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Goal: Playing like a man

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Goal: Playing like a man

Good Morning

today is the beginning of the rest of your life... I´m Sebastian, 40 years old and in the beginning of the month my relationship endet. My 2 year old boy today is on holiday vacation trip- without me...
Nevertheless I asked my boss for 3 days of holidays and I wanted to utilize the time to work on my poker skillz. I started playing poker in the year 2009 after a poker tournement was organized for the customers in my former job. I was totally fascinated and started donking out with 50 free Dollar from Poker Strategy at Pokerstars and Partypoker with the great short stack strategy :-) The first money I donated, the second also. Then I had a great run after cashing in and after a while had a bankroll of 2300 Dollar and was playing NL 50. I had two great months (1k Euro and 1k Dollar) and feeled like I was the new Poker God. 4 months later or so I began a new job and my "poker career" endet with a lot of frustration. The results were bad and so was my mindset. I had fear to start sessions and sometimes I even cried (at least at the time that I was employless and alone).

Then 2017 I traveled with the Aida and joined a poker tournement again. Even if I busted early my passion was reanimated again.
I bought some E-Books watched videos (regitime and in first place Peter Clark!)and in the end I was able to beat NL 5 and (marginally) NL 10 (that one was much more difficult). Especially the Book where Peter explained 100 difficult Hands was really helpful. I translated a lot of the hands in German (my method to learn). I managed to win 1000 Dollar at 888 Poker in 12/2018(I screamed lotly in the sleeping room; my former girlfriend thought something really bad happened ;-). The chance was 1: 300.000...

I cashed out all the money because as a small winner I didn´t wanted to donate the money at Nl25 or so.
Last week I bought GTO + and sadly now I have the time because I´m not a family dad any longer. I try to make the best out of the situation.
Good healty food and some workout (not a lot because I have some physical problems; golfer ellbow is the worst).

At the moment I have a downswing (15 Stacks at NL5 never occured before) but mentally thats no problem.
My goals for this weak (I only work on Thursday because on Tuesday there is the payday (social care for the next month) and there is a lot of work in the moment:

15k Hands

Become really familiar with GTO+, Flopzilla, and CREV

Dont look at the results during the sessions (my biggest leak I think)
How do you manage to look at the results at the end of the week or so? Everytime I open a new table I see my bankroll ?

Post 5 hands a day

Analyse 1 hand in Detail in GTO+ (a great tool I think by now)

Every Day I have a new topic for me (today BB Defend).

Update every day to share my thoughts. This is my only way to do this at the moment. I have no poker buddies what sucks.

Wish you luck.


- 20k Hands until end of January 2020
- 30k Hands following months

350.000 Hands total
- At least 20 hours of Theory each month
- Tracking Stats and Results (during January 2020 weakly checks of the results; afterward every 50k Hands)
- Winning 3BB/h - 6 BB/h over the year (Basic Goal is winning 2.100 Dollar - 4.200 Dollar; doing that at NL25 , Gold NL50 (2x) and Elite (at NL100; 10x Amount).
- Becoming NL100 Reg until end of the year

BANKROLL 01.01.2020:
Microgaming: 215,10 EUR
888 Poker: 435,81 Dollar
Pokerstars: 285,74 Dollar

Total: 858,14 EUR

BANKROLL 19.01.2020:
Microgaming: 337,30 EUR (75 EUR Cashin)
888 Poker: 623,74 Dollar
Pokerstars: 335,29 Dollar (67 Dollar Cashin)

Total: 1201,87 EUR (Cashed in: 135,00 EUR)

BANKROLL 31.01.2020:
Microgaming: 381,58 EUR
888 Poker: 677,15 Dollar (Cashout 277,15 Dollar)
Pokerstars: 335,29 Dollar (Cashout on Pokerstars - concentrating on mainly on Microgaming now)

Total: 1294,09 EUR
Reward/Investment: 100,00 EUR
BANKROLL 28.02.2020: 1363,73 EUR
Won in March 2020: 300,00 EUR
Cashout 888 Poker: 320,00 Dollar (290,00 EUR)
BANKROLL 31.03.2020: 1373,00 EUR
VOLUME CHALLENGE (40k until 30.04.2020, Current status: 7k)----FAILED (played only 21k Hands)

BANKROLL NEW: 2.500,00 EUR (03.07.2020)

Whole database:

Graph 2020:

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