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.10NL AA vs BB

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.10NL AA vs BB

HERO($21.82) is HJ w AcAs

HERO raises to $.30
BB calls $.30
(pot $.62)

FLOP: Qh 5c 4c
BB checks
HERO bets $.44
BB calls $.44
(pot $1.46)

I think betting a larger sizing on this flop is okay, maybe better to bet small - 33%? I think this flop is gonna hit BB calling range at a decent frequency - hes gonna have some Qx that is gonna call, we block his A5/A4 hands so shouldnt have those too often, he can have flush draws, he can have 67s,78s, & PP's that just flatted pre. Hes also gonna have 55/44 here at some frequency but not gonna refrain from betting out of fear for those two hands. I'm unsure if small bet or large bet on flop is most optimal. As played, I dont think our size here is too bad.

BB checks
HERO bets $1.11
BB calls $1.11
(pot $3.57)

I think the T on turn shouldnt improve BB's range too often aside from his QT hands. I think once we bet & get called, BB is gonna have a lot of Qx hands, maybe/although when we barrel idk how often his straight draws are gonna continue so not rly too worried about those particular hands on turn. He can still have flush draws when he calls turn. Idk if pool is gonna be folding their flush draws here or continuing to see the river.

BB bets $6
HERO calls $6
(pot $14.97)
BB shows 7Jcc & wins.

This call was frustrating. When the flush draw comes in on river & BB overbet leads hes gonna be so heavily weighted towards flushes & maybe even sets that filled up. Even holding the Ac as an important blocker - I dont think its enough to make this call. I dont have a ton of experience w online play, but seems like - at least in the .10NL pool players are always weighted toward nutted hands when the overbet. I think my play on flop/turn were okay - maybe my bet sizings werent ideal? However, when we get to this river & BB overbet leads into us, its one of those hands where we sigh muck cause we're so unlikely to be good here at a high clip.

Interested to hear others opinions on this hand - in particular the river spot. Is this always a fold? If so, what hands do we find calls w here? Our full houses/flushes?

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