example if you play some computer game (like dota) and you lose a game just before turning off the PC. The itchy feeling of playing a little bit more to win might come to you. Don’t know what it is called but there is some negative sediment inside.

Uploaded my hands to GTOWizard, made quite a few mistakes in 4bet pots. They are quite hard to play and sometimes illogical. For sure there can be a lot of edge there because people in general don’t study it or play well. I think computers will crush humans so badly in that situation. Mistakes are costly and as I mentioned, hard to play and navigate, especially as a caller. For aggressor in general you either valuebet and trying to put all money in, or bluffing. And with bluffs it is not the most difficult play.

I have a feeling that I punted decently this month. Tried hard to win and made some questionable plays. Bluffed big and sometimes without much sense. That’s not a bad approach or making me feel too bad. It is what it is. Sometimes you try hard to win and it pays off, other times it is just dumping bb away. When you play aggressively you will have a lot of swings in the short term. But if you do things right, long term you will have less! Hope it does make sense

Like this one oO

April 12, 2024 | 1:04 p.m.

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This month has not been good in terms of monetary results. Losing a few BI and not getting lucky (yes, complaining that no more luck!!!!). Even though I feel like it is not such a bad run, just something is not there. Some bluffs not working, some calldowns not working, some situations I have to give up and other times just didn’t quite get there.
After winning for 4 months straight, losing becomes frustrating. Challenges make me stressed and when other players fight back I start to tilt. For me personally losing was always hard, when I was kid, in school and in university. Painful, frustrating and makes me feel miserable. Like I did something wrong, didn't try hard enough and can be really guilty afterwards. In poker you can lose differently - you can lose by making a great play or you can lose by doing something which you aren’t exactly sure of. And that uncertainty is really what is getting to me, because I am that type of person, uncertainty always feels like my fault and mistake. Blame myself and things around :(

This week also I noticed that I am negative and toxic(well I noticed it before but today was AHA moment), quite moody and unsatisfied. Super easy to get annoyed, irritated and angry. Though it has always been like that but now the picture is getting clearer (more feedback). When I had bad results last year it was of course because of variance. Which is uncontrollable so nothing to be done there. But another thing which stands for me now is that last year I was quite negative, angry and like having a passive tilt inside. For some people it can affect regular life a bit, including work/studies and other areas (health…). It is okay to be negative and annoyed sometimes but you know it has to have a reason. If the reason is too small and not important it is something to take note of.
What I was angry about today? Hm I did a few plays which didn’t work. I was annoyed with losing and that players won vs me without a showdown. I was angry that I can’t really play calmly and A-game. Was irritated that I didn’t know what to do in certain situations. Angry that I couldn't play perfectly and etc…
Those reasons are totally reasonable and ok. They of course have meaning behind them and are supposed to be important for me since poker is my main occupation. It's okay to have emotions! My approach is always emotional poker and life in general. Just want to accept it and live fully in it.
In life also. What am I angry about? That my schedule is a bit moving. That somebody is distracting me. That someone didn’t text me in the morning and …. That my computer glasses were a bit dirty…. That I need to do something, need to do XYZ if I don’t do that's unacceptable
Also okay to be like that! Accepting it and taking it into consideration. Not blocking, not trying to leave it/block it/rid of it. Think way to be less angry is actually acceptance and letting those emotions fully. Let myself angry and let is flow into me, noticing it sometimes ‘“ OH I FEEL ANGRY, maybe because of XYZ’’ ‘’BUT IT IS OKAY, EMOTIONS ARE PART OF MY LIFE’’ ‘’WILL FIND MYSELF AND PEACE IN IT’’

When I was playing poker it was quite a rollercoaster. Sometimes I feel happy, sometimes angry, sometimes I really want to fight back and sometimes I am really calm and focused, sometimes I am so stressed, sometimes I feel like the game is not so hard. Hehe! All can be in one day “)
Though I want to write: if I am playing too aggressively or trying to win spots too much it is not necessarily bad. Sometimes banana bluffs work and bizarre lines also. And it is a great feeling when you do something illogical and the next player folds.
Also I feel so motivated towards poker. I write a lot of bad stuff in this journal. I mean things which I don’t like and some mindset issues. Like: I was tilted today, blah blah blah
Like: had a bad session, …….

