Some Journaling

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Some Journaling

Hey, I think is my 4th attempt for some kind of serious journaling here on RIO, it seems a pretty hard habit to form for me.
Obv I'm not going to give up and I'm back with a new grind room and a stronger connection (and hope a better mindset!)
Before to move into the basement i was playing in a small room in the house but i didn't feel so comfortable: in the morning i had to do everything like an apartament thief and in the evening...the same ahahahah
I think is super important to have a place where you can separate your poker time from your life. Having your life going on just behind your door with all the sounds, noise etc that i carries with it is just not optimal imho.
So now i'm in a small room in the basement, there are some spiders but i'm alone in the silence, and I can even study with friends and make call!
Also actually i have a way better internet connection cause at home is pretty shitty so i bought a sim card and a router 4g sim, i put it upstairs on the balcony, then i bought couple of ethernet adapters and bam, i have the double of the speed i have at home.
Another problem that stopped me from playing seriously was the fact of sharing a slow internet with my wife that was using it for streaming...pretty often i was playing with pokerstars lagging.
It seems now that i have fixed those problems so i can skip to the others.

So the last 2/3 months was some kind of S**tshow: i was eating a lot, and quitting, or doing them rarely all the good habits i was forming. I even startd to smoke some cigarettes here and there.
Actually i feel my energy is less and less and i struggle even to do 3 or 4 days in a row of good healthy living.
Obv also here, i'm not going to give up cause this is too important!

I think me and my wife do need some rest, the baby is so lively, and it never stop moving, climbing things, running etc etc. We are happy about it but is hard to charge our for now i need to improve the activities that can give me the most energy and stop those that take it away from me.

A good habit i'm still practicing is going at work by bike, and that means 40 minutes biking per day. Today i will start to mix with 10/15 minutes of fast walking.
Unfotunately this is the only one left ahahah

What do i need to improve?


I don't know how many time i've wrote this but i'm happy to be here and write it again, it means i'm not giving up and i really want to change my life

Food: there are no plan for this actually, it's all up on me, i just have to stick to my diet without cheating every other day.

Workout: I'm not a total mess here. I already do some bike, my work is pretty physical and I started with my wife to take some tennis lesson (2/3 per month). I'm going to add some 15/20 workout in the morning, stretching, brething exercise.

Is a couple of days i'm waking up at 4am to play some poker but i'm not 100% sure is the best fact yesterday i felt really tired and as usual i spew some stacks here and there.
The point is that i love to play without constantly watching the clock cause i have to get ready and go to work. This is leading me into having this rush to play and skip all the goo warm up that i need.

Yes, i think this is not optimal, i will give a try to evenings grind.
I think the new schedule will be more like this

  • Working days:

6am: wake up, workout
7am. go to work (bike/fast walk)
8am: work
12pm: break lunch with family
1.30pm: work
6pm: family time
9pm: relax with wife or poker


i still don't know ahahahah

Let's try this and see what works good and what is not.


I'm watching now my trends: i stopped completely in March and April, played 55 days a total of 25k hands (nothing)

Oki, i think that's enough for one post, see ya!

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