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Let's skip presentation (i've started too many blog in the last 10 years :D) and go straight to the point: i feel better when i write and i have some goals that i really struggle to accomplish. So, instead fo writing one on my own, i will write here, on a pubblic forum.

The biggest mistake i did last time was to get caught into losing time into meaningless things: i really have few time for poker and 95% (imho obv) of discord talking are toxic, same questions, same replies, etc and like a guy who brainless scrolling Instagram feeds i was doing the same with poker discussions.

The other thing was reading other people blogs. I really really like to read them: you can relate with their personal story, get motivated and so on. So this is not meaningless at all, but when you don't have time, you have to cut also things that can give you something, if theres something else that can give you more.

More specifically, having 1 hour a day for poker the only 2 option i have are study and play.

Beside poker i can transpose this into real life activity. I find myself on the couch in my rare free time, watching motivational stuff on youtube, talking to myself like: "yeah tomorrow we will do this and this" and at the end of the day it comes 10pm and i'm too tired for anything.

It's time to do stuff, stop overthinking like. "i need to know more about this before to do" "i want to plan this better" etc etc....nope, DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.

Time is too precious to continue watching other people doing stuff or achieving goals.

The goal is to return to an healthy diet, some workout, stretching, cold shower and some poker.

My daily schedule look like this:

6.30 wake up and prepare me work and my little son (22 months old) for the kindergarten (my wife is pregnant, 9 weeks left, so i'm trying to avoid her most of the work when i'm not out for my job)
7.30 - 12.00 job at the factory
12.00 /13.00 now that the boy started at the kindergarten this is a real one FREE hour, so i think i can here some poker, or workout
13.10./ 18.00 job
18.00 21.30 dinner, time with family, stuff at home

A you can see days are pretty full and when 9pm arrive i'm really tired. Fortunatelly my job at the factory is not stressing at all, but very physical, so after 8/9 hours of it i'm pretty exausted.

I don't want to overwhelm myself so let's take one step first:
-cold shower: no extra time needed
-stretching: 10 minutes a day is already better than nothing at all
-no junk food, processed food, sweets and so on. I'm going to start cutting the worst things i can eat

I don't know yet, at the moment i'm playing some nl50 and see how it goes. No pressure

See ya

Jan. 2, 2023 | 2:04 p.m.

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Hey guys, some good and bad news today.

Let's start from the bad news:
I didn't improve at all in my workouts, not even with stretching and the 4x with zoom is def not a thing. Playing without thinking cannot be usefull if not just for some ego stuff. There's no point in investing time to prove myself i can win money with that setup.
As other players said before, poker is about making money and not fucking around with nosense stuff.
My focus should be in improving, winning money and aim for higher stakes, nobody cares if i can be a winning player out of my comfort zone playing too many tables lol

And let's go for the good news now. Probably we are going to sell the house that my grandparents left me. Is a really small one so i cannot go and live there with my family, plus is kinda old and it needs some works.
If the deal is succesfull, some money are going to arrive. Not a big thing, is a figure with which, you can buy a small car, but anyway is going to help our family a lot.

With my wife not working at the moment we were having pretty rough time mostly due to our inability to have a good money managment.
Bust last month we wrote every single euros that went out of our pockets and see that on paper really was eyeopening.

Now we are saving more and we are happy to do it.

This small flow of money entering in the account is going to help me feeling less pressure and having this fresh start in poker, knowing better what i want to do:
- no bullshit with strange strategies with bankroll or tables or others
- focus on improving, no play without warm up
- win money and reach higher stakes
- have fun

Now i'm going to take a break to enjoy more my family and then when i feel to, i will start with 40 BI at nl50, playing the number of tables where i feel i can give my best.

Let's go, see ya

July 7, 2022 | 4:41 a.m.