Good things in my life: 1)I am healthy, everything is good in my personal life. Environment is great! Leisure is awesome
2)Motivated and inspired towards poker. A lot of energy and strength
3)I really love poker. After around 16-20 years when I first played it. I really enjoy it. I love it so much that playing it actually tends to bring me happiness. There were days when I felt bad in the morning before playing and after finishing playing, studies, exercise, everything become good and felt also great inside ( in brain, in my soul)

P.s. I forget the really important thing which is also SUPERB. When I was losing today, at some point I started to feel really calm, really focused and in the zone. Nothing bothered me, nothing was important, I felt good inside, I felt strong and above everything (not other players, above losing)

April 11, 2024 | 12:35 p.m.

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Arrived home 3 days ago. Already played 2 days. What can I tell? I didn’t expect that everything was going to be tough and difficult as it is. Honestly I thought I could continue where I left off, pretty much keeping my head straight and showing my knowledge. Making good plays, smart decisions, and sometimes mistakes here in there.
But reality is different - I am not used to my old set up and even my old schedule. Stressed more often, overthinking, trying too hard (perfection). Obviously it is frustrating, even some basic decisions like defending range BUvsBB I struggle a bit. Because I can't remember and I didn’t like that. My brain sometimes is slow and stunned. Easily end up making range mistakes and logic errors. Good players can exploit it!

Besides, I have to play chico, ipoker and some other room. Which is by any means not making me happy at all. Euro rooms aren’t available, ohh I miss the good old times in the past. Everything was so easy and simple back then… Most rooms were available, far more action and so much convenience.
Now more angry, frustrated, annoyed with things around. Which is not such a healthy attitude I think.

From positive notes - I am eager to study and play. Inspired, motivated, a bit happy and sometimes really focused. There are a lot of opportunities and a lot to be grateful of. I quite often forget to focus on good things and find all negatives around and take note of that. Also my expectations are a bit high and I am trying too hard as well. Both of this is regular for me.

Considering everything going around, shouldn’t expect good results or great quality of my play. But I like to play and enjoy it. Feel like game bring me some missing parts and it makes me fulfilled and satisfied.
Good luck to everyone and be grateful for what you have!

Tilting even can't post hand properly since Wizard doesn't make screenshots (probably because of the country restrictions, not their fault).
Made a range call vs rec. Vs 16%; 33%; 100% sizing (river was blank). Which looking by his sizing scheme now doesn't seem that good. But in game decided to call everything which was possible to call. Too many random hands in his range and value aren't playing like that often

April 9, 2024 | 12:09 p.m.

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Before going home, good luck next week

April 5, 2024 | 8:50 a.m.

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From now on I am gonna numerate my posts, finding it more convenient whenever I want to reread my blog. Also looks cool!

Month update:

Played 2 days this month so far, running good but losing. Which can be weird right? Yes, I am not joking you can be running decently but still end up losing some amount bb (not because different limits also)!
My mind is not in the best place for now because of the travel, so it is gonna affect my game. 2 more days to play this week and tomorrow I'm gonna play early in the morning.

Two hands:
There were 2 memorable hands of this month. At least they are still in my memory, however in a couple of days I will absolutely forget them. They are both kinda splashy and super random. Especially one hand which is played most likely by emotions, though it makes me feel a bit happy which is good. Second one also played how I wanted to play.

Not gonna post 1 because it is too embarrassing. It is in 4 bet pots EP vs MP. I was a preflop aggressor and 4bettor. Had overpair AA on the middle board. Made an interesting slowplay and donk jammed the river as a merge/bluff. Completely lost any logic and sense in that hand. In theory the hand is not supposed to be played like that and river jam only fish can do. Another thing if the caller is playing releasing equity strategy on the flop than checking flop and turn is not so good.

