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HERO($19.48) is BB w Ad7c
LJ calls $.10
HERO checks
(pot $.24)

FLOP: 7s 6s Ah
HERO checks
LJ bets $.24
HERO calls $.24
(pot $.70)

I decided to just flat the bot pet from LJ on flop. After giving it some thought, I think I actually like a raise here more than I do just calling. We're gonna be ahead of all of villians Ax hands that spew bet for pot, he can have some flush draws - but, we're okay w getting the money in vs flush draws so shouldnt be a worry against raising. The only hands we're behind here is 66/77 & we block some combos of 77's w our hand. Calling isnt awful - keeps in all of LJ's air hands, although idk at what frequency he is pot betting his complete air hands. We're also ahead of his Ax - but, I think that is more reasoning to raise this flop. Overall, feels like a raise is better here instead of flatting.

HERO checks
LJ bets $.70
HERO calls $.70
(pot $2.03)

When he pots again on the turn I'm not exactly sure what he is repping aside from a strong Ax hand, 66, 77, or AT that turned two pair, & maybe 89s that turned straight although I dont think we're gonna see that hand as often as the aforementioned hands. Given that we only called flop, I decided to flat again on turn. Our hand is strong, but idk if its strong enough to be good should all the money go in on turn. I decide to call turn w intentions of calling most rivers.

HERO checks
LJ bets $11.90 & is all in
HERO folds

I have absolutely no idea what to make of this hand, or the line villian took. It sucks folding two pair, especially given how underepped our hand is as well as it being hard for me to come up w a ton of value hands that villian could have here given how the action went on every street. However, he bets ~5x the entire pot on the river - do players rly spew this spot w absolutely nothing, or even strong Ax hands? I would think his AK,AQ,AJ hands would raise pre flop instead of limping. Realistically, idk how many hands we're losing against here - maybe AT, 66,77. Feels like we should be calling but such a large overbet. However, if we're not calling this hand, what hands are we calling the river? Seems like this is pretty close to top of our range in this spot. If we fold this I guess we're only calling our sets & AT? This hand is still a tough one for me to figure out. Would rly appreciate any insight into the entirety of this hand.

April 25, 2020 | 9:56 p.m.

HERO($34.79) is in CO w KdJs

HERO opens to $.30
BTN calls $.30
(pot $.72)

FLOP: Jd Kc 7c
HERO bets $.25
BTN calls $.25
(pot $1.19)

I think we played this spot pretty well. I think small bet is fine. Standard flop play.

HERO checks
BTN checks
(pot $1.19)

This wasnt an ideal turn card for our hand. For our overall range however, its gonna be a decent card. I decided to go w a check here to pot control & help navigate some rivers. Our hand is strong enough to call a bet on turn after we check should BTN take that line - however, if we bet turn & BTN raises we're in a rly gross spot going to the river where a lot of cards are gonna make our hand less likely to be good. Interested to hear what others think of this spot - is our check okay? Should we be cbetting small on this turn & reevaluating on certain rivers? This spot is unclear to me.

HERO bets $.75
BTN folds
HERO wins $1.94

I think river bet is standard here given the action on turn & river card being a brick relative to cards that kill the strength of our hand. Could maybe size up here to get called by worse two pair & even some Kx hands. Overall, I think river bet is good - maybe use a different sizing next time.

Thank you for any & all input/advice for this hand. The turn was tough for me to play, especially OOP.

April 25, 2020 | 9:41 p.m.

I play two reg tables as well as two zone tables. I think slowing down to only reg tables might be a better option for me as it helps prevent auto piloting, at zone youre playing hands so frequently that I dont give as much thought to certain spots & just auto pilot through them. Also, reg tables have 30 sec plus an additional time bank so is easier to play out tough spots as I dont feel rushed to make a decision.

Thanks for the suggestion on RadioSick's poker journal. Gonna post a few more hands from last night then will go check it out. Thank you!

April 25, 2020 | 9:31 p.m.

