Who Wants to be A Professional Poker Player?

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Who Wants to be A Professional Poker Player?

Hey all, my name is Bryan. I'm 28 y/o & live in Tampa, Florida. I have been playing poker for about five yrs or so now. I have always enjoyed poker & its become my truest passion. In my short 28 yrs of life I have discovered, through working several jobs that arent fulfilling & draining on me mentally, that unless I'm doing something I'm completely passionate about, I wont be truly happy. So, I have finally decided to go all in, pun intended, & pursue poker professionally. Since playing live is out of the question for now, I'm gonna jump in the online streets. I dont have much prior experience w playing online. I do however, expect it to be much tougher than the live games I have played. Since the options we have in America are limited, I'm gonna start w a $500 bankroll on Iggy & try to grind it up through the stakes, starting w .10nl. The goal is to grind up a bankroll that would be sufficient to play 1/2NL live (~$6,000-$8,000). I do prefer playing live over online - i like the atmosphere of playing live as well as the games being a lot softer. In a perfect world I would cash out enough for a 1/2NL live bankroll & have funds left over to continue the online grind. I wanted to start this thread as a way to keep myself accountable as well as meet some poker friends to discuss strategy & hand histories w along the way. In addition to poker, I would like to assign myself a few more goals every month in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance.

First, I will start w poker goals:

1) Grind a minimum of 40hrs/wk.
2) Study HH's daily.
3) Add new poker journal before/after every session.
4) Focus not on results, rather making correct decisions.

Second, lifestyle goals for next 30 days :

1) Run minimum of 100 miles within next 30 days.
2) Monitor eating habits, drink more water.
3) Better time management : reduced social media, focus time on learning.

Thanks to anyone who read & is gonna follow along on this journey. Also, I'm completely open & look forward to any & all constructive criticism anyone might have. Always appreciate any input/advice & enjoy hearing other perspectives. Cheers everyone! Stay safe, stay healthy. See you at the tables!

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