Was a bit driven by emotions though and wanted to smash/crush there. You know? Try hard to make big play every pot. Didn’t work since I runned into 2nd nuts which by the way never suppose to be there

This hand I just wanted to call a river. I don’t care that he probably needs to turn flushes into a bluff. Probably optimally my hand is supposed to bet fold almost always, especially because we also can’t bluff pretty much and our value range is nut flush+.
Man, I was so curios and felt like - ohh boy, what you have there? Really TT and KK?

In both of those hands, other players might think that I am fish and dont know what I was doing. Second one I imagine he smiled a lot and felt really good inside. It is a situation that he should really get many herofolds from thinking players. Actually in his shoes I would run a bluff at least sometime. But not sure, maybe I wouldn’t. If people are not folding nut flush, that's a line to get value and fold everything. But you never get samples or information.
Do I think those hands are very well played? Nope
Do I think I should’ve played differently ? Nope
Do I like my plays? Yes I do
Did I learn something? Absolutely and also I made observations

April 3, 2024 | 10:58 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

April 1st
In the last 3 weeks I missed two Mondays of playing. Both of them I felt sad, unhappy and didn’t have any desire to play. Finding any excuses why not to play.
My schedule is Monday-Friday, five playing days and if I miss Monday I just play 4 days per week. Which is not a bad thing, since I am gonna be more fresh and interested. But… if I am gonna do it too often, that's gonna compound for too many days off in a couple of months. Especially when there are things we can’t control and might need an extra day off. Sunday I am never gonna play, there is no point for me and I am not gonna start doing it.
Sometimes I feel like I don't want to play at all, not happy and moody. Why is that?
1)Could be avoiding feeling frustration, sadness, and stress from playing
2)Could be avoiding bad results aka ‘’losing money I won already’’
3)Could be burned out
4)Could not have clear goals or motivation (first I have and second is not so obvious)
5)Could be also not happy (many reasons why not feel happy, especially because I am an emotional person)

Start to feel quite unhappy, not with poker, just with my life and how my happiness has weak fundamentals. It can be ruined easily and if it happens I am gonna struggle a lot. Which is also making me overthink, stress, ruminate about future imagining bad scenarios. Yesterday evening/night I felt sadness and when I went to bed felt like my mind was occupied with worries and I couldn’t fall asleep for long. At some point I just gave up trying and opened my eyes to stay awake - shortly after that I fell asleep. It actually reminds me of poker - sometimes I try so hard which results in stress, emotions and anger. And If I stop trying and go easy it will just become much better.

Poker has been going good this year, running good and winning. Even bananas plays are working and I catch a hot run at nl1000. Bluffcatching been right also, oftenly.
Do I find myself motivated? Yes!!! There are so many areas to improve and things to learn. Game is interesting and puzzling. There are nl1000; nl2000; nl5000 and sites I stayed away from. Damn those things make my heart beat faster and bring a lot of excitement. Competing with guys like Sunni, Enfant, Deano and others is like a dream.
Besides, there is always gonna be money. Travels, new experiences, new horizons.

Life has also been going very well. Everything is smooth and lovely. Yes, it has a weak base and can change to the opposite quickly. Life is too random and unstable. If something is good now it doesn’t mean it's gonna continue to be good, nor it doesn’t mean it's gonna become bad.
Bangkok I don't find a good city to live in. Stress, noise, overcrowding , smoke, rush and everything to make you feel negative. But my time here is superb.

This week I am gonna play Tuesday-Friday 5th; Saturday flight to my home for a couple of weeks. But I'm gonna play next week as well, not sure how much though and which sites. A lot of uncertainty but that's okay, there is some room for flexibility and change. Tomorrow I will play, poker brings me enjoyment and a feeling of satisfaction. Not always happy though but happiness is not a destination, right? I am not gonna sit and play to make best decisions possible and that gonna translate to happy emotions. No, I am just gonna play because I like it and find it super interesting.