Post | Neo Narcos001 posted in NLHE: .10NL AA vs BB

HERO($21.82) is HJ w AcAs

HERO raises to $.30
BB calls $.30
(pot $.62)

FLOP: Qh 5c 4c
BB checks
HERO bets $.44
BB calls $.44
(pot $1.46)

I think betting a larger sizing on this flop is okay, maybe better to bet small - 33%? I think this flop is gonna hit BB calling range at a decent frequency - hes gonna have some Qx that is gonna call, we block his A5/A4 hands so shouldnt have those too often, he can have flush draws, he can have 67s,78s, & PP's that just flatted pre. Hes also gonna have 55/44 here at some frequency but not gonna refrain from betting out of fear for those two hands. I'm unsure if small bet or large bet on flop is most optimal. As played, I dont think our size here is too bad.

BB checks
HERO bets $1.11
BB calls $1.11
(pot $3.57)

I think the T on turn shouldnt improve BB's range too often aside from his QT hands. I think once we bet & get called, BB is gonna have a lot of Qx hands, maybe/although when we barrel idk how often his straight draws are gonna continue so not rly too worried about those particular hands on turn. He can still have flush draws when he calls turn. Idk if pool is gonna be folding their flush draws here or continuing to see the river.

BB bets $6
HERO calls $6
(pot $14.97)
BB shows 7Jcc & wins.

This call was frustrating. When the flush draw comes in on river & BB overbet leads hes gonna be so heavily weighted towards flushes & maybe even sets that filled up. Even holding the Ac as an important blocker - I dont think its enough to make this call. I dont have a ton of experience w online play, but seems like - at least in the .10NL pool players are always weighted toward nutted hands when the overbet. I think my play on flop/turn were okay - maybe my bet sizings werent ideal? However, when we get to this river & BB overbet leads into us, its one of those hands where we sigh muck cause we're so unlikely to be good here at a high clip.

Interested to hear others opinions on this hand - in particular the river spot. Is this always a fold? If so, what hands do we find calls w here? Our full houses/flushes?

April 25, 2020 | 9:28 p.m.

I actually didnt give much thought to the Q busting villians two pair Ax hands. I think I saw the Q & immediately shut down the idea of being able to bet or call off vs a river shove from BTN. I thought maybe BTN could have hands like QJ, KQ, even QT - idk how often those hands are calling turn barrels, especially given our bet sizing on turn. The one thing I have noticed being a tough adjustment for me to make in playing online, zone in particular, is the very short time banks. Having only 15 secs to make a decision has been tough for me, in particular in these kind of spots, thus far. Idk if we find a call if given more time - but it would def help better my thought process. I like your breakdown of the bluffs villian could show up w in this spot. I always find myself giving credit when players overbet or bet pot - seems like theyre so underbluffed from what I have seen.

Thanks a bunch for the insight - def a learning moment for me. Cheers!

April 25, 2020 | 9:08 p.m.

Yeah, I misworded that lol - he 3b to 1.5x my open.

I like your assessment of flop action. I tend to always worry about the few times that villian will show up w the few hands that beat us & it has a tendency to impact how we play the hand - play scared basically.

I also like your point about us having the range advantage when the K shows up on turn. At times, I dont rly consider range & instead play my actual holding. I think its fair to say that villian shouldnt have many K's in his range given hand action - his AK's most likely are shoving my 4b & we block his KQs combos w our QQ's. Leaves KJs maybe at some frequency, depending on how wide his calling range is gonna be pre. In thinking about what you said, I dont mind continuing on this turn. I'm okay w checking as well - I think its one of those, either/or spots.

Totally agree w river bet size needing to be bigger. Didnt get the max value for our hand & rly nothing to be too worried about given how hand played on previous streets.

Thanks for the knowledge & advice!

April 25, 2020 | 9 p.m.

In these spots for me, w value hand but not at top of our range on this board, I always struggle to find a good size to bet. Usually lend myself to bet smaller so can get called wider by villian but I like your logic of going larger given how the hand played out. Can get called by a lot of worse hands so seems like we missed some value here. Moving forward I want to make it a point to get max value for these types of hands as theyre a point of emphasis for me since I tend to struggle w them.

Thank you for the advice!

April 25, 2020 | 8:52 p.m.