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Morning update:
the baby start to cry a little at 5 am, so around 6 i was not able to sleep anymore and i decide to come down to do some workout.
I'm not able to workout at home, i think is a mix of lazyness, procrastination, and also that i really don't like this kind of workout.
I'm not sure if is an excuse or not but maybe if you have to start something is better to do something you enjoy. While if you start something that you are already struggling with, plus you also don't like to do, there will be an high chance of failure.
Last week i tried to go to work by walk. It took 1 hour fast walking, so i think i will give a try to that. Is not a proper workout, but def walking is beneficial, i can lift some weight at work then ahahah. I also can listen books for one hour and is a big advantage when i have so little free time.

i did sligthly better but def I'm not satifsfied of the last week. Let's say i rate myself a stretched 6

Only 4k hands, i'm still playing 4x zoom, i still have to get used. in the past when i was trying this for cashback challenge my red line was dropping so as the green. Was hard to focus on spot and i was leaving so much money on the tables. Now it seems i can hold. I dont' think i'm searching for max value doing this, just a challenge with myself while i'm still wondering whats the best option.
I started the month trying to play in the morning but was not working. Now i'm playing in the evening but i'm still not super convinced i'm doing in the right way, probably is better to schedule things at the beginning of the week so i dont have constantly thinkin: should i play tonight, am i tired, maybe i can play more tomorrow etc etc

See ya!

June 28, 2022 | 5 a.m.

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Another session, i'm losing and losing, i def have to adjust something.

Note for the next session: better warm up and respect breaks.

Strategy number 3 for the path towards unhappiness:

Who need a good sleep cycle right? we can sleep so much when we will be dead.

At least with sleep i don't have too much problem, i feel rested when i wake up. Maybe is not the best sleep ever cause the baby still waking me up here and there.
I can do it better if:
I will wake up at the same time everyday
I will avoid screens at least 30 minutes before bed (this is really hard for me, my free time is at evenings so basically i'm at the computer or watching tv with wife)
I will buy a new pillow, this one sucks

Ps. from tomorrow i want to go at work walking. I think will be around 1 hour and an half of walking, let's try. I love to walk and plus i can listen podcast or book for more than one hour everyday, and that's pretty cool, plus some morning sunlight.

See ya

June 20, 2022 | 10:27 p.m.

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Ohoh 4x zoom is hard, esp for me that i was used to play a couple of tables!

I'm at nl10 now cause we have 190€ and I'm not even sure i can beat it, while tabling so much.
Is really funny thou, so many hands to play, but as RoleTide wrote up here, i think i should take more breaks. Also my eyes are asking for mercy.
I will watch the graph at the end of the month, let's see if i will be green or red.

Lesson number too for a miserable life:


Story of my life, i was eating so much junk food for basically my entire life. I'm still struggling but im slowly getting better.
This weekend i let myself some cheat food, but the week was really really good for my standards.

Have a good night, see ya!

June 19, 2022 | 10:19 p.m.

What i think change, is the max money they can take. Lets say is always 5% and max they can take is 2$.
If you are playing nl25 those 2 dollars are a lot, while if you are playing nl500, its basically a small blind.
Thats probably what is making smaller stakes more sensible to rake

June 19, 2022 | 1:19 p.m.

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Little update:

It's pretty fun thou.

And we don't have to forget that is also a bankroll challenge: we are at 180€ now.

Let's go :D

June 18, 2022 | 11:02 a.m.

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I will do something different the next 2 months, i will 4x nl25 zoom.
Obv there is no need to do it, i prefer to play less and focus on quality but is challenging cause i'm really bad in multitabling, so is def going to be fun.

I just finished my first session, really few time to thing about ranges and stuff, but i think it will going to help me with folding vs people, in my field they underbluff in general

June 18, 2022 | 10:06 a.m.

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Working week is finished and i can focus on family and some poker!
I'm happy on how i managed this week, except for monday my eating was healthy.

No workout thou but i went at work by bike, plus one tennis lesson and at work i sweat and lift a lot of weights, better than nothing!

Unfortunately no too much poker, i was too tired every evening to play. I will try to pay some more tomorrow and sunday.

Have a great week end!

June 17, 2022 | 10:42 p.m.

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Good morning!

Little recap of last 2 days:
On monday, i started the day with a couple of breathing exercise, then i started to do some workout but i stopped immediately, the same this morning. I think i started with too heavy workouts, so i will start from basics ones from the NIke traning app.
Also the envoirment is not helping, i'm in the living room that is next to the room where my wife and baby is sleeping.
I think i will clean and change something in the garage and do it there, free to make noise etc, i think will boost my will to start in the morning!

Then still on Monday after a long and warm day at work, i returned home, took an icecream and said to myself: Nope, not this time.
But then my wife eat a chocolate yougurt, didn't finish it, i said: well, let's not waste food, so i started with it, then the ice cream and then a bar of white chocolate.
I felt guilty and bad for it soooo yesterday i remember it and did a perfect day, talking about food.
Let's try to make this the normality.