April 1, 2024 | 4:17 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective


This month has been the luckiest in my poker journey. Also it is the biggest winning month in my overall career. Which is quite good and makes me very happy. Especially after 2023 where I finished the year in small losses/around breakeven.
Of course I was lucky at nl1000; where I didn’t play a lot but win a lot. I recall winning 6k in one hour there in ‘’god run mode’’. It is a weird feeling though, everything is too good and smooth, without obstacles and challenges. Anyway I am gonna keep observing what's going on and good luck to everyone in April.
Let’s see how it will go :)

Key thoughts:
1)Variance, variance and variance.
2)Importance of positive mood and happiness in life. Though feeling irritated and anxious is also okay! As being unhappy and sad sometimes. No need to get rid of those emotions or fight them
3)Preparation for the challenges of upcoming poker session (Visualisation, self-talk)
4)Try hard approach
5)Rushing and racing throughout the day,'' like rat in a wheel''
6)Being too productive, effective (no room for relaxation, forgiveness, to be happy with what I have)
7)If I have time to think, it doesn’t mean that thinking about something is the best thing to do. For example: while eating or exercising, firstly it rarely brings any solution to the topic, secondly it takes away energy. Thirdly it is not bring happiness

Goals for next month:
1.Play nl500-1000; shot nl2000 (3BI stop loss, 2.5 BI move up), shot nl5000 (1BI stop loss, 1 BI move up)
Hopefully I won't get crushed and don’t make a lot of embarrassing plays.
2.Studying poker while playing
3.Accepting my bad and good qualities, bad moods and negative thoughts, overthinking and worrying. It is okay to experience it and it is part of my game
4.Remind my expectations and being aware of them
5.Learn SRP SBvsBB; analyse 2 spots BUvsBB and spend few hours on psychology

Also I wrote some goals for the next 5 months. Two of those I want to mention here:
-Want to take one micro-low stakes player and help him on his way up
-Will take few psychology sessions in coming months

P.S. Not gonna play apps as planned before. Feel like not worth it for now and it is kinda stressfull games so pass!
It is sucks that no really games above nl1000 to catch. I am not talking about IPOKER, WPN and other shady sites. Not sure if I should play high there. Not gonna play GG for sure, I know have many tables there but thank you!

March 29, 2024 | 10:56 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

My month pretty much:

If someone wondering Im just clicking buttons there. My WWSF is 46 and WTSD is 26, for sure a tight carefull player

March 29, 2024 | 10:51 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Last 2 days lost sense of the game. Game are quite weird and unexpected, some things made me suprised as well. Besides lost 2k in other room

March 21, 2024 | 2:43 p.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

As easy it was yesterday, as tough it is today. Pretty much I feel like I got smashed and I don’t know how to win anymore. Having a decent bluff combo and situation, bluffing it and getting called. By nuts, or by weird hands. Having value hands and everyone folds. It is a variance distribution which can make me believe I’m doing everything wrong.
Some absolutely stupid bananas bluff get fold, and some reasonable combos to bluff get called. Obviously getting called by nuts is not an issue at all, that's a pretty standard outcome and can be well played hand. But when it happened quite often during the session I started to lose sense of the game. Actually that's my fault which I accept and am happy about.

However, another thing is an observation I’m not happy about. Actually also acceptable and can’t blame myself for being myself.
The thing is the worse I spend my time and the more negative energy I have, the bigger effect I get. Small irritations and anxious feelings, impact me quite big. I felt pretty sad and unhappy yesterday which translated into a not so good morning and rest of today. Luck just made it bigger and more obvious to see. Why wasn't I happy? Well there are some IRL troubles, worries and problems. Totally normal stuff to be upset and negative.
Just fine to be sad and upset and fine to be angry afterwards. However If I have to choose, playing with a good mood is preferable and overall being happy in leisure time is something I would like to incorporate more. Having so many things to be happy about and excited! Good to remind myself it.

