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Poker Journal - Ryan Spicer

Hey guys, I am revamping this thread with some new direction and ideas.

Where I am now

Live: 1-2 and 1-3

Where I want to be

Live: 2-5

Some history on Ryan:

I have played for around 5-6 years, and have had pretty good results. 2017 my bb/100 at 100NL was around 11/100. at 1-2 Live my hourly has been around $28.5, and at 1-3 its been around $46, at around 400 hours/200 hours respectively. I am confident that I can beat the games, but to be honest I struggle with confidence at times, especially when I go through periods of variance, or just my own mind making up distracting thoughts and ideas.

What really helps me is having a support group of people I trust and respect to get feedback from regularly and consistently, as well as bounce ideas off of each other. I have discovered how easily my perspective can get twisted with the passage of time, or merely results, and how having a community of players game I respect can help me evaluate my own game more honestly.

Primary Obstacles

Volume and consistency have probably been my two biggest obstacles in my poker career up to this point. It's been a struggle for me to sit for long periods of time, or getting caught up in miserlyness(playing not to lose).

I believe a major reason for my lack of consistency has been at times my unwillingness to seek help. Getting stuck in my own head trying to solve problems, while neglecting to simply reach out to a friend and hear their opinions.

As far as struggling with sitting for long periods of time, I have made it a point to make the first thing I do each morning to MOVE. Practicing Yoga Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Running Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Weight lifting Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Why I am here:

To build community, support, and accountability.

I plan to do this in a few ways.
Streaming on Twitch, posting hands I am uncertain of on RIO Forums, to my FB Poker Group, and directly with my friends(fortunately, I have a group of friends who are all professionals and whose game I respect)


-Play 24 hours live weekly, split into 6 hour sessions, Monday - Thursday
-Write down details of hands I play live when I am uncertain, and share to get feedback and gain understanding.
-Remaining open to hear feedback and perspectives without feeling defensive.
-Hold an optimistic outlook and keep in mind that this is a game, and a blessing to be able to be apart of and share with people.

Link to Facebook Poker Group:

I think this is a good place to start. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions on things I could add to this thread, please share so it can be considered. If you are a solid player at 50NL+/Live, please join the facebook group and engage.

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