The live "bully"

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The live "bully"

Hey good morning everyone. Typically I play 6max online micros but I also play a couple live tournaments a month. One is a small "fun" tournament, about 50 players, the other is a bit bigger with a $100 buy in and better, more serious players with around 100 people. It's with a well run league that I haven't been confident enough to join until this year. I've only played there last year and this year, a couple tourneys last season and 3 this season.

I've been taking Peter Clarke's from the ground up course and it has significantly increased my poker knowledge and my quality of play. Now my confidence has improved, I've been winning more often online and live (finished 2nd on Saturday night out of 96) and I'm planning to join the league for next season.

One of the main things that it has taught me up to this point is how to apply aggression in the right spots, this works incredibly well and is quite easy to practice online but live is where I'm having difficulty... I'm beginning to get a bit of a rep and now people call me a bully, get tilted before they even sit down at the table and glare at me all night. I even had one lady switch cards with her husband on Saturday night because she didn't want to be at the same table as me. I had another guy on Saturday having to do "calming breathing techniques" because he was so pissed.

I know this all seems like , "Dude what the @$#& is your problem you should be happy about this kind of issue" but I honestly feel bad because of the negative energy that's now being directed towards me. I know this is a game and the goal is to win, and that tempered aggression is the way to win. I get all that, but I also feel like I'm purposefully separating myself from the rest of the players, who I would like to have some sort of connection with other than "Hey there's that asshole that bullies the table all the time"... Maybe I'm just being too sensitive... Online I don't have to worry about it since I don't know what these people look like or where they live, and even if I did, I wouldn't know it if I ran into them at the grocery store.

Anyway, maybe someone can shed some insight.


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