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Again, i waited to actually execute come stuff before writing again.
I started a little challenge of 100 squats for 100 days (pretty easy cause it takes literally 5 minutes to do them, but is a starting point.
Then, is something like 10 days that i'm into cold showers again, and started some breathing excercise with the youtube channel "Breath with Sandy".

Pokerwise, after trying to push some volume, push myself into uncomfortable situations, push myself to play when tired, play only 4x zoom, i decided to give me 3 BI shots at nl100 reg tables. I've lost them but more important i feel so good nowdays at the tables, i'm no more scared, i play from a place of enjoyment and not fear or anything.
Now i have something like 8 BI at nl50, if goes badly i will restart from nl25 without any problem. In my situation i think is more valuable to take shots here and there: no reason to play nl25 for months...i can shot anytime i have some BI, if it goes extremely well, i can establish myself on a higher limit and get some experience and earn same ore more.

I've also decided that after every hour session i will review all the spot 10bb+. From now i will focus more on improving as a player,.

After watching this HL episode i decided to try the membership to the dr. Becky Kennedy Program. Today at work i've listened a workshop about boundaries and set connection with kids instead of controll and other topics twice. next days (maybe later) i will transcribe it and translate it in italian for my wife and probably i will write some takeways here cause i think they are so valuable information for everybody that have kids and they fell overwhelmed by everyday situations. I'm going to write down some key points now too:
- being a parent is one of the most important job in the world but nobody teaches you how to do it
- most of the time we think we set boundaries for our kids but instead we just make a request: "can you stop jumping on the couch please?, can you put the phone away now?" how can we expect that a 3 yo little boy say: "yeah dad i will stop immediatly to do this fun thing just cause you're asking me!"
boundaries are what we tell our kids we will do and they require a kid to do nothing.
- 99% of the time the behivior is not the problem, thats the sympthom. Basically kids have all the range of emotions without the skill to manage them. Instead of building connection most of the time we are frustated and pretend they just act like us, but they are kids they have a different way to relate with the world.
There are so many other valuable information but i'm just risking to write them in a bad way that those doesent seem mindblowing anymore ahahhahaah

See ya

May 3, 2024 | 7:54 p.m.

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I'm waitin to start this blog since December 2023: the plan was to do around 20/30k hands a month at zoom tables at nl25. But this time i waited to have at least 100k hands and to be somewhat consistent in this, before starting.

In the last couple of months i started to listen audiobooks, youtube videos, interviews, podcasts during my 9to5 job. I don't know why i dint start earlier, since i can and it doesent effect my job in any way.
From next week i will put also some RIO video in the playlist, at least the ones i can only listen, so probably mindset and theory.
So this blog will be also a place where i can share some tips i write down from the books i've read and will read, or suggest books or whatever to listen.
At the moment the one that had the biggest impact on my mindset is the mechanic of poker podcast, i think is a real masterclass in mindset and performance!

So, from the end of December i've collected around 100k hands, and i'm going to do another 100k but at nl50.

The biggest mindset shift i had is that i finally realized that i was living poker with too much fear, i was scared to make the wrong move (with the result to made it anyway obv), i associated losing stacks with being a bad player (not consciously), i was too attached to win every session, and the list can continue.

So in that first 100k hands i was constantly putting myself outside my confort zone, i decided to play 4x zoom, and i could play only at evening after a long long day of work, family, kids, no sleep (the second one is 1 yo). I was happy to spew stacks here and here cause i'm learning, i'm testing opponents and myself. I NEED to make mistakes and a lot of them!

I admit is still hard, we are sleeping 4/5 hours on average and obv not straight, is more like, sleep a couple of hours, wake up, sleep another 2, wake up, and another one before wakin up.
But is going better it seems the second one is getting used to sleep more and more.

Atm my routine is like this: "wake up" around 6.30/7, prepare the older one for the kindergarden (sometimes on me, sometimes my wife so i can sleep 30 minutes more), go to listen some podcas....ehm, go to work and listen some podcast, lunchbreak at home helping with the little one and the kitchen, work, shower keep babies, play, wash them, and get ready for dinner, then bedtime routine and around 9 they ar eboth sleepin, at this moment i play or stay some with my wife and relax. For the next months i'm going to approach evenings in a more scheudled way, so i'm going to decide which days i will play and which i will relax.

