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One day, I'll see the light

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One day, I'll see the light

I've played poker on and off aince 2008, never really getting any further than 25nl. This time however, is going to be different. This time, I know I'm going to move up. I've found a balance in life I never had before; I'm working fulltime as a teacher specialized in second language learning and Im marrying my fiancé in July.

Taking you with me
In this journal I'll write about the struggles I encounter towards my endgoal, beating z100nl. Expect goals, graphs, reflection and maybe a video or two.

Goals for 2019
- Play at least 250.000 hands
- Beat 10nl and 25nl (have a positive winrate over reasonable sample)
- Look at results only once a month (or less). I think this is a big one for me.

Goals for this week
- 4.000 hands playing two tables
- Cluster marked hands for sb vs bb in srp and run a script in GTO+, focussing on range vs range interactions on different textures, cbetting strategy and how turns and rivers interact with both ranges.
- Watch three videos on sb vs bb play (will post links later).

I have a roll of roughly ly 100 buy ins, will check my financial results next school holiday (end of february).

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