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Video Edits and Progress

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Video Edits and Progress

Hey guys, so a bit of history. I have been playing 100NL for the past year or so with a win rate of 10-11bb/100. I recently moved up to 200nl and established a winrate of around 6-7bb/100 after around 25k hands. Given that I was making about the same hourly, i decided to move back down and focus more on improving my game before moving back up. Less variance, because I dont handle it very well.

My main goals in poker is to play 2-5 live full time, and play 1-2 days of 100/200nl online to be able to stay sharp and discuss hands with other good/better players. I have played 1-2 live for like 4 years with pretty good results. I recently played 2 sessions at 2-5 live and had two winning sessions, but havent played 2-5 again for a couple weeks now.

I thought that recording a video every week or so and clipping it down to just the hands i played/decision points might be a good way to glean insight into leaks in my game in a very raw way. So, hope I can get some good feedback here and in the future.

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