I think i can stop here for tonight, see you next days, bye

April 20, 2024 | 8:07 p.m.

Hey mate, good luck for your journey. I'm in a smiliar situation, i have 2 kids thou and a normal job. My sugggestion is, enjoy the journey with poker, and the fact that is not your main income. With a family, having the chance to enjoy poker as second income is not that bad. There's some cons as everything like for example we cannot dedicate to it all the time we want, but look at the glass full empty and enjoy this possibility! Good luck!
I will start a blog again too soon, c ya

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Jan. 9, 2024 | 2:31 p.m.

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6278/70000 Hands.

Is a couple of evenings i can barely keep my eyes open. On Monday i tried to play some but i was falling asleep here and there while playing, so i went to wash my face with cold water and go on the floor to stretch some. Obv i fell asleep and my wife leave me there cause was impossible to wake me up.
Yesterday same story, i fall asleep on the floor and wake up when the baby start crying, milk for him and then some sleep, at 5 am already awake for the second one.
Today i tried to play more with him and keep him awake till 22/22.30 to see if he will sleep more tomorrow morning.
Tonight i was again falling asleep, plus bad play, plus bad run, but i manage do not spew as usual, i'm pretty happy about it. Instead i try to eat one lemon and guess what, it wakes me up, in fact after being sleepy all evening now i could play some more but i will go to bed anyway.

I need to be more serious with my routine and taking breakes and focus while playing.
With food i'm going slightly better but i can do much more.
Workout, i started to play tennis with a friend plus going at work by bike, for now i cannot do more timewise.

See ya

Sept. 19, 2023 | 11:21 p.m.

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Long time without any update, as usual life was busy, so much to do, and no time to do everything.
Today was pretty heavy but a couple of coffee are keeping me awake, now is 00.45.
Woke up at 5.30 cause the older one is waking up pretty early (now i'm going to use this as an advantage, cause i always struggle with wakin up and this is perfect, while he is drinkin his milk i can do some stretching and little warm up workout), stay with kids till 7.30, my wife return from the gym and i went to work. Work, break, stay with kids, work, do everything with my wife, and stay with kids at evening cause my wife was at a course where they explain how to safe people when they are chocking expecially kids: that's my nightmare, so many little things at home that they can eat and get stuck in their throat. So tomorrow she will explain everything to me too.

I also decided for another plot twist: i was up for table selecting, playing normal tables etc but...i don't have time, i need to maximise the little time i spend at the tables, so i'm going with zoom again.

Plus i'm going to do another challenge till the 31st of December.
70k hands and at least 8 bb/100 and top goal of 16 bb/100.
Just for fun, in 70k hands everything is possible, but the most likely scenario is that i'm tired, i play when i don't feel that much, i spew here and there and i find myself running 3 bb/100, that's a classic.

The funny part i will not look at any results, no graphs no nothing, just my spider sense and the cashier ahahahah

See ya, time to grind some

Sept. 13, 2023 | 10:52 p.m.

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After the last post i took couple days off from poker cause on Wednesday i get back at work, sadly.
Is a couple of days i do some stretching before sleep and in the morning and i already feel it, this morning i also started with a cold shower before leaving for work by bike. Just a quick shower to do something uncomfortable and start the day with the right mindset.

Pokerwise i decided to play nl25 only cause since our financial situation is not great i don't feel comfortable, i think i will not play at my best knowing that if i play bad or run bad or both usually i will put too much pressure on me to not lose those money.
I have 40 BI for nl25, and no pressure on me. I'm sure that i will not swing 40 BI playing 30 minutes sessions, at normal tables, table selecting in the Italian pool.

Time to sleep some, see ya!

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Aug. 30, 2023 | 11:24 a.m.

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Last days i tried different approach and i also bought Wiz premium sub and started to play with it a little.
This is how i'm going to structure my approach to poker next month:
-30 minutes play nl50, normal tables, table selcting 2x/3x max. Since i'm going to play short sessions table selecting, and study a lot i think theres no need to lose time at nl10. but let's see how it goes. I will put 1k roll on stars and go back at nl25 if under 500 euros
- review all pots over 10bb and go deep where i think there something i can learn more from or if they are good for the topic i want to see closer.