I didn't played at all thou, at 9pm i was already feeling without energy and super sleepy, yeasterday i also fall asleep around that time.

In the previous post i was talking about the book that talk about all the strategies we can do to take the path of unhappiness, so every post from now i will share one.

Tip number 1:


If i think about it, for my entire life, i struggled to have a good workout routine, maybe i start new stuff here and there: play soccer with friends, start boxing, start to play some rugby, this and this. But always without any goal or long therm structured plan. Just random do something and then stop and eat like a pig all day long ahahahah
i mean, is way better than do nothing all the time, but i could do better, and i want to better this time.
The strategy at this moment, with the little time in my poket is to optimize: for example going to work by bike, use the iron i lift everyday at work like i'm at the gym and start in the morning with a short wokrout to build the habit, instead to start fast and try to push hard.

Damn, after years, i'm still here with the same struggle with food and exercise.
Well, is a good news thou, it means i didn't give up, i'm still trying!

Have a great day!

June 15, 2022 | 5:11 a.m.

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Today i had a really good study session with a friend and then a small session. Since i've opened the blog i've played 1k hands that for most of the grinders out there is like one hour of grinding but for me is not bad ahahh

I rate myself a 6 for this last 3 days

Now i'm going to make a small chart where i write my weekly goals

Roughly i want to do some workout in the morning, eat clean, play and study some only if i'm not too tired, aspiring to some quality poker.

Yesterday i've finished a book called: "How to be miserable: 40 strategies you already use", i liked it a lot, maybe every week i will post one of them with some quotes.

Time to sleep, see ya

June 12, 2022 | 9:39 p.m.

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Hey, I'm going to start play a little before sleep.
So let's track this journey from here till the end of the year.

Starting bankroll: 320€

BRM: level up every time i pass 5 buy-ins. Now, for example, i'm going to play NL50, level down in the moment i reach 125€ (5 buy-ins for NL25), level up when 500€.
Stop loss, every stack i lose, or big hand, i'm going to review it (except super standard moves)

See ya

June 9, 2022 | 9:04 p.m.

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Hey, I think is my 4th attempt for some kind of serious journaling here on RIO, it seems a pretty hard habit to form for me.
Obv I'm not going to give up and I'm back with a new grind room and a stronger connection (and hope a better mindset!)
Before to move into the basement i was playing in a small room in the house but i didn't feel so comfortable: in the morning i had to do everything like an apartament thief and in the evening...the same ahahahah
I think is super important to have a place where you can separate your poker time from your life. Having your life going on just behind your door with all the sounds, noise etc that i carries with it is just not optimal imho.
So now i'm in a small room in the basement, there are some spiders but i'm alone in the silence, and I can even study with friends and make call!
Also actually i have a way better internet connection cause at home is pretty shitty so i bought a sim card and a router 4g sim, i put it upstairs on the balcony, then i bought couple of ethernet adapters and bam, i have the double of the speed i have at home.
Another problem that stopped me from playing seriously was the fact of sharing a slow internet with my wife that was using it for streaming...pretty often i was playing with pokerstars lagging.
It seems now that i have fixed those problems so i can skip to the others.

So the last 2/3 months was some kind of S**tshow: i was eating a lot, and quitting, or doing them rarely all the good habits i was forming. I even startd to smoke some cigarettes here and there.
Actually i feel my energy is less and less and i struggle even to do 3 or 4 days in a row of good healthy living.
Obv also here, i'm not going to give up cause this is too important!

I think me and my wife do need some rest, the baby is so lively, and it never stop moving, climbing things, running etc etc. We are happy about it but is hard to charge our for now i need to improve the activities that can give me the most energy and stop those that take it away from me.

A good habit i'm still practicing is going at work by bike, and that means 40 minutes biking per day. Today i will start to mix with 10/15 minutes of fast walking.
Unfotunately this is the only one left ahahah

What do i need to improve?


I don't know how many time i've wrote this but i'm happy to be here and write it again, it means i'm not giving up and i really want to change my life

Food: there are no plan for this actually, it's all up on me, i just have to stick to my diet without cheating every other day.

Workout: I'm not a total mess here. I already do some bike, my work is pretty physical and I started with my wife to take some tennis lesson (2/3 per month). I'm going to add some 15/20 workout in the morning, stretching, brething exercise.

