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terrible mindset at micros

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terrible mindset at micros

I have a huge problem with mindset in micro cash games.

1st example: I 3b with AQs from the blinds vs btn open, the btn calls and K appears on a dry board. I range c-bet small and he calls and now I start getting tilted and I double barrel knowing that it's BAD to double barrel in that spot and I check the river after the villain calls my double barrel, the villain bets on the river and I fold, roughly 50bb lost.

2nd example: A player open raise from EP, I 3b with QQ and there's a cold 4 bet OOP from a NIT and most of the time it's AA or KK, sometimes AK but most of the time it's AA or KK. What do I do? Of course, I call knowing that I'm probably behind. I still call his huge c-bet because I have an overpair still knowing that the villain has AA or KK, the villain goes all in on the turn? What do I do? Of course, I call knowing that I'm behind and I'm getting mad at myself after calling.

Third example: A fish opens 2bb from EP, I 3b with QQ from MP, the villain calls. Flop comes 7K2 rainbow. The villain checks and I c-bet 1/3 and the villain raises out of nowhere and what do I do? I call like an idiot knowing that he probably has a strong K or a 777 instead of folding.

I just can't get out of this mindset and it's literally killing my winrate. The worst thing is that I know that it's a terrible mindset and I still play like that. It's like I would have problems with alcohol and I would still drink knowing that it's bad for me. lmao

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