Ok time for some study cause the baby is sleeping and the older one is at grandmother's house.

See ya

Aug. 26, 2023 | 12:05 p.m.

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Hey guys, new plot twist as usual!
I had this new idea today: the next 2 months till the end of October i will primarly focus on study the game and my strategy.
Since i want to focus on improve in better relationship, heatlhy food and workout, i don't want to put too many things on the fire (i don't know if in english this is something you say).
At the moment, even on vacation, is hard to play seriously, so i'm going to wait to sell this house, be more stable in general and have a stronger routine with everything.
I think it will be easier to play when i will have more energy, i will have a better study routine, i will have more confidence at the tables.
I don't think i will not play at all thou, cause when you study a lot the desire to play is at his peak ahahahah, so i will choose the perfect moments to play, when i will be alone at home for example, stuff like this. At the end a ratio of 80/90% study and play the rest.

Now i'm going to think how to organize everything, but i think i will go deeper with the topics i had less confidence and mostly late position related. BB play, BvB, 3BP oop, etcetc

Plus i can breakdown my strategy, and see where i have no clue what to do. I think at the moment my overall strategy is pretty poor, i mean, i can make some money, i'm not a losing player, but this game is so complex (not only for the game itself that is hypercomplex, but with all the variables, mindset, money managment, the costant battle with yourself etc).

I don't want to say something stupid but i think to master poker you need to master this 3 things in same %: experience, mindset and skill. (maybe i've already wrote this up here, not sure)

So the next days i will start to study and try to figure out how to maximize this. I think i will buy one month of wizard, cause i want to try the new custom feature since i give my pio basic license to a friend that start his journey with a CFP and he need it more than me.
Is still not the same cause you cannot node lock ranges on different streets like in PIO at the moment, but still a good tool if used in the right way.

I also find a guy that is playing nl2 that was writing on a poker channel on discord, and he seems pretty much into improving so i decided to help him for free, at least for what i can, to reach faster nl10. I'm not a crusher but i think i can help him. He really liked the idea.
Maybe i will update his journey here too.

This morning i also find some time for a workout and a "cold" shower. Well is really hot here and pretty impossible to have a cold shower.
Then i spend all my day with kids, helping my wife that had a lot of things to do.

Now they are sleeping and i can study some.

Maybe without the rush of play whenever i find time i will update more often the blog and find more time to do +ev choices.

Have a great week, see ya!

Aug. 21, 2023 | 8:01 p.m.

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Hey! Is little more complicated cause theres already someone inside, we signed already a sales precontract and she already gave my 30% of final price, we used those money for the agent, the guy for municipality etc. But contract is going to end start of october, so some other variables in the story ahahaha i simplified a little cause my english is already messy.
But at the beginning i decided to not rent out cause since we dont have much liquidity i cannot affort if somthink would broke and need repair, or find people that dont pay rent or expenses etc
I could not risk that, too many people that dont care about other people stuff, or take advantage etc
Is hard to find trustfull people imho il

Aug. 21, 2023 | 5:20 p.m.

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Due to a little cashout i did and poor play i did in the last 10/15k hands i find my bankroll at 60 euros, so i'm playing some nl10 and update here a little new challenge.
Yesterday i started with 60 bucks and in 2024 i will start playing nl50 stadly.
This morning was awesome, i managed to had a workout, cold shower and i feel great, too much without it!

So let's see how this challenge will lead me, go!

Now i'm reviewing a Bvb hand and today i hope to find 1 or 2 hours to play some.

Have a great sunday!

Aug. 20, 2023 | 8:01 a.m.

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Hey, long time not seeing you!
I took a break from poker during the first 2 weeks of my holidays. Plus we get covid again, and we are not having the best time these days, especially the little one that have high fever for 2 days, but now he is ok. Me and my wife too, we are slitgly sick now and recovering.