Key thoughts of today: Be happy and find happiness in things you are doing and in situation you are in. Grateful for opportunites you have, for joy, and for health. Just living is a biggest gift! Worrying is okay, being anxious and irritated also. Sometimes it is even good to feel negative! They have their own benefits and positive sides. No need to be angry or upset with feelings, or try to get rid of them/block or run away. Just let them be

March 20, 2024 | 10:09 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

I was supposed to start playing Monday but skipped the day. It was a tough decision and I felt guilty afterwards. Decided to rest more because I feel like it is a good idea. Not only getting energy, motivation and excitement. But also controlling myself.
I am kinda person who can’t take even 1 hour off during a normal working day. So taking the whole day is a big step and accepting those emotions is also a good part. Feel very unproductive, feel like I am the laziest person in the world and I really SHOULD play. Committing some crime…

Observing my emotions and feelings. That’s actually the same feeling I might feel after a mistake or bad choice. For some people it is hard to play but for me it is hard to take an unplanned day off. Where I just sit home and watch some random youtube videos, read a book or play games. Feel good that I allowed myself to do nothing and be lazy.
Kinda easy to fall off being super productive and get going non stop and forget everything, forget that life is full of wonderful moments. Results rarely bring happiness to me, many things which seem important are actually not important at all. They get forgotten with time or not have any thoughts after a few days/week.

Travel was good though and it is something different which brings new experience and doesn’t let me overthink about the future and be in the moment.

Tuesday started playing. At first I felt a bit rusty, not sure what's going on and even didn’t want to play. Because playing can bring negative emotions and I don’t want to be in that state. But after a short time of playing I started to feel happy and interested.
Time flew quite fast and felt very fresh. Made some mistakes and did something which I am very unsure of but overall it was not such a difficult day. Yeah, in poker it is like this - can have an easy day and can have super tough with many spots where there is a lot of uncertainty. Reminding myself about variance, lowering my expectations and being mindful. Can take luck as a skill, good results as proof of knowledge and really delude myself. Which is by the way not a bad thing at all.
Anyways good luck and I'm gonna keep playing tomorrow. Excited to play-learn and observe players at the table.

March 19, 2024 | 2:35 p.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Didn’t update yesterday because I decided to look at the results after the last playing day of the week. Previously I checked in Thursday and Friday felt a little bit more stressful and result oriented. Wanted to write some thoughts yesterday but decided to skip.
Month so far have been lucky, especially lucky at nl1000. Where one day I won like 6 stacks in less than 1 hour playing 1 table with semi-rec. Other than that I think that things are going my way quite often. However I dropped a little on a non-tracked site. Where actually things are not so good.

Playing poker as before, clicking some buttons and doing some things. Quite often I feel stressed or anxious which also makes me play non ideal. However, that's totally okay, that's my approach - play non ideal. Making blunders, missplaying hand and doing logic errors.

Today after 3 hours of playing I started to feel tired. A lot of energy is spent on emotions and thinking about the hands. When you self doubt and uncertain you spend a lot of energy and drain yourself. When you get tired you are much easier to start having EGO, berate opponents or get upset with a bad beat. Besides less energy to think deeply about the hands!

But I'm gonna take the weekend off. Tomorrow I'm going to the beach and will enjoy some wine in a relaxing atmosphere. Coming back to poker next monday. Let's see how things will go from there :)

Plans - gonna shoot nl2000 and play it if there is a weak player at the table. Gonna use 2 BI stop loss and if win 3 BI will jump to nl5000. However there are not a lot of good games at nl1000 and it's pretty hard to play it. Nl2000 is pretty much only for shot taking because it is very rare to have good action. Besides I’m not sure about some pokerrooms like IPOKER, it feels like a lot of bots and not many recs. So I don’t play it higher than nl500. Same goes to WPN Network and a few other rooms. Bots in poker have a lot of potential, they are not GTO solver which you can play against like a GTO WIZARD and show decent results. Noooo. Bots are very good and they use population analyses to crush the games. They have great red line and unorthodox high aggression (i’m judging by few bots from WPN which got banned). So there are not a lot of choices in terms of nl2000.
Also considering learning a bit of HU, but not sure at all because also bots and battling regs there are no value. But can hold tables and also have some action when I feel sharp and fresh, even vs regulars (not top of course).

