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Theory question


I'm working on my game and even if it doesn't payback, I'm trying to go higher. I'm a micro stake player and I try to undestand some theoric NLHE aspect. Here's one that I have trouble to get:

If vilain bet half pot, I need to win 25% of the time (That's easy). I need to defend 66%of my range. And that's where I'm lost. I'm a calling station, I know it. I try to fold more. But how? I can't say because I don't see the point of defending 66% if vilain bet only 15% of his range or if he bets 80% of his range but those 80% are nuts! I'm calling to defend enough but it's ev- since some vilain bluff less than I thought. I know that's numbers and I need to focus on spots but I need hints to starts to work on those spots. Also, to denfend enough, I started to check some value hand to protect my checking range and I had to stop when my cbet frequency dropped to 43%... I think I'm close to undeerstand those numbers are related but I miss something

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