Is a couple of days i'm waking up at 4am to play some poker but i'm not 100% sure is the best fact yesterday i felt really tired and as usual i spew some stacks here and there.
The point is that i love to play without constantly watching the clock cause i have to get ready and go to work. This is leading me into having this rush to play and skip all the goo warm up that i need.

Yes, i think this is not optimal, i will give a try to evenings grind.
I think the new schedule will be more like this

  • Working days:

6am: wake up, workout
7am. go to work (bike/fast walk)
8am: work
12pm: break lunch with family
1.30pm: work
6pm: family time
9pm: relax with wife or poker


i still don't know ahahahah

Let's try this and see what works good and what is not.


I'm watching now my trends: i stopped completely in March and April, played 55 days a total of 25k hands (nothing)

Oki, i think that's enough for one post, see ya!

June 8, 2022 | 4:14 a.m.

Hi! Last 2 session i pushed too much. I was tired, low energy, didn't feel to play at all (my mind liked the idea to sit and play but my body was not of the same idea, same for my level of focus and attention) but i sit anyway without any warm up, study, breathing, some light workout, nothing at all.
From time to time, i always fall again into this mistake, i have this fomo, i am scared to miss one playing day and it end up with me playing tired with no focus ahahah.

I just have to understand that play tired and without feeling like it is just more -ev than not playing at all. My wife also told me that just one hour ago! i was supposed to go at the pc at 21, but i didn't feel to, so i stay with her on the couch till 23.45, then she went to bed and i said: "i'm going to play anyway"
My wife: "You know that when you play feeling like that you always regret and you play bad!"
Me: "naaaaah, i want to play some"
Me (one hour later on my journal): i'm a stupid, i shouldn't play at all!

I think for the rest of this month and March i will continue with this schedule, i like it, i just have to increase my energy through good diet, and other heatlhy habits, cause most of the time after 9/10 in the evening my brain says stop.

Now i'm mostly focusing on my diet, respect the plan and get in better shape for the next visit with the nutritionist in April.
I also finished the 20 days cold shower challenge in the Wim HOof App (Beginner mode) and i'm doing with no problem 1 minute of cold shower (in winter is pretty cold, i hurts after one minute). I'm super happy cause now is a couple of days that i'm into the shower and i say to myself: "ok you can do a warm one tonight..." but the something kick in and say "no, you cannot go out without your minute of cold"
It seems that i liked this habits and i implement it well.

I started time ago with the intention to implement some habits but was too much, so i thought if wasn't better to choose less but do them better, instead of many in a more superficial way.

My priority now are those that i think are going to increase more my energy thorugh the day:
Stretching in the evening before sleep

This is my first week of really good eating, i really feel the difference, and i have to admit that my wife helped me a lot, i was going to cheat here and there but she always find a good word to help me understand that was a mistake.

Pokerwise, i should really watch inside of me and understand if i have enough energy to play, instead i can study, it will never be -ev!

See ya

Feb. 12, 2022 | 12:10 a.m.

First of all i think i need to write here more often cause there's so much i want to write that, when i wait too much, is going to accumulate with the result that i don't feel to write anymore :D

Last month i was of the idea to take it really easy and i was doing it, playing only when i feel to, or when i have time for it.
Now, things are changed. With a baby and more expenses for the new house, one monthly paycheck is not wife cannot go to work now cause we don't have nobody that can take care of the little one and kindergarden is not an option now with covid situation.
I mean, we have money for this year, but would be great if i can help with poker.
So i talked with my wife and we decide to give poker a chance.
I'm going to play Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun night from 21 till midnight, with the purpose to win little money to help us at the end of the month. (300€ would be enough).
Obv i know that setting monetary goals is not a thing, expecially with the low volume i play, but i think i will play nl25, where i think i can have a good winrate, that means less swings, in theroy.

There are the results of the first month (good run and no sample but i will post anyway):

Let's see how is going next month, if i can make around 12-15k hands, and also put some hours into study.

Next post i will talk about the habits i'm trying to implement in my life.

See ya

Jan. 31, 2022 | 9:39 p.m.

Finally i moved my PC to the new house, but still no internet, i'm still using the hotspot from my phone but is kinda laggy so pretty annoying.
I put the hands i did from the laptop here to check some stats on PT and it turned out i did about 5k hands.
Now i'm at 6.4k for this month, i don't complain cause i really have not so much time for poker.