March 15, 2024 | 9:10 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Today I was studying 3bet pots many hours straight, what I can tell - frustration and mistakes always there. So many neuristics and so many details there which aren't even logical. Getting absolutely crushed by machine without a chance.
Good news that it is okay, of course pretty annoying to study it and didn't get any visible result. To study and still do big blunders every 10 hands. To study and get ''heavy head'' but don't remember much.
Fine, will do one more board and call it off. Not even planning to play GTO, copy GTO in game? Hehe how can I mimic something which I don't know :) Silly that I even study it and try to make understanding!
Noo, bye bye strategies, copying those things for other people who are more smart than me and intellegent. I want to play and have fun, enjoy and not think too much. All fun is in clicking buttons and trying to make sense of your plays

March 9, 2024 | 6:39 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Prepared quite well for the last day of playing before time off. Which not sure helped me or not but first 4 hours I maintained myself pretty decent. Run not so good but felt nice inside which is very important. Sometimes opposite is happening - running hot but inside feel bad, maybe not even because of poker, but yeah.
However last hour was interesting, games absolutely dried and no tables except few reg wars here and there. Was sitting quite a bit of time without any action, and at the end action started to pick up. Felt so emotional and so desired to win, like chasing loses - ''hot head'', reduced focus and also short term thinking with result oriented approach. It is okay to feel this way, just why those emotions came...
Firstly don't want to finish my day/week with something bad or anger (which I did today). Especially frustration to have those feelings before day off!
Secondly when things doesn't work (missing bluffs/bluffcatches/getting called where didn't expect) often I blame myself and take it as a lack of focus/concentration or something else. Getting annoyed, angry !
Thirdly likely I start to try too hard again, which causing more stress/frustration. Trying too hard to win and have best month in my career.
Fourth already tired and accumulated many emotions throughout the week. Overthinking and also struggling.

March 8, 2024 | 8:44 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Weekly thursday update:
New horizons&
Want to start with a big accomplishment woohooo. Today I played around 10 hands at nl2000. Why 10 hands? Just because game broke afterwards. Managed to bluff fish for 700$ :D So first shot can be cosidered as successful. Quite excited to play it and feel inspired and motivated. Actually if somebody asked me year ago - do I ever see myself playing nl2k?; even shot taking, I would answer ''No way''. I'm not gonna tell that it is easy to play as high as this or I consider myself to be winning player. No, feeling just clicking buttons and doing some things which I am not confident in.
One of my poker goals is to play nl2000, but I haven't reached it. Because for now it is just scary shots taking, not my standard scheduled session . Which is okay! For sure good to be afraid and anxious. A lot of money on the line and those shots can really affect montly results (in a positive way also, not only negative )


Nevertheless I feel unhappy with my perfomance and mistakes I am making. Some things make me feel dissapointed and stupid. I still tilt and emotions race in me. Last sentence is shows that my expectations is not real. --I will always tilt, there are no imporvement which completely get rid of that feeling. Actually If I ever find solution, maybe in that day I wouldn't even enjoy playing poker or feel interested in it.
Besides I have some unconsious thoughts which make me angry, dissapointed, frustrated, dissatisfied, annoyed. It is bit funny that losing can cause so many emotions and induce some feelings(last one is not funny, it is pretty logical and make a lot of sense). Well numbers tell that losing is happening way to often and winning always is not realistic!
But sometimes mind try to justify those illogical thoughts and even deeply belive in it. Like I reach the point - where I won't ever lose again. Losing in the past, now I am completely different player and playing better strategy. Yeah, opponents are not like me, I am unique and out of varience. Everything is under my control, every day and every session.

