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Long time since last post... Shortly after the last post my mother passed away, me being the only child and my father having died few years ago, I had to take care of everything. What made everything more difficult was the fact that i lived 3000km away from my mother, so i had to fly back and forth alot because i needed to do my work at the same time.

Couple weeks after my mother funeral, the company i rented a working space, got evicted (and the owner didnt tell me anything until it happened, i had 2 days to get my things out of the place), so i had to leave too and i needed to find new place very quickly. I had to work at home and scout new place for rent while i still had many things to do with my mothers things.

Everything was a little overwhelming for me, so i decided to not play poker until conditiones were better again. End of last year wasnt the easiest time of my life, but it wasnt the hardest either.

Now ½ year after, i feel i could start playing poker again. My work takes little more time because the new space i rent is more expensive and i have to work more than i want to :D but i will have maybe 10-20hrs for poker every week.
I have started kind of meditation (Wim Hof method), doing some yoga and eating better since start of the year (gained 13kg in sept-dec, but have lost 5-6kg now.)

I havent really thought any goals for poker but i try to get back to the level
i was just before everything happened. Probably subscribing to elite program and try to play around 15k hands this month, see how it goes and set some new goals for april.

March 18, 2019 | 6:35 a.m.

I play at two different sites and heres the results so far. I would quit playing party poker (where i have 90% of my bankroll), but they have this rule that i cant get my money out before i have raked the amount i got through player transfer. But there seems to be a little difference between the sites?

Aug. 19, 2018 | 10:22 a.m.

Couple days back i watched the free elite video by Sauce and really liked it, upgraded to elite plan, jumped to the tables and immediately started winning. Should have subscribed to elite right from the start and i wouldnt digged a hole.

But seriously, i am at upswing at the moment, have been running good and havent made too many mistakes. The biggest thing that has changed is that i dropped the pace i play, always clicking open the Hem window when i get action and try to get something useful from there or atleast think the hand a bit more.

Also im running well above EV lately. My mindset is always at downswing that im really insecure about my play and questioning everything i do and when upswinging i try to remind me that its only variance and i have to stay sharp in every pot because i am not a poker god (yet) :D

One more thing is that i think i have learned more about the bigger picture how the Party Poker rock garden operates and am able to make some tight folds and few well timed bluffs. Then again its very early to tell, i keep experimenting more and will know better after few thousand more hands.

This weeks graph looks like this so far, would be nice to finish this week on the green side (before rakeback) for a change and even nicer if i can get the EV-line there too.

Todays goals are:
2-2.5k hands (no more than 500/session)
Watch 1 live video by Sulsky and the new hand history review video by Forrester
Make an post flop analysis of one opponent with 1k+ hands

Aug. 18, 2018 | 12:43 p.m.

Yes, i know i play too tight OOP (for 6 max). I suck at 3-bet pots so usually when there is strong probability i will get 3-bet from later positions i decide to not open at all if i dont have a hand i am comfortable playing OOP. When i get more reads what kind of hands they are 3-bettin and how they play postflop i will definately be opening more from early positions and SB.

Maybe i will give Pokersnowie another try soon.

Aug. 18, 2018 | 12:08 p.m.

Very nice post. I like reading these kind of posts because i try to do things more like this way myself, only mostly lacking the discipline to do so. The game tree is very nice innovation and i should build one for myself too.

Aug. 18, 2018 | 11:56 a.m.

Hi Tyler (how do you tag people here?), first of all... thank you for having time for commenting.

Yes you are correct about everything, but i think regs know to fold to river raises with second nuts against me (i bluff too little), because they have never called so far (i definately need to bluffraise more rivers)... and correctly so. And i havent yet seen bluffraises on the river by the regs (or they have been succesful bluffs.)

I did use Poker snowie littlebit about year ago but didnt like the program (maybe it has evolved since, or i have evolved a little since.) It was some kind of 1500 hands evaluation period or something.

I know the ranges i should use by position and Im currently trying to open and 3-bet a few hands more, but when i have aggressive (3bet 10%+) 3-bettor behing me (IP) and other one in the blinds i tighten up (maybe too much.) I play now at Party poker mostly where my stats are around 17/14 and some hands on other site where my stats are 20/15 (less 3-betting going on.)

I think i need to study more how to play 3-bet pots if i want to play more pots on Party poker.

Aug. 16, 2018 | 7:06 p.m.

Good advices JackPozzi, thanks. I play bad postflop on 3-bet pots myself so, i really dont like them calling too much when im in the blinds.

I feel like im running bad and always at the wrong end of the coolers, but then again... last ~35k hands its about break even (ev ~ -1bb/100) and because losing so much from the start it is very hard for me to tell if running bad or playing bad or both. Maybe the next 35k hands will tell.

Aug. 16, 2018 | 12:33 p.m.

Do you know the feeling when you drop the soap... in the shower... at the prison... repeatedly? Ok, then you propably know how my last 2 days and over 10k hands feel like.

Today i have spent over 2 hours looking into my database and trying to find leaks but so far nothing that really stands out. WWSF% has been really low (about 42%) but most of the time i cant even make a hero calls with my hands. WTSD% is 28,6 and W$SD% 48,9% so im not folding too much.