If we put in the 4b pre are we okay w going w it should BB shove or reraise? These spots are unclear for me so I usually resort to taking conservative approach. I have given some thought to it since the hand & SB vs BB I dont think its horrible to get JJ in pre but am not entirely sure.

Thanks for the input dude!

April 25, 2020 | 8:47 p.m.

I tend to gravitate to a 3b or fold strategy from SB. Playing OOP isnt something I excel at so the incentive for me, is always to 3b. I like playing a tight range from SB since my ability to play OOP isnt great, using strong hands makes it easier when 3b & get called. I actually hadnt thought about playing the flop as a x/r. I find myself getting hesitant to build pots w/out a made hand or combo draw so I usually resort to playing these type of spots as a x/c. I think, in particular w this flop a x/r might be a decent line to take given our exact holding combined w our Q & J being good to add additional equity to our flush draw. As played, I'm okay w x/c but moving forward I think its important to deviate from my set strategy. Thanks for the input & advice - helps to see the hand playout from a different perspective.

I like your assessment of the turn. Initially, i rly disliked my turn bet - I think mainly because when we get called & brick out on river, which is what happened in this particular hand, it can make life rough on the river when we face pressure. I think the bet is okay for the simple fact that we have equity & outs on river when called on turn. However, my play on river needs to be sharp in order to navigate these kinds of hands properly.


River is a though spot. We would need villain to check flop with nothing, call turn with nothing to then decide to bluff it on the river. In theory we need to call for sure. But this is such an underbluffed spot I don't really like calling.


I think this is 100% accurate. I have noticed that in my short time playing the .10NL pool that at times, like this one maybe, given the previous action of hand its okay to make exploitative decisions. Seems like as played its so hard for villian to show up w many bluffs here - we also block his flush draws which prob bet flop anyway instead of checking back. Doesnt seem like population is likely to have many bluffs here. Getting a decent price makes calling a bit better but like you said, its one of those crying call spots where you say "nice hand" & move on lol

Thanks for all the advice dude - I rly appreciate it!

April 25, 2020 | 8:44 p.m.

Thinking about this hand after reading your reply - I tend to agree w you in regards to folding to 4b pre. Being OOP means we'll make more mistakes & is harder to play our hand, especially in a big pot where LJ will have exponentially better hands.

I rly like your sizing on turn compared to the one I used. Like you said, his AK hands only have 6 outs & our hand, top pair w redraw to flush & two pair outs, isnt in awful shape regardless of LJ's hand.

Thx for the input dude. I appreciate it!

April 25, 2020 | 8:32 p.m.

Post | Neo Narcos001 posted in NLHE: .10NL 3b QJdd from SB

HERO($10.96) is SB w QJdd
LJ ($10.78)

LJ opens to $.30
HERO raises to $1.20
LJ reraises to $2.80
HERO calls $2.80
(pot $5.42)

First & foremost, I dont usually 3b vs a LJ open w this wide of a range. However, once I 3b & LJ reraises so small, I'm priced in to call. Also, while not completely happy about it, our hand plays well vs some hands the LJ can have in this spot. Optimally, i think folding pre vs LJ open is better.

FLOP: 3d 8d 2h
HERO checks
LJ checks
(pot $5.42)

Was planning to x/c if LJ bet flop as we have decent equity against the majority of hands that LJ is gonna have in this spot.

HERO bets $2.85
LJ calls $2.85
(pot $10.83)

Im not so sure I like betting this turn. We turn top pair however given the action pre flop we're still gonna be behind here some of the time. LJ is still gonna have AA/KK that checked flop at some frequency. LJ can even have KQs/AQs although I dont think those hands 4b pre very often. Anyway, I think x/c turn is a better play here as we keep the pot small & makes playing rivers easier. Betting doesnt seem to accomplish much aside from folding out LJ's AK hands.

HERO checks
LJ bets $5.13 & is all in
HERO calls $5.13
LJ shows KsKd, wins $20.58

I think our call on the river is horrible. We dont beat any of LJ's value range & its hard for him to have any real bluffs on this river given how the hand was played. I think our river call was a compounding mistake extending from our turn bet. This is a total station call imo.

