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road from 25NL to 200NL

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road from 25NL to 200NL


I'm journaling just to keep myself accountable for the next year, just putting my thoughts in this thread (weekly) and see how it will progress.
I am starting out with $1000 on 25NL and move up to 50NL with $2000 and 100NL with $5000+.

For now I will play around 20 hours per week I have a fulltime job aswell so 20 hours with studying around 5 hours per week is doable.[[
I truly believe 200NL is achievable for anybody just need to study and progress will be there.
I am from The Netherlands and if there are any other players who want to study and are playing 25NL or 50NL/100NL feel free.

I have played between 2NL and 100NL but 5 or 10 hours per week and sometimes months have past by without playing any hand so nothing consistent.

I will start playing Rush and cash but might be switching too regular tables but for now Rush&Cash.

I will update every week and the goal is too reach 200NL in 1 year so June 3rd 2024!

Let's start!

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