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Method for improvement

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Method for improvement

Currently im playing NL 50 regular tables. As u can see in the graph below im a break even player.

The red line is showing that I'm a passive player. I have a theory about this. Because I identify as a shy person, I tend to take the passive way, because I'm scared of making mistakes. This is leading to not reaching my potential in poker and other parts of life. Poker wise I’m the guy who is bluff catching but not raising or barrelling u.

Now i know this fundamental issue I can do something about it, and improve it by being aware of it. Next step is to learn the technicals/theory about how to be more aggressive. Main question I'm gonna ask myself: What is the aggressive line in this spot? Is it + EV?

Have fun in improving myself in poker and life (focus on process).
Create cashflow with poker, to be able to travel the world. Next destination when Covid restrictions are easing down a little bit is Thailand.

Method for improvement
-I want to take 1 topic at the time
-Play max. 2 tables, and think about every spot. Even pre flop, I have a chart but want to tell the reasoning behind it
-Contribute on poker related sites/platforms

Things to do:
- Finding a study group where I can express myself
- Find out about Coaching for Profits (is this something for me?)

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