Would appreciate any & all feedback on this hand. I think we played it poorly on essentially every street minus the flop when it checked through. I think we should be folding pre vs LJ opening range. As played, I think x/c turn, & maybe x/c some rivers is better play.

April 25, 2020 | 10:02 a.m.

Post | Neo Narcos001 posted in NLHE: .10NL weird spot w QQ

HERO($15.02) is LJ w QcQs

HERO opens to $.20 - i misclicked instead of opening to $.30
BTN raises to $.50
HERO 4b to $2.10
BTN calls $2.10
(pot $4.14)

I think we played this okay. I hate playing vs min raises - so annoying. However, w QQ i think we have to 4b. I went a little over 4x to reduce the odds BTN has to just call. I dont think many players are min raising better hands so was okay w getting money in pre flop.

FLOP: 4c 8h 7c
HERO bets $1.75
BTN calls $1.75
(pot $7.46)

Coordinated boards can be trouble for me to play at times. In particular, picking a bet size to go w. Given how action went pre flop, we arent gonna have any sets on this board as those wouldnt 4b at a high frequency. Feels like our hand is face up as an overpair w the occasional flush draw combos. I bet a little under half pot. I dont mind checking this flop at some frequency as it will hit BTN calling range at a decent rate - 88,77,44, 65s, 9Ts, 87s. I decided to bet this time to protect vs his hands like 99,TT, JJ, AK, AQ, AJ, AT hands. Am interested to see what others think of this spot & how we played it.

HERO checks
BTN checks
(pot $7.46)

This turn is awkward for us. Feels too thin to continue betting as now BTN's AK,KQs,KJs have caught up. I think we can reduce at some frequency, any of the aforementioned hands that were ahead on the flop as those should be betting this turn almost always to maximize value.

HERO bets $2.85
BTN calls $2.85 & mucks hand
HERO wins $12.88

I think once it checks through on turn its okay to bet some rivers for thin value in order to get called by BTN's weaker hands - 99,TT, JJ, even A8s, A7s.

This hand was mainly difficult for me on the flop/turn. River seemed like straight forward spot. Any advice/input on this hand is more than welcome & appreciated.

April 25, 2020 | 9:40 a.m.

HERO($13.30) is SB w JhJs

HERO opens to $.30
BB raises to $.90
HERO calls $.90
(pot $1.71)

At these stack sizes idk if flatting or 4b vs BB is the optimal play in this spot. I'm assuming at some frequency both are okay? In retrospect it seems rly nitty to flat w JJ in SB vs BB spot. Any advice on what best option is in this spot?

FLOP: Ac As 5d
HERO checks
BB bets $.60
HERO calls $.60
(pot $2.85)

I think flop is standard. Folding is too weak & no reason to raise.

TURN: 2h
HERO checks
BB bets $2.14
HERO folds

I think this fold is okay given how the hand was played. Doesnt seem like BB is gonna have many bluffs here. Feels like most of his PP's that we beat would slow down on turn & even his KK/QQ hands would slow down. Narrows his range down to Ax. I was considering calling turn but in doing so I'm not sure how we play blank rivers. If we call turn & a blank peels on river & BB shoves we would have to fold. Altogether, I'm not sure if we played this hand correctly pre flop but as played, Im okay w how we played flop/turn. Any advice/opinions are welcomed & appreciated.

April 25, 2020 | 9:38 a.m.

HERO($11.73) is LJ w AdKh

HERO opens to .30
BTN calls .30
SB calls .30
(pot $.95)

Standard open. Multiway pots OOP are tough for me so going to the flop 3 way isnt ideal.

FLOP: Qc Ah 8d
SB checks
HERO bets $.71
BTN calls $.71
SB folds
(pot $2.30)

I bet a larger size on flop since 2 other players in hand. There a few turn cards that can make it tough for me to play OOP vs BTN/SB calling range so wanted to reduce their odds to make a correct call. Is this an okay size to use?

TURN: 2s

HERO bets $2.05
BTN calls $2.05
(pot $6.20)

The turn is a rly good card for me. Should rarely, if ever, improve BTN hand& doesnt bring in any backdoor flush draws or complete any straight draws BTN could be calling flop w. I think sizing is okay. Going a bit larger might not be a bad idea as it sets up our hand to jam river a bit easier since SPR will be closer to 1:1.