The plan is to start again with some poker, prioritizing quality poker and healthy lifestyle (hard tasks ahaha

We are also having some financial struggle. Basically i inherited the small houses of my grandparents, and since it was too small to live in 3 (4 planned when it happened) we decided to sell it also cause it have high yearly expenses for an old apartament. So i planned to use those money (around 20k euros net) as another income since we decided for my wife to not work till the second one will be 1 year old and to be a mom only (well not only, is such a stressfull and important job, it deserve more recognition imho).
But, with italian new laws we need to fix some stuff with municipality. When you sell old houses now you have to be sure that the old project that are deposited in the municipality are like the real house plan, if not you have to pay and fix it with a surveyor. but the guy told me in some months would be done one year and is not done, so i was planning to use those money that didn't arrive, plus i have expenses for that house too. Now i'm little bit worried that it will takes more months and more expenses.

At the moment with 4 person we are spending around 3.3k euros month (but as i said we are not good in saving so we are spending way more than we should and also the kindergarden was very expensive, 300 euros/month.)
Our net income now is around 2.4k (paycheck + children bonus etc). Plus some poker here and there and also my family helps with paying the car (im really greatfull for this).
So we are finishing every month with negative results and saving will finish fi we will continue like this and the problems with the house will continue.
But i have hope cause it seems that in 2/3 months all the stuff with municipality will be resolved.

The plan here is to start saving more and do some sacrifice and be able to say no: say no when you dont feel to cook and want to eat at the restourant, say no to things that are not essential, or things that it seems you need but in reality you don't.
Also i will sell stuff that are in the garage but we dont use. Thats too +ev to sell stuff that being there is giving you zero money plus using space, and that in x years you will throw away, versus selling them (even below cost it doesent matter).
I have to check better but i think that i can make something like 500/600 euros extra.

Also i can be more consistent with poker and make little money with it too.
Then around march/april next year my wife will return to work and i think we will struggle less.


i reched 60k hands since the second half of April, so 15k hands/month, that is not too much but can be also a good number with a job and 2 kids ahahah

lately i've played pretty poorly to be honest, but thats part of our journey so more focus now and more quality study and play.

This are the results:

Now the plan is to fully recovery from covid and enjoy the last days of holidays with my family.

let's go! see ya

Aug. 17, 2023 | 2:29 a.m.

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Sunday, 5.08 am
Baby change and food around 3.30 then it took some time to fall asleep again and i keep him in my arms to get him full asleep
Then i started to study some even if i really want to return to bed, is already 5 am so i prefer to do something even if i will be tired earlier tonight.
I want to play but i need to review hands first or at least go deep in one.

I also want to go out for a quick walk and do some meditation and exercise. I really need to find time for healthy stuff and most of all, i need to make myself accountable.
I need to keep my word when i say i will workout and eat healthy, also for my kids they will learn so fast from us and imitate our behavior.
I need to be a good guide for them.

So after a fake shitty start with food challenge, this is it, this is another new starting point, but i feel this is different.
My goal is to be better, and be the guy that keep his word even in the areas where i he struggle the most.

Where i feel i need to improve the most:
- Food
This is the first and most important. My level of cholesterol was really high and i need to eat clean to lower it. Plus, obv, i want to treat my body well, give it the right fuel to work properly and like in poker i have to do all the things in my control to preserve it, for the rest let's hope in good variance!

  • Relationships in the family
    I'm surprised i'm putting this here but i think i need to. I want to become a better father and husband. Not that i don't think i'm bad, but there's always to improve.
    Is really hard after days of hard work, when you are tired, maybe you just argue with your wife and your son express his emotion in some way is not fitting in the moment, or throw thing around, to stay calm and act in the +ev way.
    Or be a good listener with your wife for example.
    So many things i can do better.

  • Workout
    Def i need to improve in this. I'm happy cause i start doing something at least: i go to work by bike, plus, when there, during brakes i'm doing some pushups, pull ups, squats too.
    We went swimming some too (tomorrow will be our last days cause in August we will have working holidays for 3 weeks).
    I want it to be more structured and consistend thou. Also i need it to be more challenging and harder.

  • Meditation
    Once i said i had no time for meditation and someone said to me that people that say have no time for it are the ones that need it the most.
    Come on, we all have at least 5 minutes to dedicate to ourself, i can do it now, i can do it at work during breakes, i can do it before or after my shower, time is just an excuse in this case.
    Of course if i'm goint to tell i dont have time to train golfing 5 hours a days that so true but 5 minutes? come on!
    I will start now after finishing this post!

So much to do!