I was talking with my wife recently and she told me that during holiday i was totally another person, more happy, no stress on me...and she understand what i had inside...i felt trapped cause inside me i want so bad to put effort and time in poker but realistically now is not possible, so i was charging myself with stress, thinking too much, overwhelming myself, burning out and also making life of my family not great as it can be.

This is my normal day:

wake up (brething, stretching, little little workout)
lunch break (clean kitchen or clean baby, give him food)
family time, preparing dinner or give food to the little one, bath and prepare him to sleep, this till 21/21.30

I'm not saying is not possible to find time for poker cause some person would tell me that is pretty easy to manage this time and some others that is impossible to live like that.

This is the point, is about the person. For me, i was not good in balancing things so i was doing too much in a bad way: i was not the dad and husband i wanted, i was lacking in good habits, i was not constant with poker.

Now i'm going to focus on the present moment enjoying my day, focusing on good habits, knowing that my priorities till evening are my family, my job and living an healthy life.
Then i will find time for poker but i don't need to stress myself too much, small steps after small steps can bring me pretty far.
Also a couple of days away from the table can be really beneficial, while playing anyway can be detrimental if you burn out.

Building a solid and balanced lifestyle should be my priority, and a good healthy poker routine wil be a consequense, cause it comes from concrete healthy foundations.

Was pretty hard to exspress myself in english but i tried anyway, i hope it makes sense ahahahah

Tonight for example i studied some, then i try to play but internet was laggy and i'm pretty tired so i'm going to watch some tv with my wife, relax, and be ready for live a great day tomorrow.

have a great week guys, see ya!

Jan. 16, 2022 | 10:02 p.m.

Hola! quick update, baby and wife are out to meet grandparents so i'm going to use this free time to update, and play some.

We still are waiting for the wifi at home, this morning i had an appointment with the technician that should come to check the line and give the ok, but i was preparing breakfast for the little pig, phone in silent mode and didn't saw the call...i feel so dumb, so probably now i still have to wait another week cause tomorrow is holiday day, then the week end and so on.

These days i'm still playing from my laptop, no hud, no tracking software, no warm up, no study before playing, just enjoying the evening sitting on the couch watching something with my wife playing one table zoom.
I started playing nl10 cause of that, then 25 and now i'm playing nl50, since i'm playing one table only, i think my b or c game is enough to no lose maybe...i don't know.

See ya!

Jan. 5, 2022 | 8:26 a.m.

Thanks mate!!!
Same for you, you will crush 2022 for sure!

Dec. 31, 2021 | 5:22 p.m.

Hola! I've managed to find a couple of hours to come at my parents house and maybe play some. At the moment my poker PC is here cause i stiill have no internet connection at home but next week i will move there anyway, maybe using my phone as a hotspot.

I just want to wish everybody a great 2022!
Here in Italy the situation it seems to get worse with covid, so i don't's not great spending 2 years almost always at home, i hope it will end soon...

Pokerwise i will start again my Journey with a bankroll of 1500€, using 30 BI for nl50, move down when i will have 30 BI for nl25 and so on.
I still have to return to good habits, that means wake up earlier, healthy food etc...but i'm confident i will get there soon.

Good luck for everything, let's crush 2022!

Dec. 31, 2021 | 12:31 p.m.

Good luck mate, i will follow your journey!

Dec. 25, 2021 | 9:47 p.m.

So long without any update!
I'm writing from my phone now, we are in the new house but no internet, so i'm waiting to restart with poker. I cannot even go to my office in the morning cause i go to work with the mom of my wife that work close to my factory (the new house is 5km far from the town where i work and where i used to live) so i cannot leave early in the morning. The plan is to go by bike so i can do some workout, while listen to some audiobook, reach the office really early and do some poker...but my bike had a hole in the wheel so a friend is fixing it.
At the moment i'm taking my time to stay with family in this holidays (last 2 days of work and i will be on vacation till the 10th of January) and finishing all the chores in the new house.
I miss poker so much and really exited to start this 2022, crushing the field
I'm also hyped to write here my new plans and goals
See ya!!

Dec. 21, 2021 | 8:19 p.m.

