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TPTK w redraw to nut flush facing HUGE BET on turn - .5nl zone

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TPTK w redraw to nut flush facing HUGE BET on turn - .5nl zone

HERO($28.66) is on the button
Villian($26.70) is UTG

UTG raises to .17
HERO has AcKh, raises to .51
UTG calls .51
(pot 1.09)

FLOP: Jh 6h 5c
UTG checks
HERO bets .40
UTG calls .40
(pot 1.89)

I decide to bet 1/3 on the flop trying to fold out his worse ax hands. We also have backdoor straight/flush draws as well as two overs. We have range advantage given our 3b pre flop. I plan on barreling all hearts on the turn as well as A/K/Q/10. I think i need to be betting this flop if we're gonna be 3b pre flop. We have position as well as a lot of good turn cards for our hand. Does this seem okay to you guys?

UTG bets 1.89
HERO calls 1.89
(pot 5.39)

UTG leads for pot on this turn which is my nut turn. We have top pair now w a redraw to the nut flush. I think calling is okay in this spot considering how deep we both are. He can have AJ/A5s/A6s(some of the time, i dont think very often he'll have this). He could have 55/66 here some of the time. I gave some thought to the idea that he could have JJ here a portion of the time. I lean towards just flatting this turn since our hand is good here some of the time and there are a lot of playable rivers for us. Plus, dont want to expand the pot w just tptk. What do you guys think? Is there any value in raising this turn? Im not positive so decided to take the calling option

UTG checks
HERO checks

I decided to check behind on the river. The huge lead on the turn makes me think he has some kind of value and didnt want to value own myself or be in a weird spot if villian raises my bet. The river wasnt ideal for my hand cause villian can have AT/JT w the T of hearts/KQ w Q of hearts. Plus he can still have A5s/AJ. I didnt know what hands we beat that villian plays this way aside from AQ w Q of hearts. Should i always be betting this river when villian checks to me on the end? This spot was rly tough for me. Thx for any feedback/advice. Cheers.

UTG has K5ss, HERO wins $5.39

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