HERO checks
BTN bets $9.87 & is all in
HERO folds

I'm not rly sure on this street. BTN value range has us crushed when he jams all in as I dont think he would shove a worse ace - would think he would check back or maybe even thin value bet. As played, his value range could include any Qx hand that called flop/turn, 88, 22. The only bluffs I could put BTN on were some combos of KJ, although we block w our K, & maybe J10 at some frequency. Idk how often those hands are calling both flop & turn given our sizing on both streets. I decided to fold cause I think we rarely have best hand when BTN overbet shoves the river. I'm not rly sure if this is correct or not?

April 25, 2020 | 9:36 a.m.

Hey all, my name is Bryan. I'm 28 y/o & live in Tampa, Florida. I have been playing poker for about five yrs or so now. I have always enjoyed poker & its become my truest passion. In my short 28 yrs of life I have discovered, through working several jobs that arent fulfilling & draining on me mentally, that unless I'm doing something I'm completely passionate about, I wont be truly happy. So, I have finally decided to go all in, pun intended, & pursue poker professionally. Since playing live is out of the question for now, I'm gonna jump in the online streets. I dont have much prior experience w playing online. I do however, expect it to be much tougher than the live games I have played. Since the options we have in America are limited, I'm gonna start w a $500 bankroll on Iggy & try to grind it up through the stakes, starting w .10nl. The goal is to grind up a bankroll that would be sufficient to play 1/2NL live (~$6,000-$8,000). I do prefer playing live over online - i like the atmosphere of playing live as well as the games being a lot softer. In a perfect world I would cash out enough for a 1/2NL live bankroll & have funds left over to continue the online grind. I wanted to start this thread as a way to keep myself accountable as well as meet some poker friends to discuss strategy & hand histories w along the way. In addition to poker, I would like to assign myself a few more goals every month in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance.

First, I will start w poker goals:

1) Grind a minimum of 40hrs/wk.
2) Study HH's daily.
3) Add new poker journal before/after every session.
4) Focus not on results, rather making correct decisions.

Second, lifestyle goals for next 30 days :

1) Run minimum of 100 miles within next 30 days.
2) Monitor eating habits, drink more water.
3) Better time management : reduced social media, focus time on learning.

Thanks to anyone who read & is gonna follow along on this journey. Also, I'm completely open & look forward to any & all constructive criticism anyone might have. Always appreciate any input/advice & enjoy hearing other perspectives. Cheers everyone! Stay safe, stay healthy. See you at the tables!

April 25, 2020 | 1:28 a.m.

HERO($13.56) is SB w AQhh

UTG opens to .17
CO calls .17
HERO raises to .90
UTG calls
CO folds
(pot 2.02)

I decided to go large w this raise since there are 2 players in the pot and we're gonna be OOP on every street that comes. I usually go 4x when im in SB/BB facing an open so w 2 players i think going larger than 4x is okay. My 3b range from SB/BB is pretty tight so most hands im raising have playability and equity against most holdings.

FLOP: 4d 9h 9c
HERO bets .60
UTG calls .60
(pot 3.22)

I think checking this flop is okay too - maybe even better than leading since a lot of villians flatting range after we 3b is gonna have hands that continue this flop (66-JJ, AK, he'll have some 9's - A9s,9Ts,98s although idk how frequently hes calling those pre flop when we 3b large). If we are gonna be betting this flop i think going small is optimal. What do you guys think? Is leading or c/c a better play on this flop?