Good news we have the key of the new house and we are preparing everything to move there.
The 10th of December the moving company will come here in the morning and in one day everything will be in the other house. We prefer to pay someone, expecially with a baby, than do everything on our own, disassemble and reassemble fornitures, kitchen, etc

Unfotunately my mother got sick (no covid fortunately, just a normal winter flu), and we prefer to avoid meeting her for some days, just to prevent us to get sick too during these busy days.
Since my PC is in my old room in my parent's house, this means that i'm not going to study or playing there for some days.
I decided then to take poker easily this month, no more 4am wake up. But i will play some zoom in the evening while relaxing on the couch.
I left 63 bucks on Stars, so i will play NL10 till i will have 5 BI for nl25, move to nl50 when arriving to 5 BI for that limit, viceversa returning at nl10 if i will return to 50bucks, 5BI for nl10.
Let's build a bankroll, to start 2022 without depositing any money :D

I want to build healthy habits anyway so i will wake up 30 minutes earlier for some stretching and breathing. I also need to fix my diet cause lately i was eating really bad, this is a big big leak of mine, yesterday i ate pretty good, and today also, but we went for some sushi tonight,
too much rice, but at least not junk food.

Tomorrow "to do list":
- stretching
- breathing
- eat clean
- cold shower

Good night guys!

Dec. 2, 2021 | 10:42 p.m.

This morning i'm taking it more easy, i'm organizing ranges, cashout money from my account cause from today i play with my own money (since now, for one year and an half i was with a friend of mine that was helping me with my game ansd sharing profits) and study some.
Btw i decided to not continue with my friend cause this year i want to try to stay stable at nl50 (and shot nl100 when i feel to) focusing on studing and pay the rent with that money.
This months will be pretty intense: we are going to move in another house, i'm doing overtime at work, the baby also take a lot of energy from us.
And we have to face some big expenses too, new mattress, new fridge, we need to give 3 months rent as caution, new couch and others little the rent here is 25% higher so i will wait January and start with a new budget plan for poker too.
So now, i left 63€ on the account and i will focus mostly on study, playing for fun and see where i can reach or go broke :D
Have a nice day!

Dec. 1, 2021 | 4:46 a.m.

Morning routine:
. Stretching
. 30 Minutes poker study (hand breakdown or video)
. Play
. Break with breathing excercise
. Play


Nov. 27, 2021 | 4:13 a.m.

I thought i made a post couple of days ago but it didn't go through apparently, i was talking a little about using solvers approach etc and also posting my disastrous November in terms of poker, but nevermind maybe is better cause i had so many ideas in mind and probably i expressed myself pretty bad. I will talk about this another time with better word.
While for the November schedule, here it is:

This morning i did wake up at 4am, but i'm going to take it more easy, i'm finishing to set everything on the pc etc, later i will do some stretching, breathing and i will be ready to watch a video or study something.

I will see you next week for another update, this time i hope there will be more green in that picture :D

see ya

Nov. 26, 2021 | 4:07 a.m.

Hey! The upgraded PC is arrived, now i have 24gb of ram and i think will be ok for some years.
Now i'm downloading alle the programs i need, installing, activating everything....little bit boring but i also like it a little, is like cleaning deeply the house, you feel better and lighter after it!

Tomorrow will be the time to wake up at 4am again and start with the routine, i'm pretty happy about it!

Have a great week guys, let's crush the tables and real life too! ;)

Nov. 21, 2021 | 3:17 p.m.

Hola, so long without a proper update, but i had to stay away from poker for some days. Last monday the baby got sick...this means long nights without sleep and i had to quit my morning schedule to help in the morning before going to work. Then on the week end my wife got sick too so i had to take care of both on saturday and on sunday 24/24.
On monday baby was better but he had again a cold, so during the night was hard for him to breath normally and sleep fine, he usually costantly wake up every couple of hours.
So, since i planned to boost up the ram of my PC, i took it to the guy and these days he is going to bring my ram to 24gb, so will be easier to use PIO and Simple Preflop.

I'm going to try to play some in the evening from my laptop but is not easy cause i'm really tired and i don't have my desk, i cannot do my warm up etc etc.

I will update better when the pc will return home and i will start with the routine again. It sucks to not be able to play but i will enjoy more time with the family, no problem :)

I wish you the best guys, see ya!

Nov. 17, 2021 | 8:43 p.m.

