This time its not for the money!

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This time its not for the money!

Ok, who am i kidding? Its always about the money.

So, little about my (poker)history. I started playing around 2005 and during next couple of years won a few dollars for my bankroll. If i remember correctly around 2008 i quit my work and did some shortstacking for living. It was (too) easy money, so i didnt bother to play too much because i was winning enough for comfortable living (and maybe some spewing to cars and partying etc.)

About 2010 i quit playing because it was so boring and making easy money was made more difficult by the poker sites (full ring games were no longer existing on many sites.) I did play sometimes 6-max hand here and there but little by little i ate my bankroll and didnt play anymore.

I recently played in a home game with some of my friends and was suprised that poker was fun again. I started playing online nl25zoom, but got crushed. I installed pokertracker and tried again... and got crushed again. Obviously the game has evolved a lot in the last 8 years.

Ok, i wasnt ready to accept defeat, so about week ago i bought a essential subscription here at RIO. Watched a few videos about the nl25/nl50zoom and continued playing... and got crushed again, this time even worse than the previous ones... WTF!!! The nl25 cant be THAT difficult!!??!

Right, now im really determined to beat the game... or atleast nl25zoom... or atleast beat the rake at that level.
I tightened my ranges alot and started have little more stats on my HUD and i didnt get crushed anymore... well not that bad anyway.

Ok, now the present day. Im currently playing around 19/14/5 vpip/pfr/3b and buying in 50bb (once a shortstacker, always a shortstacker eh?), but when(if) i get more bankroll i will be full stacking.
I think best strategy at the moment for me is to continue playing tight and open my ranges when i see an exploitable situation. For studying i will watch couple videos a day next few weeks (after that i will have less free time) and i try to play about 2k hands/day.

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