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Quitting poker for good

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Quitting poker for good

As some of you might know I have been a regular on micro stakes games on several sites and a very active member in this forum. I played for about 4 years, but never managed to move up. Lately I experienced some major downswings which make me technically a losing player for now. I took my game seriiously, reviewing my sessions and hands, reading and watching a ton of poker content, joined several study groups and also putting in a ton of volume ofc. In pokerstars alone I managed to receive supernova status playing only NL25 and PL25 which is irrelevant by now anyways. In my personal life I am considered a very rational, reasonable person, maybe sometimes too rational and unemotional. Yet poker has been a thing that got me hyped, enthusitatic but also angry and depressed, depending on the recent results ofc.

I took poker as a mental and intellectual challenge, yet the more hands I played, the more I believe to hit my boundaries of improving my game and solving game trees, looking for solutions to beat my opponents. I firmly believe that I played a good fundamental and solid style with basically no blundering. Maybe I am wrong and I missed certain points but I think I reached my max level of good play.

It might be bad luck, bad rake structure or indeed I lack something subtle what it takes to become a big winner. I also lost interest in the intellectual challenge, because now I see poker less and less as a deep strategic game and rather as a dull adventure.

I am going to quit onlinepoker once and for all.

But I also learned a lot. I learned to think more well structured, I think I strenghtened my mental resilience overall. I am glad to say that poker did take a lot of time and effort and also money, yet it did not overtake any part of my life or limited my other responsibilities. I feel a bit of remorse, though because I might have done more productive stuff instead of playing and studying poker.

I wanted to thank you as a community for the discussions, the handanalysis and the intellectual exchange on the way. The RIO community is one of the most sophisticated communities with a lot of very smart and ambitious thinkers. I wish you good luck in poker and anywhere else and herby announce my final fold.


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