I'm going to stop here and do another steps toward being better in something.

See ya

July 30, 2023 | 3:39 a.m.

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Saturday, 2.18 am
Just finished a long session at zoom tables. Played 4x, i had fun thou.

i will not comment, almost no healthy food in the last 3 days :(

I've studied some and i feel more confident at the tables. Still, this game is so complex, i think my strategy is still full of randomness, mistakes etc, i will try to slowly improve.
But i'm really happy that fear disappear, and instead there's a big will to improve also through mistakes.

Have a nice week end, see ya

July 29, 2023 | 12:24 a.m.

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Tuesday, 8.57 pm
Day is over, little one is sleeping, and my wife is with the older one that will fall asleep anytime soon.

I was already failing with my diet, i was going to buy some icecream, but i decided not.
Today i was ok, i rate myself a 6
Lunch: pasta al rag├╣
Dinner: fish with vegetables and some bread
Bad note: i had a Monster after work :(

New Poker Plan
As i said yesterday i'm going to study more, so i will review 10bb+ losing pots before play another session.
Then i will take a lot of notes while playing and be present to think deeply in game.
Also i will avoid hu with regs to start tables and i will table selectin more.

Now i'm going to study some. Yesterday i stayed one hour on one hand and i didn't even go that deep in the breakdown.

Tomorrow will be a long day: work, swim, work, family, study, "sleep", repeat ahah

See ya

July 25, 2023 | 7:04 p.m.

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Monday, 5.39 am
At 4am baby woke up and was my turn, so diper and milk for him.
Then around 4.50 i put him in bed and open some tables.
No recreational at nl50 but i sit anyway and start to play hu vs a reg that seem aggressive. I made a lot of bad plays for sure, like calling down like a station in certain spots but in other i think the call down was ok even if i was down 4 or 5 stacks.
The good thing is that mentally i was stronger, no fear to lose stack.
(here the older one wake up and my free time ended)

Monday, 8.39 pm (nice coincidence)
Though day, i couldn't go at work by bike, cause was raining, but we went anyway at the pool and we swim some. Today i push myself a little more and i'm here pretty tired.

Today is going to start my challenge with workout and diet. Workout will start mostly in September when i will start the kick boxing training, before that, i will go to work by bike, some swimming and some small workout at home.

Diet, i will try my best to eat clean. Today i did fine: i forgot my lunch so i took some cracker at the machine at work, not super healthy but not terrible since i've eat just some.
then some fruit in the afternoon and chicken and vegetables at home for dinner.
In this moment my wife bring a popsicle out and i really want one but would be an awful first day, so i will drink a couple of glass of water.

I'm going to study more, i will review a session before to do another one, i think in my situation i need it if i want to go up and play higher.

I'm ready to study some

See ya

July 24, 2023 | 6:47 p.m.

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Sunday, 10.26 am
I need to apologize to myself, i did almost nothing of my daily tasks!
Except for be in the present and be a good husband and father, and watch some play and explain before playing.

Later i will have lunch with my family and my parents so it will be my last meal where i will eat everything i want, then i will start a 2 months challenge.
I know i know, all this stupid challenges, but is fun, is fun to start them, and is hard to keep going with them. Sometimes i feel like is stupid to try and try but most of the time i think is a good mindset. If i'm weak in something that's obv i will struggle, especially if there's some sort of mental stuff going on behind it, you need way more willing power.

For example i did years to try to quit smoking cigarettes, almost everyday i was saying: this is my last one, i will quit soon. i Will quit and eventually start again, over and over, failing and failing. Then i did it, i quit for 8 years, start for on year or so, and quit again.
All of the people that was saying to me: stop to say it, you will never stop smoking are still smoking now!
Same with alochol, is like 2 years i've drink something like 5 times and twice was for my wedding occasion.
Now i don't feel the will to smoke or drink even if people around me do it.

Last week for my bday, my present was to have a free smashing night with friends and sleep somewhere else to have a full night of sleep (i could do it everytime i want but i want to help my wife at night), instead i choose to not go out and drink cause i think is useless, is a bad way to manage my time and the next day, hangovered i will regret it, 100% sure.

I'm not perfect but i try, and people get mad sometimes to see you try over and over, maybe cause they are jelous, i don't know, they don't want for you to change and leave them where they are.

