What You Got Wrong

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What You Got Wrong

The current perception is that RIO is failing. It may turn around but for me the following reasons are why you are struggling.

  1. You've niched yourselves to death. Self inflicted wounds but I can see why it happened. It's great to be able to create a niche or fill a niche but you have gone with STP, anonymous poker, politically correct poker, no hubs. Laudable reasons for doing this, but it sets the intersection number point on the graph of potential customers way too low.

  2. You've taken the fun out of playing. Anonymous poker and no dialogue box means over political correctness plus it wastes a good community on Discord. The number of times I've seen someone on Discord say "are you playing, which one are you, which one were you etc. People want to know who they are playing against, and sometimes it's not to take advantage, it's merely to have fun playing with someone they know or know of.

  3. Bug bugs bugs. Obvious but doesn't help things. Continual "we have no date for this" replies almost come over as high handed. If you had known how long it would take to iron out the bugs, I'm sure you wouldn't have launched. This means there are no STT's and MTT's, which are a vital part in the success of a site.

  4. Poor and unexciting graphics.

  5. You are caught between two stools. You have STP which favours regs and those who can adapt, but you make it anonymous and say you want to help recs, then do away with PLO4. Either aim for high end or low end.

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