Poker also feel incrediable tough, so many different spots, so many things to learn and master. Yeah, whatever, do what I can and playing how it goes. Not perfect, not ideal or good by any means.
By the way if poker was much easier maybe it wouldn't be so interesting game. If I would always feel good and play only A-game maybe it wouldn't improve me as much. Easy way doesn't mean it is good way.
While playing agaisnt strong competition I realized that complex strategy really isn't beneficial. Opponents can pick up it really good, for example OTB or Stefan were expert in those areas, they would punish splits sizings very well. Their logic is strong and hand analyses. So If I try to play 3 sizing split on the river, they would likely know better than me which line I am underbluffing and which overbluffing. Where they can pressure me or find thin value raises.
Also fishes, I tried to bluff they massively in small spots, they not so foldy which not exaclty tells a lot but something to watch in the future.
Don't think I am great player, I feel quite weak to be honest in many areas, and I wouldn't put myself anywhere in ranks. Just told some of my observations on games, hope some things which I observe is correct and hope I am doing at least some things right.

March 7, 2024 | 2:56 p.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Today was eventfull day. I started playing and in the first hour of playing I made best day in my whole poker career. Probably I might think in the future- ''Wow in march 5th 2024 I played so well and just crushed my oppositon. Like Mancester City in their last games!!!''. Hehe nothing like that, just coolers/bad beats and setups to fellow reg players. Actually I won everything from reg players which tells that was on a massive heater.
To be fair it was biggest amount of money I had on the table. Okay, let me celebrate it and give myself congratulations. Now, moving forward.
Rest of the day was somewhat normal.
Now if good game will pop up I am gonna jump to nl2k. Gonna drop all tables and focus only on that one table. Wish myself goodluck and don't spew too much, probably gonna end up doing some massive mistakes because of amount of money but thats allright. At least experience and learning while playing!


Don't know but recent run might provoce ego issues and desire to win more. Trying too hard and being dissapointed even more if it don't go my way.
Whenver I try too hard it (most of the times) results worse than normal.
Mindset and psychology is super important and that easily define good from top. My mental game not the best but it is pretty much my personality and have big roots. So I just accepted it!


Lastly I want to write to (myself in the future) about something which facinate me. I am watching Formula 1 for quite a bit Maybe since I was kid, but not every race of course in that time.
Now have one driver who is so far ahead from everyone. He breaking records and win every race. Of course it resulted in a bit of hate and grudge. Nevertheless this guy is absolute legend!
What qualities he have and whats make him so good. Well his car by the way also the best one on the grid but if we put any other driver next to him (except Lewis Hamilton), that driver will lose over season.
1) He is super fast - because of talent, a lot of practise and his driving approach
2) He is maximalist - wants more and strive for better
3) He is winner - he won so many races and have experience in that
4) He is doing good under pressure - because of his experience, practice and strong mindset
5)He is not giving up, even when things go wrong (willpower)
6)He is consistent (mindset, stamina, strenght)
7)He is racing much more than any other person on the grid. Even in free time he plays computer, simulator. (love for the race)
Nevertheless he is doing mistakes and even sometimes go on a bad stretch. Can lose as well one race but compete with him over one season is not possible. Some of those qualities can be applied in poker as well. But not everything, and of course need to be aware of myself and my abilities. For example I can't be so much in poker - grinding, studying and thinking about the game. Because actually it will result in worse outcome and get me drained/tired/less focused and concentrated. Also I am not trying my best everytime and everywhere, because it also usually come out worse.

1.Don't know how I got away here not losing stack. That's good luck
2. Aggressive line

March 5, 2024 | 2:13 p.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Thoughts about microstakes
Want to give something for a players who are playing micro- small - limits. Firstly: I don't think that I am good advisor or very intellegent person. Second: everything is pretty much person dependent, if something work for one person it doesn't mean that can be applied to another. Everyone have their own strengths, traits and qualities.

Today I will just cover poker rooms and poker schools.