I think my biggest leaks have been calling big bets from regs without the nuts. Every time reg (or even 70/30 playing fish most of the time) has gone allin postflop they have had the stone cold nuts. Second nuts are never enough in these spots. I admit, i did some tilt calls w/ set against turned 3flush and w/nut straight on 3flush and underfull on AAxxx and wAK on KKxxx and w/AA or KK when turn paired some low card... well you get the idea. But the thing is that every time felt that im beat but that im "obligated" to call due to my hand strength. (Also i have to apologize if i use wrong words or something, but english is my second or third language)

Also my 3bets are not getting any respect (due to stack size?) getting folds only about 52% of the time (should i up my 3b sizes from 8-11bb to 11-16bb?) But then my 3b bluffs doesnt anymore have good value... Or should i just value 3b my top 4-5% most of the time?

Blinds are at ok level i think... SB -39bb/100 is not that good but BB -45bb/100 im satisfied with.

Hmm... now i have to leave to work. Not sure if im playing today at all or just taking the day off. Maybe taking a look at my database again later trying to find something useful...

Aug. 16, 2018 | 8:20 a.m.

Yesterday wasnt very good day. I butchered couple big hands by slowplaying, run into sets with my big draws, made few stupid calls, got outdrawn many times in small pots and many times had to fold my hand (to maybe some bluffs) after the board went really bad for my hand. Luckily i ran good with allins, so the day wasnt disaster resultwise, but im not happy with my playing.

I did go play floorball after the work, so had time to only watch the live play video but i got nothing out of it. Maybe it better for me to use my time watching only theory videos.

Goals for today:

Watch 1-2 theory videos
Play 2.5-3k hands
Make an post flop analysis of one opponent with 1k+ hands

Aug. 14, 2018 | 7:17 a.m.

Thanks. I do play with bigger stacks, i just start with 50bb. When i play regular 6max tables, if the lineup is good i will stay at the table until the fish(es) are gone and in zoom tables i rathole once i reach the 100bb. Im that good (yet) at 3b+ pots, so like you said it the postflop strategy has less complexity with lower spr.

I will defend wider if the opponent is passive postflop, but at the site i play this is rarely the case.

Aug. 14, 2018 | 6:59 a.m.

Thanks. Did it work for him? Is he still using that style? Maybe i should upgrade to elite plan so i could see his videos.

Aug. 14, 2018 | 6:52 a.m.

Few things i have changed in my game after finding RIO:
Cbetting IP Now IP i Cbet 100%of the time 1/3pot against one opponent (unless he c/r alot or is total fish.) It simpifies the game, is more difficult for my opponents to determine my hand and apparently i dont lose much too much value GTO-wise

Cbetting OOP I check 100% of my hands against one opponent (unless he is total fish.) Again simplifies the game, hopefully confuses the opponent and again i dont lose much value GTO-wise

Defending BB I dont defend as much anymore against 2x-2.3x opens because of the rake
and with tighter range is easier to deal with more aggressive villains

Started making notes and looking more than 1 stat on my HUD to make a decision well, this i should have been doing before but i guess i was too busy to do when playing and too lazy to do after session.

Goals for today:
2k hands (might not have time if we play some floorball this evening and i have to work few hours too)

Watch 2 RIO videos
Three Types of 3-Bet Ranges (39 min) by Peter Clarke
$0.25/$0.50 6-Max Zoom Session (32 min) by Paul Atwal

Make an post flop analysis of one opponent with 1k+ hands

Aug. 13, 2018 | 7:06 a.m.

Post | PerroBestia posted in Chatter: This time its not for the money!

Ok, who am i kidding? Its always about the money.

So, little about my (poker)history. I started playing around 2005 and during next couple of years won a few dollars for my bankroll. If i remember correctly around 2008 i quit my work and did some shortstacking for living. It was (too) easy money, so i didnt bother to play too much because i was winning enough for comfortable living (and maybe some spewing to cars and partying etc.)

About 2010 i quit playing because it was so boring and making easy money was made more difficult by the poker sites (full ring games were no longer existing on many sites.) I did play sometimes 6-max hand here and there but little by little i ate my bankroll and didnt play anymore.

I recently played in a home game with some of my friends and was suprised that poker was fun again. I started playing online nl25zoom, but got crushed. I installed pokertracker and tried again... and got crushed again. Obviously the game has evolved a lot in the last 8 years.

Ok, i wasnt ready to accept defeat, so about week ago i bought a essential subscription here at RIO. Watched a few videos about the nl25/nl50zoom and continued playing... and got crushed again, this time even worse than the previous ones... WTF!!! The nl25 cant be THAT difficult!!??!

Right, now im really determined to beat the game... or atleast nl25zoom... or atleast beat the rake at that level.
I tightened my ranges alot and started have little more stats on my HUD and i didnt get crushed anymore... well not that bad anyway.

Ok, now the present day. Im currently playing around 19/14/5 vpip/pfr/3b and buying in 50bb (once a shortstacker, always a shortstacker eh?), but when(if) i get more bankroll i will be full stacking.
I think best strategy at the moment for me is to continue playing tight and open my ranges when i see an exploitable situation. For studying i will watch couple videos a day next few weeks (after that i will have less free time) and i try to play about 2k hands/day.

Aug. 12, 2018 | 4:23 p.m.

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