TURN: 2h
HERO checks
UTG bets 1.46
HERO calls 1.46
(pot 6.14)

I think if we are gonna be betting the flop we should be betting this turn as we pick up NFD to go w our 2 overs to board. I think this is a critical mistake we're making by c/c. Especially since it makes playing rivers tougher for us now cause when we hit our flush it looks fishy to lead. Also, what are we doing when we hit an A or Q on some rivers? I dont like my check here if im betting the flop. One question im unsure about is if we're betting turn what our sizing should be? On turn there is 3.22 in pot so if we lead again should we go bigger? Anytime we bet large and get called we know we're behind going into river. At that point if we bet turn, get called, brick river, are we always giving up? Is there a case to be made for betting smaller on the turn? It gives villian a better price to call w his marginal hands so not rly accomplishing much as since we dont have a made hand we want to be folding out our villians range on turn if we bet. Im not sure what best option here is in terms of bet sizing should we take the betting option. Thanks for any insight/tips cause this is a tough spot for me.

HERO checks
UTG bets 6.14
HERO calls 6.14

On river I think calling is okay. We hit our flush and villian shouldnt have many fulls houses (A9s,98s,9Ts, maybe A4s at some frequency but not very often imo).

UTG shows KTdd, HERO wins $18.42

April 4, 2019 | 12:53 a.m.

Comment | Neo Narcos001 commented on Zenekas journal.

Awesome read mate. Happy to follow along on your journey! GLGL. See you in the HH review on here lol :)

April 1, 2019 | 5:08 p.m.

Ahh i see. Its like the 'poker goals and challenges' thread on 2+2. I saw your thread on there mate - in the middle of a session right now but will be first thing i look at when i finish up :) seems like a lot of fun. Will most likely make one soon. Cheers

March 29, 2019 | 8:21 p.m.

belrio42 i def see your point in the sense that if we're calling 4b pre w AK and flop that big then its counterproductive to fold to any bet on the flop. Like you said, by that logic its essentially better to fold pre. I think overall i played the hand poorly both pre flop and on flop. I think my mistake pre flop just compounded on the flop. Its a tough fold on flop when we have tptk and are nvr drawing dead w straight draw and some of the time - if villian is playing KK/QQ/AQs as a shove on flop, we're gonna be ahead. Def see the merit in calling flop and running the equity against the range of hands villian can have. Zeneka that sounds intriguing but im unclear what specifically it means? Like, a journal entry of HH? Sry, im still a noob when it comes to being active in forums and such lol

March 29, 2019 | 5:28 p.m.

I think calling could be okay w the caveat like you mentioned of being able to get away on certain runouts that spell doom for our hand. I didnt know the numbers cause havent gotten a HUD yet but the reraise from BB almost always indicates value when the BU 3b my open. Like you said, being so deep makes it an enticing peel only cause we can flop huge and get stacks in. I think calling AKs/folding AKo is a good measure to use moving forward. Thx again for all your insight w these HH, they always help me to think next lvl and incorporate the ideas into my play

March 28, 2019 | 12:55 a.m.

Good read here mates. Enjoyed the insight you both gave. I havent dabbled too much on the reg tables on Iggy. Usually just play two zone tables. I might look into playing some reg tables more often. I like the idea of only posting hand histories up to the point we want more insight into. I agree that posting the entire hand can sully some of the discussion points leading up to the point youre at in the hand. Will make sure to incorporate that into my next HH on here. Thx again for the tips mates. Cheers

March 28, 2019 | 12:48 a.m.

Zeneka when BB 4b over BU open i tend to think hes more weighted towards value hands - AJs/ATs being less likely cause idk how often players in the pool are 4b those hands oop facing two raises. I do think he could have TT/JJ/AA here a decent amount of time. I see what youre saying about either raise/folding. Flatting does allow for BU to get good price to realize equity on flop. I thought about getting it in but didnt know if playing for ~$8.70 pre flop w AKo is +EV? In hindsight i agree, calling is worst option. This should be a raise/fold spot. akissv7 I play on Iggy so dont rly have any history w any players so makes it tough. Im not sure what BB 4b range is - he def has AA/KK although can rule out KK when he overbet shoves on flop. Maybe he has AJs/ATs although im uncertain about that. AQs is the only hand i see him playing this way that we're ahead of. Everything else has us crushed on flop except for AK which we're tied w on flop. I think i do lean more towards the raise/fold option pre. Calling allows for BU to get great price as well as puts us in a weird spot on these kind of runouts. Thx mates for the advice/explanations. Def helped me see the hand from different angle and what i couldve done to alleviate some of the weirdness that played out. Cheers

March 27, 2019 | 9:42 p.m.