  1. Pokershools - there are many and many of them out there. Is it good idea to join them? Generally not, better to buy coachings since it is (generally) gonna be cheaper and give bigger potential return. However microstakes player don't have enough money to afford good coach, additionally don't have enough money to grow by limits. In that sense poker school provide both of those, which is very good trade to be honest. However it is not gonna give you everything on ''a silver plate', need to work hard and put a lot of hours into studies and practise. Also not every school is good, before choosing one need to make reseach. Nowadays it is not so hard, school have students and they have results. Can check via smarthand or etc. If school isn't transperant with results, not good idea to join.

  2. Rooms - this one is super important. Building bankroll require either big skill or good game select (also variations of both).
    Bad rooms to play microstakes - GG(too many negative reasons); 888 (scamming people);
    Good rooms to play - inconvenient small crypto rooms and few small sites (but gonna be uncomfortable), country restricted areas (spain; france; italy;...), chico, pokerstars, winamax, ignition
    Superb rooms to play - private clubs in applications, good clubs in application (without many bots, cheaters, colluding players or other scam)
    Why apps so good, well for one reasons it is easiest ways to build bankroll there. But it is not so plain and simple because if play bad clubs, you won't get anywhere and might even ruin yourself. How to find good apps? Affilates and poker schools, friends

March 5, 2024 | 10:58 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Somewhat lucky month and running above EV. Well, still have some bitter taste and doesn't feel like I ran so pure. Many losing and weird hands as well which could be considered unfortunate. When I checked results today actually I felt dissapointed a bit, it sounds crazy to me. My expectations increased a lot in 2 months and even 5k month doesn't satisfy anymore. What I can tell - human! We always want more!
Accept that feeling, just observing myself and taking notes.

What key thoughts of this month:
1.idealization (game, studies, poker rooms, results and life in general) benefits and downsides
2.rumination, how it brings stress/anxiety/worries and reduce happiness. Even though it does bring some positive stuff at the tables and good results do not bring happiness
4. importance of good mood and being positive
5.gratitude each morning and evening
6.risk taking and playing higher
7.varience calculator
8.If I win it doesn't mean I am gonna keep winning. If I lose it doesn't mean I am gonna be losing in the future. If I win it doesn't mean I am gonna lose after. If I lose it doesn't mean I am gonna win right after.
''Player error''

Goals for next month:
1. Playing few tables
2. Nl1000 (stop loss 5 BI, win 5BI will jump to nl2k)
This month I only played 200 hands at nl1000, yes games are not so easy to catch but I am looking forward to play far more in March. Hoprefully won't get crushed there ^^
Eager to punt some money there and show some good and bad lines
3. Learn theory, analyze spots and find exploits. Learning while playing and observe whenever I have bluff/value. How long opponent was thinking, did he call or fold
4. Treat myself gentle and warm, I am not ideal and not perfect, nor strong player

Lastly: in april I want to switch towards apps for few months, try something new and look for opportunities there.

Feb. 29, 2024 | 11:01 a.m.

Comment | Jeff_ commented on Maintaining Perspective

Accidently looked over my stats last week. Sample is quite low 60k hands but my WWSF was 44 or 45. Actually I already forgot number but at first I found it really frustrating and dissapointing.
However I turned on logic:
1) Sample is indeed small and doesn't tell anything
2) Yeah 45 WWSF is low, but is it really so terrible thing?
3) Vs some recreational players WWSF pretty much always gonna be lower

Well at least I don't need to have super ego or think I am an amazing player. Score on the board!!!
Just doing my thing and playing ''we'll see how it goes'', not ideal or perfect.

Who is the best players though:
NL500 PS - M4DT1LT (volume, open to battle and skilled) , Vampire (incrediable results, doesn't regwar but playing up to nl2k and pretty good)
Nl1000 PS- Sunni
92 (top reg, best results over last year), Sandrix (this guy will destroy everyone, mark my words)

GG NL1k - Ishter (I would give him top1 place in all rooms, excellent player and absolute beast) and Builderman (volume)

Those guys can be inspiration: talent, skill, ethic and hard work. Would like to be on that list, not sure if I am capable but that's okay. Pretty hard to estimate potential. If can thats awesome, if can't thats acceptable.

Feb. 27, 2024 | 1:47 p.m.

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