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Ryan Spicer Poker

Hey guys, I will update this another day when the time is right. Going to hop into some games now and get my hours for the day going. I started a Vlog, and want to have a consistent blog go with it. So for now, here you go.


Real quick, I recently got back into the online scene to compliment my live game. I just like having the ability to play from home some days, and it's also helping me sharpen my skills back up.

I'm grinding up the money I put on Bovada at 50NL, and plan to start playing 100NL again soon, and working towards 200NL games.
As for live, I play a mix of 1-3 and 2-5, but am focusing more on 1-3 ATM due to short term variance and honestly a bit of a lack of focus over the last year or so while searching for what direction I was going to move in going forward.

Look forward to sharing and touching base soon,


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