Zoom Challange No Limit 2018

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Zoom Challange No Limit 2018


I´ve set myself up for a little challange. I will play NL Zoom at PokerStars, at the bottom level of NL2.

Starting bankroll: 50 dollars.

Starting Level: NL2 Zoom

Guide Lines:

  • At the start, I will try to play 4 tables of Zoom at once. Pure for volume. At the earlier stakes (NL2 & NL5) there shouldnt be that many though spots.
  • Will take a 5 BI:s shot for the next level when I have 35 BI:s for that level.
  • Play 50 000 hands at NL2 Zoom for starters. Depending what the condition om my BR will be at that point, maybe I will start playing NL5 Zoom. Time will tell. Going to transfer too NL5 when my roll is at 175$. Going down when it reaches 150$. As a rule of thumb I will play at least 50k hands for each level before moving up. Regardless if I reach my goal of 35 BI:s for the next level.

  • Play 500 000 hands of Zoom Poker by the end of 2018. Totally doable.

  • The update frequency of this journal will be 1 post per session. I will share my session graph. Won´t go into hand analysis until I feel it will be necessary.

Good luck at the tables!

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