So at the moment my biggest struggle is with food, but i'm sure i will do it, i just have to keep trying, and getting better and better.

i'm having so much fun playing these days, i'm experimenting more aggression and see were it will lead me. Last 5k hands i'm playing 31/26/13.
I think i call too much vs people that don't bluff enough, i always think they can have bluff, cause in those spots i think i will find a lot of them in their shoes, but they dont pull the trigger enough, but i'm still calling them, so in fact i'm the one being exploited ahahahah
I'm experimenting also more 4betting, mostly with bluff or with the bottom of my calling range. I think people will overfold, dont 5bet shove enough so i will realize more equity and there's no preflop rake. I think the first step people do is to 3bet more, but not defending vs more 4betting, so there's some money to take there.
Maybe i just said a lot of bs, but i like to try out stuff.

I'm going to play some since the baby is sleeping and mommy and the older are out to find some relatives.

See ya, enjoy you sunday.

July 23, 2023 | 8:51 a.m.

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Saturday 6.32 am
I just finished my early morning session. Woke up around 3.30 for feeding the baby and around 4.20 i sit at the computer

Tables were full fish and i'm going to make a database to track ratio fish/reg at the tables at certain hours.
I know that in the week end there will be more, less during week days, more evening and night and less afternoon but maybe keeping track i can see that some days are always more profitable and some are always full reg so i can schedule my days based on that.
I will optimize my sleep and i will play at better hours, increase winrate and less variance.

At the end of the session i was falling asleep and i spew a couple of stacks here and there, i'm going to review them now, till someone will not wake up.
Today will be a busy day.

Tasks for today:
+ 100 push ups
+ 100 squats
+ No sugar and junk food
+ Be in the present, be the best husband and father
+ Enjoy the week end

See ya

July 22, 2023 | 4:43 a.m.

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Friday, 3.42 am
3 hours of sleep yesterday and 3 tonight but i feel like writing here and play some. Last days i was in the mood of not playing so when i did i wasn't totally focused, kinda autopiloting and i didn't played that much.
I'm starting to be more aware of these type of days, so i just have to take free days from poker or just review and study if i don't feel to play. Poker is not my job so i've the fortune to take any break that i want without any pressure.

Overall i'm not happy with my effort for having a healtier life:
+ i'm doing good with being more active, i'm still going at work by bike, doing some exercises and we are going to the pool 3days a week with colleagues during lunch breakes
+ I'm still eating not clean at all and out of the time window that i set.

I shouldn't be too harsh with myself cause eating is my only guilty pleasure but i have really high cholesterol due to the last blood tests so i really need to fix this.

The 4th of August will be my first day of vacation and i will not work till the 28th of the same month, i'm pretty excited!

I was playing badly and running god so it ended up as a breakeven stretch. But overall i should admit that i'm happy to see some changes in my mindset.
I had this fear of losing in the past, losing some stacks would hit my mindset consciously or unconsciously. That was hitting my sessions and my poker overall in a really bad way.
Now i feel a shift in it. I see every stack that i lose as an opporunity to grow as a player, at least i can take a note ahahah.
Roughly i think poker is (at my limits at least): 35% mindset, 35% experience, 30% technical skills.
And these 3 things are correlated and work together: i need experience to get the max out of my skill but my skills are nothing if my mindset is shit and after a couple of stacks i spew 10 of them for example.
We need for them to balance at best to crush the limit we play.

These are the last sessions that 've played

Tasks for today:
+ Clean food! No ice cream, too much carbs, or industrial shitty junk food. Just follow the diet
+ 10 pull ups at work
+ Review some before to play
+ Watch some better player plan and explain before the session
+ Table select for higher winrate and less variance

See ya!

July 21, 2023 | 2:03 a.m.

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July 21, 2023 | 1:40 a.m.

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Wednesday 13 July, 5.05 am

Yesterday was rough, i was falling asleep so much at work in the afternoon after go to swimming at lunch break. But it was awesome thou!
With this hot weather having such a relaxing and refreshing break is perfect!
But swimming and stay under the sun at noon is going to hit your energy a lot!