I'm going to do a quick update cause last week i took too much days off, i did something like 1.3k hands....nothing.
Monday here was holiday so i pass time with family, wednesday i was tired after a tuesday with no breaks, thurday i also skipped cause the baby cried all night so i help some before going to work. I said to myself to make up for lost time but sunday is a free poker day, so i skip that day too. But next week end i will update with information about last week too.

Today i'm going to enter at 8 at work so i played almost 2 hours and 30 minutes of study.
At the beginning started with 20 minutes of streatching and some breathing excercise.
I played 2 tables only, i think that right now there is a big gap in my game when playing 2 tables instead of 3, i can focus much more and think deeper.

So next week the schedule will be the same, i will try to eat better and maybe insert a quick routine before going to sleep with some meditation or stretching...still i don't know exactly.

The plan right now is to stay at nl50, study, improve and also try to improve the volume, so in january without overtime at work maybe i can reach 4/5k hands per week that can be a success, poker can become my part time job.
Still, volume is not my main goal, i want to get better and improve.
In the past i was scared like:"omg solvers, training sites, this is going to be a solved game"....big lol...more i study more i realize how complex for our mind this game can be!
As anything in life there is no magic pills or shortcuts ( i mean there are, but i think those are for weak and dishonest people) so the recipe is a good mix of hard work, discipline, mindset and passion.

I wish you a great week, bye!

Nov. 8, 2021 | 6:30 a.m.

Hey, week is over and in Italy the 1st of november is holiday from work so this means realx till monday night!

So here's a quick recap of my week:

On Wednesday i forgot to set the alarm for the morning, so i've lost one day, but on Friday i started one hour later at work so i played one hour more.
I'm getting used to this wake up time, the bad part of this is that around 9.30/10 in the evening i literally cannot keep my eyes open and i'm sacrificing time with my wife.
Is temporary thou cause from january i will return to work 8 hours/day so this means i can wake up at 5am and probably resist till 11 at night ahahaha.
Having a proper warm up is game changing imho, i feel more aware ingame and more confident.
I've played about 31 hours this month, divided in 20 days. I skipped 3 cause my wife was sick and a couple of others due to not waking up or cause i messed up the schedule.
Talking about the schedule i think i will keep this for all november, stay consistent and see if i can push more.

Is also the end of the month so i can share some results.
Volume is pretty low, zoom is not running early morning here so i usually play 2/3 normal tables focusing on decisions, this means around 300/350 hands per hour.
I've played something like 11k hands from nl25 till nl200 when there was recreational seated but next month i will focus on nl50 and stay there.

Unfortunately 11k hands are nothing, but i'm getting used to focusing on what's really matters.
I need to continue with a solid morning routine, do a proper warm up before sitting down at the tables and take my time when in game to think about ranges etc

I wish you a great week end, see ya!

Oct. 30, 2021 | 8:16 a.m.

Hey! here we are for the weekly update.

I'm kinda happy cause i've achieved my goal to wake up early everyday: 3 days at 4am, one day at 5am, and 2 at 4.30am, tomorrow i will sleep ahahaha also cause the baby is at grandma house and we have a free night!

I'm lacking for workouts and stretching but that's not a real priority right now, cause at least at work i'm constantly moving and lifting iron from 2 to 20 kg so many see it in a positive way, they are paying me to go to the gym!

Also lacking in wim hof breathing exercises, so that's something to fix for the next week.

So after a couple of changes i think this way of scheduling my day is pretty good so for now i will stay with it.
Right now i'm thinking how to divide this 2 hours i have everyday between poker, study and some strecthing/breathing.
The first solution that comes to my mind is:
- wake up: 4am
- stretching and breathing: from 4.30 till 5
- study/video: from 5 till 5.30
- play from 5.30 till 6.30

What are benefits and cons of this?
The benefits are that i will approach the session at my best, mentally and phisically. Also i will start my day in the best way possible (maybe i will insert a small small wake up workout)
The cons are the volume, since i play around 350 hands/h that means 1500 hands in 5 the morning here zoom is not running, and i prefer to open 4 tables, i want to focus more on decisions.

You know what? i will try this anyway, my goal now is to get better in poker not to make money for a living (not yet ahaha)
The other choice can be to fully dedicate it to poker, but is it worthed? to play 1.5k hands more and sacrifice the study, and a proper warm up for the session and for the day?
Yeah, i've convinced myself, it's a good plan!

See ya! Have a great day and enjoy the present moment, it's all we have ;)

Oct. 23, 2021 | 6:17 a.m.

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