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Zoom winrate

Hi all,

As an amateur player who used to make decent money from soft live games in my hometown, I recently move aboard for studying and in the city I live there is no live poker rooms. Therefore I have to start grind online if I still wanna earn myself some pocket change from poker. But anyway it's still way better than serving dishes in a restaurant right? I chose zoom as my main game cuz it's easier to 4 tabling zoom on my laptop than opening 12 regualr tables. So I would like to learn something about winrate in zoom games from you guys who are more experienced players. From NL25, which IMO is the lowest level you can make some reasonable spare money, to NL500, which is the highest zoom games regularly running these days. What kind of winrate could be consider as standard for an average reg? And what kind of winrate could make you confident enough to move up? Is a 100k hand a big enough sample for players to evaluate their winrates? I am currently a 4 evbb winner in NL25 for about 100k hands but as I said before, I have earned a bit from the days I played live so bankroll won't be a problem when I consider if I should move up. But I would love to make sure that I am skilled enough before testing the water.

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