HERO($17.68) is UTG+1

HERO has AKo, raises to .15
BU raises to .45
BB raises to 1.57
HERO calls 1.57
BU folds
(pot 3.46)

This hand was tough for me to play. When BB 4b over BU raise it indicates hes more weighted towards value hands instead of just trying to squeeze. Is it reasonable to be flatting here w our stacks? I cover BB and am in position w top of my range. Should we be shoving over top of BB raise or is flatting reasonable in this spot? The BU still left to act makes things tougher but leaned towards flatting so can realize equity and be in position throughout hand versus BB should BU fold. Is this play decent or do i need to be getting stacks in?

FLOP: Ad Tc Jd
BB bets 7.12 and is all in
HERO folds

BB leads all in for 2x the pot. Idk what hands we're beating when he does this given the line he took. Seems his combos of hands he could have in this spot are AJs/ATs/TT/JJ( idk if he plays his AJs/ATs pre flop as a 4b so wont have those too often). He could possibly have AA even tho we block that w our hand. I thought theres chance he has AK/AQ - more so AK. I decided to fold cause given as played only beat one combo of hand i imagine he plays this way - AQs. His value hands - AA/JJ/TT/AJs all crush us on flop. we're nvr drawing dead w straight draw but getting awful price. Should i always be calling this? Our hand is strong but shrinks when villian overbet shoves the flop. Thx for any input/advice as this hand was a head scratcher for me. Cheers

March 27, 2019 | 7:03 a.m.

Totally agree w everything you said. I think 4b pre flop is where I should made a change in plans. Like you said, SB v BB we're okay w getting in AKs vs villians 3b range. As played w just flatting pre, i think c/r all in on flop is best play. We're at top of our range and have equity against villians range. We lose so much value here by just calling w a hand that wants to get the money in the middle. If we flat the flop we MUST RAISE ALL IN on turn. He sticks 33% of his remaining stack in. I made a mistake by flatting here and on the flop. Def didnt get max value in this hand. Thx for the feedback mate, i appreciate it. Cheers

March 26, 2019 | 10:14 p.m.

Post | Neo Narcos001 posted in NLHE: SB vs BB w AKs facing 3bet

HERO($8.78) is SB
Villian($5.61) is BB

HERO has AKcc, raises to .15
BB raises to .50
HERO calls .50
(pot 1.00)

Im unsure whats better, flatting or re-raising when BB raises our open here. We're not relatively deep and are at top of our range so does that warrant a re-raise w plan to play for stacks? Stack sizes here make it hard to 4b unless we're shoving. Tough when we 4b to $2 and then brick flop and villian only has pot size bet behind. These spots are tough for me to navigate. What do you guys think?

FLOP: 4s 4c 6c
HERO checks
BB bets .65
HERO calls .65
(pot 2.01)

Idk if flatting or raising here is most profitable play? Our hand has a lot of value w NFD as well as 2 overs. There will be a decent amount of time that our AK is best hand on this flop. Is there any merit in shoving here w villian having ~$4.45 behind? Our implied odds might not be great for our hand if BB isnt barreling on turns that give us best hand - if/when the ace peels on turn or club if hes checking behind then i think getting all the money in on the flop is best? Im unclear if this logic is right so any opinions/insight are welcomed

HERO checks
BB bets 1.75
HERO calls 1.75
(pot 5.51)

I think flatting the turn is a glaring mistake on my part. When he bets $1.75 he only has $2.71 behind so we should always be getting the money in right? By checking we allow him to check behind on the river and get to showdown w all of his aces, which he will have a lot of in his range when he double barrels after A rolling off on turn. I think flatting here costs us a lot of value to be had. Is this on the right track?

HERO checks
BB checks

I think the river checking through puts in perspective why we need to be playing for stakes when villian bets turn. In this particular hand it might not have worked considering what villian has, but most of the time when villian double barrels 33% of remaining stack on turn when A hits, hes gonna have value. I think overall we costed ourselves his stack in this hand. What do you guys think? Im still unsure at what point is the right one to put in the raise - pre flop? Or turn? I think flatting the flop is okay since it protects our hand when he has pocket pairs that we arent ahead of yet.

