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The last nitring grinder wants to improve and move up

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The last nitring grinder wants to improve and move up

Well, I had a blog in this forum before, that I just decided to stop updating because the goal stopped making sense to me since day 1 (thanks a lot everyone who posted very good arguments) and also because I didn´t really see the point (to me ) in keep updating. Like, what do I really want to accomplish by writing about my poker journey? Unless I see some (any) benefit, it doesn´t make any sense, I´m way better off using the time to study and/or play more.

Yet, I have seen so many examples of people who were lowstakes grinders and, by making PGC threads, seemed to get the motivation to improve (I see this as a self reinforcing loop, they start the blog, a few viewers get in, they put the effort, get results, more people come in, more motivation, and it goes on). I think the community effect plays a very big role, way bigger than I, as an introvert in general, can see.

I don´t see myself writing those very well-written posts, almost like full essays, on poker and life-related things, because it takes time and energy and I will end up just giving up. But I will make the effort and do my best to make disciplined updates at regular times. Improving my discipline can´t be bad, it translates so well to poker and most things in life. My biggest inspiration here are the Onklebs journals, if I can get close to what the guy achieved, I will be extremely happy.

Even our philosophies, considering his first post, are similar. And I´m still a fan of Nick Howard hehe.

I want to keep playing the simplified strategy I developed since last year. The easiest way to explain why I think we should play simple is because A) it´s easier to play accurately and do less mistakes, and we lose when we make mistakes (and profit when it´s the opponent who make them). B) mental energy conservation, to be able to grind longer while making good decisions (and also, to have the energy to spend when in tougher spots).

I want to move up, so no ultra-nitty BRM anymore, no trying to achieve x big winrate at y stake playing insane # of hands. Still, I want to prove myself at the limits and move up when I can realistically say I´m beating the current limit at a decent enough winrate to make probabilities of winning at the higher one good enough. No ultra-nitty BRM by the way doesn´t mean no BRM, or aggressive BRM. When I move up, I don´t really want to move down again, I will put full effort into succeding and only move down in case I see the skill jump is too high for me at the moment, or in case of a catastrophy $-wise. I play my best when I´m not looking into results all the time, and the shot-taking method implies we should be looking at results at least once every day (or all the time if it´s too aggressive). Too much energy spent here is less energy available to actually improving.

I´m unable to play big volume right now, as I´m travelling far from home, but I´m still playing and studying on most days. This will be sorted out in a few days anyways :)

I think monthly updates will be the most optimal for me, and will be my goal at first.

Poker goals? Well, I want to establish myself at 50nl, but I don´t have the roll and I think I need to develop more skills first. I took shots there already, agree with those who said 25nl and 50nl are similar limits (similar, not the same, there are better players at 50nl as anyone should expect. Also, sample sizing for reaching this conclusion is ridiculously small and it´s mostly feeling got from playing a little there). For this I need the roll, and I need to improve a lot.

Lifetime results so far:

By the way, my name is João, nice to meet you ladies and gentleman.


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