After work, in one hour we had to shower in 4 of us and get ready to the little party at the kindergarden, that hour was total chaos, my wife washing the younger, me trying to wash the older and getting ready but is just jumping and running around no stop!
Then we get ready in perfect time and leave.

On top of that i should have the group study session with coach at 22. I fell asleep on the floor next to my kid bed, wake up around1.30, move to bed, wake up at 3.30 for dipers and milk to the other. In the end i slept 6 hours! Good results, but i wanted to study with the others thou.

Bad note from yesterday after swimming i went for the ice cream, and at work i took a couple of twix. Friday we will go again and this time i will took only the money for the pool with me, so no ice cream or chocolate option for me.
Good note, i've lost 2 kg and it's good.

I'm going for a small session now, bye.
This week i've hitted the 50k hands mark since i started coaching.

July 13, 2023 | 3:17 a.m.

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July 13, 2023 | 2:51 a.m.

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Wednesday 12 of July, 2.36 am.
I put a long session together tonight, but was really caothic: i didn't take any break, i was tired, i did some big spew too.
But on the other side, i feel i'm getting stronger mentally, even after 5 buyins down in a row, i didnt' feel that pain that i usually feel, quite the opposite i was excited cause i was learning i was trying new things. In fact i did some questionable plays!

My wife started a diet too so is a couple of days that we are doing a great job, except for a couple of ice cream but that's all.

Tomorrow during the lunch break i will go to swim with a couple of co-workers. Is only one hour and an half during which we have to go there, shower, swim and return at the factory. Tomorrow will be the first test, if we can manage to do everything in time we will go twice a week for the next month.
This way i will do 40 minutes of biking from Monday to Friday and swimming twice a week, plus some workout here and there during the week.

Today will be pretty intense, i think i will sleep a couple of hours than babies, go to work by bike, work (these days the weather is pretty intense, is really really hot there), swim, work, ride at home, shower, kids, and then kindergarden for a little party with all the babies for the end of the year. Then at 22 we will have a group study session with the coach.

I would love to play some more but i need at least a couple of hours of sleep.

See ya

July 12, 2023 | 12:50 a.m.

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Last 2 or 3 sessions

July 9, 2023 | 3:37 a.m.

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I should update more, during the day some nice things to write pops into my mind and then hours pass and when i sit down ready for update i have nothing to say!

The baby sleep finally so i can sit, organize my ideas, get into poker zone and play some.
I have to push myself to study some before and warm up.

I took a couple of days off, as the program suggest. I will return on the schedule on monday. I will do again week one cause i was not able to finish some of the workouts, they where too much for me.
I should add some cardio and i think going by bike at work is perfect: optimizing my time and listen some great podcast too in the meanwhile.

Ehm...yesterday was not the perfect day to use an euphemism.
But yesterday is gone and i have to eat clean today.

I'm mixing in some nl50, is not that much different from NL25 but i think i need to have a bigger bankroll and be more confident with my game to play it at the moment.
Let's see how is going.
Since i'm going to play some more i will post last hands graph later.

See ya

July 9, 2023 | 2:01 a.m.

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2.41 am, ready for a session. I'm going to review something as warm up first.
Not a great sleep before this thou: 2 hours on the carpet, and 2 sit on the couch with the baby in my arms. Now he is sleeping, if i will have variance on my side he will sleep till 5 or 6 am and then will be mommy turn for food and diaper.

Last 2 days was ok for workout, i started with the Thenx App (calisthenics) and from today i will go at work by bike, so 5 days a week i will do 50 minutes by bike, that is pretty good.

On the food side, i'm getting better but still eating some shit here and there. Still a lot of improvement to do.


July 6, 2023 | 12:46 a.m.

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Thanks! Focus on improving, nl50 will be the results of your effort! good luck!

July 6, 2023 | 12:40 a.m.

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Good morning!
Yesterday i had literally no time to update, after working i was with babies, then my wife leave for dinner with his father and the little one decided to not sleep and stay only in one position in my arms, so for 2 hours i cannot give full attention to the other one that was little bit upset and cannot sleep. At the end we all 3 fall asleep. Then the older decide to wake up around 3.30 so i stayed with him in his room near him on the carpet and i had 3 wonderful hours of sleep on the carpet but i was so tired that i didnt even realize it.

This is my last session

July 5, 2023 | 4:48 a.m.

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