SB shows AKCC, wins 5.51. BB shows 78dd

March 26, 2019 | 9 p.m.

Zeneka I think thats a smart idea. Being able to exploit and get the most value for our hand is critical as we move up in stakes so youre totally right. Thx again for the advice, i appreciate it mate

March 26, 2019 | 8:18 p.m.

Thx for all the feedback and advice guys, rly helps to hear others opinion and be able to incorporate them into the hand. belrio42 i totally agree w your statement, having the Kh is important in this hand as we do block some of the heart combos he can have and play this way. HawksWin the more i think about it, the more i agree that betting the river after villian checks to us is prob better than checking. I was going back and forth about betting and didnt want to be in that weird spot where i value own myself - do we ever think villian can have AJ/AT/A5s in this spot and make crying call? or be in that spot where i bet and get raised and be in a rly tough spot. Is this one of those hands where betting river is fine but when raised on river we can just fold? akissv7 thx mate! i didnt give enough consideration to having the Kh in my hand and the amount of hands we block villian from having when he have it. Im glad you pointed that out on your turn summary, helps to make sense of the amount of value hands villian can have.

March 26, 2019 | 8:15 p.m.

that makes a lot of sense. I see where youre coming from. A part of me even wondered after the hand was over, "what value hands does he pot bet turn w that check river?" I think i let the pot bet on turn frazzle me into wanting to get to showdown w my hand. Im not used to some of the lines i see on a daily basis so still trying to get hang of what to do in certain situations and certain spots. I totally agree w you about needing to get max value from hands as i start moving up in stakes. I hadn't given that much thought until i read what you wrote. Thx for the tips and advice, i appreciate it. Def helped me see how this hand couldve been played differently for more value on the end

March 26, 2019 | 11:07 a.m.

Greetings :) yeah i could only put together the AQ w Q of hearts as a hand that could possibly pay off on the river. His lead on turn was so huge that i thought for sure it was indication of value hand. Didnt wanna value own or bet then get c/r and hate life so decided to check back. Spots like that are tough for me to play

March 26, 2019 | 10:53 a.m.

HERO($28.66) is on the button
Villian($26.70) is UTG

UTG raises to .17
HERO has AcKh, raises to .51
UTG calls .51
(pot 1.09)

FLOP: Jh 6h 5c
UTG checks
HERO bets .40
UTG calls .40
(pot 1.89)

I decide to bet 1/3 on the flop trying to fold out his worse ax hands. We also have backdoor straight/flush draws as well as two overs. We have range advantage given our 3b pre flop. I plan on barreling all hearts on the turn as well as A/K/Q/10. I think i need to be betting this flop if we're gonna be 3b pre flop. We have position as well as a lot of good turn cards for our hand. Does this seem okay to you guys?

UTG bets 1.89
HERO calls 1.89
(pot 5.39)

UTG leads for pot on this turn which is my nut turn. We have top pair now w a redraw to the nut flush. I think calling is okay in this spot considering how deep we both are. He can have AJ/A5s/A6s(some of the time, i dont think very often he'll have this). He could have 55/66 here some of the time. I gave some thought to the idea that he could have JJ here a portion of the time. I lean towards just flatting this turn since our hand is good here some of the time and there are a lot of playable rivers for us. Plus, dont want to expand the pot w just tptk. What do you guys think? Is there any value in raising this turn? Im not positive so decided to take the calling option

UTG checks
HERO checks

I decided to check behind on the river. The huge lead on the turn makes me think he has some kind of value and didnt want to value own myself or be in a weird spot if villian raises my bet. The river wasnt ideal for my hand cause villian can have AT/JT w the T of hearts/KQ w Q of hearts. Plus he can still have A5s/AJ. I didnt know what hands we beat that villian plays this way aside from AQ w Q of hearts. Should i always be betting this river when villian checks to me on the end? This spot was rly tough for me. Thx for any feedback/advice. Cheers.

UTG has K5ss, HERO wins $5.39

March 26, 2019 | 9:37 a.m.

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